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Lastman' Bad Boy
Substandard sectional

This is a chronicle of my purchase experience with one of the provinces major furniture retailers that treated me like a noobody!!!

At about the end of November 2007 I saw an advertisement by Lastman's Bad Boy in The Toronto Sun for savings up to 80% at a factory sale that they were conducting. My wife and I having just purchased a new construction home and cash short thought this would be a good opportunity to save some money and besides this is a major retailer with credible family that owned the business. We then proceeded to the factory location on December 3 /2007 and were greeted by a Lastman's Bad Boy sales associate and a manager. After showing us what they had to offer, my wife and me decided on a sectional that met our needs and price range. The total price of $1324.54 with a deposit of $400.00 on our American Express card and the fixing of a delivery date of March 1/2008 and a balance of $924 dollars payable at any Lastman's Bad Boy location or a certified check to the delivery staff. We left content and excited about our first major purchase for our new home. We were told to call at the beginning of February to give them our new address and postal code for delivery.

On February 1 /2008 is when the distasteful dealing began. I called the Lastman's Bad Boy offices to give them my new address and was told that they had no record of our purchase and was told they would call us back by next day to clarify the matter. There was no call back the next day and I ended up calling back on February 6/2008 and explaining to another associate of theirs, and this associate was able to locate our sale record. I was then told to call back in a weeks to confirm the availability of the sectional for delivery. As instructed by them I called back on February 13/2008 and was told they have not yet located the sectional but that they are going to contact the manufacturer. You would think that if you cannot locate a sectional that is to be delivered at the end of month you would call manufacturer before the customer calls back. This should have already sent up red flags about this company but the Lastman’s Family name still carried weight with me. Lastman’s Bad Boy called me back on Feb 23 /2008 a week before delivery to tell me the unit was now being made. At this point I was beginning to worry about making the balance payment with no solid assurance that unit will be ready for delivery. I then received a call from Lastman’s Bad Boy on February 29 that delivery will be on March 1/2008 in the afternoon to my relief.

On March 1/2008 my wife and I went to a Lastman’s Bad Boy store in Mississauga to make the balance payment. Guess what? They did not have record of our purchase on their system. Now they called head office and left messages and no one was calling them back. I then suggested that they run the charge of $924.00 on our Master Card and then clear it up with head office so that I can show proof of payment to the delivery staff. They then said I have to wait for the call back from head office. After waiting another 45 minutes with no call back from head office, they decided to accept my idea of paying the balance and then sorting it out when they get a call back from head office. We now rushed home and to our relief the delivery truck had not yet arrived. When the delivery staff arrived they were courteous and careful with the delivery. At this time I wanted to inspect the sectional and was told I have three days to inspect unit and report and defects to Customer Service. Upon removing the protective plastic from the sectional the blatantly visible bad workmanship was extremely apparent. Listed are all the defects on the sectional:

- The two sections do not meet at a 90-degree angle

- On most - back and sides- corners the fabric is not stretched adequately creating a draping effect where it should be smooth that is also apparent on the ottoman

- The foam cushions are not cut to the proper or the same size as the outside layer- the fabric- causing excess fabric on the edges, causing one to tilt to the side when sitting on the coach.

- The seems are not sewn shut causing the filling to come out on main cushions and pillows

- Two of the feet for the ottoman were delivered broken making it completely unusable

- On the inside corner of the main section the fabric was stretched too tight and cut too high which is a high potential for tearing

- Nails and staples were not properly padded and are easily felt through the fabric.

It is evident that this was 'thrown' together in a rush to make their delivery date. This is not what we saw in the show room when we made our purchase and in no way would we have bought this sectional if had known this type of substandard sectional was going to be delivered to us.

On March 3, 2008 we contacted Customer Service and reported the above defects. I was then assured by the Customer Service Representative that a field technician would come out to our home to make repairs and if cannot be repaired on the spot, the technician was to write a report listing all the defects and report back to Customer Service and call back was to placed to instruct us of the next steps.

