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After speaking to several of my corporate co-worker downtown Calgary, regarding the numerous errors and poor customer service I have decided to write to you regarding the service your company is providing to clients. As a reward for my daughter and I for succeeding at single parenthood and managing successfully I decided to purchase a sectional. The Bella sectional, beautiful golden fabric color with deep brown faux leather for the exterior support. It matches our living room perfectly. Excitedly, we purchased the sectional and agreed upon delivery to be Saturday Nov. 7th, 2009. We planned on skipping our swimming class for the arrival. Unfortunately I was informed the day before that delivery would have to be scheduled for another day. I work three jobs, so I have limited time as it is. I offered for delivery to be that Sunday, Nov. 8th, 2009 BUT after 2:30pm. I had a wedding I was in and I could not be home any sooner. I explained this to Richard (the gentleman I dealt with for the order) he agreed to the time and said it would be delivered after 2:30pm. The driver called me around 11am!! I was unable to answer my phone at that time due to the wedding taking place but did proceed to call the driver back at around noon. He informed me his shift ended at 12:30 and he would not wait around for me to arrive back at home to accept the delivery. Since I had previously mentioned to Richard that I could not be home any sooner, I was disappointed that, once again, this delivery was not going to happen, especially since we had already (again) agreed upon a given time! I mentioned to the driver over the phone that I may have to cancel this order due to the fact I have work engagements booked for the next several weeks and I that I was not able/willing to wait over a month for this sectional to arrive. I had agreed to that Saturday, followed by agreeing to that Sunday. I would not be able to accommodate any further dates. I had two promises broken at this point, I felt very disappointed. I called Richard discussed my disappointment and proceeded to ask that my order be cancelled. Accommodating to my needs he spoke to Tony the location manager for the NE location in Calgary. Tony called me and we worked out a deal that I would pick up the sectional from the warehouse along with a 10% discount and no delivery charges. I agreed. I went to the warehouse (that same day) shortly after only to be told the driver had given the chase of my sectional to another client waiting for the same piece!!! I don't know what to say. By this point I had two delivery dates not work. A driver that was not going above and beyond customer service and now... he gave part of my sectional away! I did take the one part of my sectional home and immediately after I had the half sectional in my place drove over to the Brick to speak to Tony in person. I explained that I would appreciate a “full section” delivered to my place and not just the chase in case the colors did not match. I did explain how unhappy I was and commented on the poor communication between the office to the driver. This should never have happened. As a customer I should not have to be the one running around to make things correct. Communication should have been made clearly to the driver that I would not be home until the given time, and as for my representative that I dealt with, Richard should have clarified and inquired if delivery could be made after 2:30pm. I did receive my chase that following Sunday... but the color is off. I don't know how an organization can operate like this. To first offer delivery, then not follow threw with it. Than to offer another delivery only to be rudely spoken to from the driver and not have it delivered. Followed by making accommodations on my own part to PICK UP the sectional to be told the driver has already given the second piece of my sectional away and now to receive the item and the color doesn't match! When I made comment to the drivers of the noticeable color difference the one driver tried making excuses by saying the way the light is reflecting on it that is way it looks darker. When I said I needed to document my remarks this on the signing paper that I can not accept this (I'm paying for this item to match and for service! ) he said he would not sign, told me to have a good day and left my home! Clearly upset. The other driver on the other hand commented that he could see the color difference but was unwilling to sign the paper. Is this how the Brick tells their staff how to provide service?? I therefore proceeded to call Richard... here I go again. I informed him of the color difference and asked that I have delivered a FULL NEW SECTIONAL. I was informed that I will have just another “chase” sent out to me and that I am guaranteed the colors will be exact! This is not acceptable. This is wasting my time, as well as the driver’s time and everyone in administration. There is no guarantee this next chase will match, and there is nothing guaranteeing WHEN I will actually receive it. I would ultimately like to send this whole sectional back because it represents nothing positive from this purchase and from the provider. The Bricks reputation amongst several co-works of mine and future purchasers has been scared and it is truly unfortunate than when I speak of this situation to others that they have had similar experiences and have voiced that they (including I) will not have any further dealing with The Brick for future purchases. I would appreciate some kind of resolution to this situation. I would appreciate being delivered a full sectional instead of just the one piece. I would appreciate no admin fees, no delivery fees, the 10% discount to stay in effect. I would ask for a further discount to accommodate for the numerous errors and poor service, but I don’t believe that kind of services is provided from The Brick when it comes to satisfying disappointed customers.

I would appreciate immediate action to resolve this matter.


Valerie Gingras

(403) 701-8334

I will provide photos when further communication has taken place.
Author: Contact with Author

Offender: The Brick/ Bella sectional

Country: Canada   Province: Alberta   City: Calgary

Category: Shops, Products, Services


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