Customer Service then set up the date of service for March 8, 2008. On March the 8th we had a severe snowstorm. The technician called and asked if he could come the next day on March 9th because road were snow covered on the 8th, which we gladly agreed to given the dangerous circumstances for driving. On March the 9th the roads were clear and safe to drive on and the technician was a no call no show. On March the 10th I called Customer Service to arrange for another appointment. Customer Service then scheduled us for March 15th, no explanation was offered as to why no one called or showed on the 9th as scheduled by the technician. On March 15th same scenario no call no show from the technician. At this point we were livid with the lack of professionalism on Lastman’s Bad Boy part. We again contacted Customer Service and were yet again rescheduled for March 22 between 10:30 and 12:30. On March the 20th the day before Good Friday we received a call from Customer Service asking if they could come on the 21st instead, which was Good Friday, we accepted. Again, no call no show! On March 22nd we purposely stayed home until 1:00 p.m. in case they had been a mix up and they were going to come on the 22nd, as it was the original appointment. We then had to go out shopping in preparation for Easter Sunday's dinner. While we were out we received a call form the technician at 1:30 saying that he was at our house. He was neither apologetic nor courteous about his tardiness and complained that he had to drive all the way to Brampton; at that point we were unable to come to the house to accommodate his tardiness. He, at that point said he could come back on Monday March 24th, we accepted, again no call no show. On March 25 we were contacted by another technician who said that he would be at our home at 5 p.m., we accepted and made sure we came home right away after work. The technician, arrived at our home at 7:30 p.m. Upon entering our home he informed us that he was only here to make a report of the defects on the sectional and he only does repairs to mechanical chair (recliners). We own a sectional not a recliner. He then proceeded to witness and write the long list of defects he observed on the sectional as described above. He then told us he would be faxing the report to Customer Service and we would be contacted within 3 business days. No one called us back. We then called Customer Service on April the 1st to be updated. At this point Customer Service said they had not received the fax form the technician. They then stated that they would get in touch with technician to obtain the information. On April 2nd we contacted Customer Service and now demanded our money back as we were getting nowhere for the last month. Customer Service said no to our request for a refund, we then ask to speak to a Manager. Customer Service said they would give the Manager the message to call us back by the end of day, which never happened. Between April 3rd and April 4th we left a total of 10 messages with Customer Service requesting a call back from a Manager. On April the 5th a Manager called us and presented himself as Manager for Customer Service. He said that we must give Lastman’s Bad Boy an opportunity to attempt to repair the sectional. He said he would scheduled someone to pick up the sectional on the following Saturday April the 12, and while they were going to attempt to repair the sectional we would be given a loaner which we reluctantly accepted. We were told repairs would take up to three weeks. It is very strange that it would take them 3 weeks to repair the sectional considering it took them 1 week to put it together! The Manager assured us that he would personally make sure this would happen and follow up. Guess what, no show no call! At his point we have come to the conclusion that Lastman's Bad Boy simply did not care at all.

We sent an e-mail to Customer Service informing them that we were giving them 1 more week to resolve this matter or we would submit a complaint to Government Agencies; inform the media and financial institutions. At the end of the week we still had not heard back from anyone. We placed a call to Customer Service asking for a Manager e-mail address and inform them of the actions we were planning to take. The e-mail address provided was incorrect and never reached the Manager it did however reach Customer Service who informed the Manager. We then received a threatening e-mail from the Manager saying that he would forward this matter to his legal department if we were to proceed with our action as he claims we were making false accusations and asked us to call him, even though he has our home and cell #.

We replied back to the Manager explaining that we were not threatening but were serious about resolving this matter and asked him to call us back. No one called us back.

Therefore here we are desperate to resolve this issue and asking for support. All we want is our money back and for this substandard sectional to be removed from our home, that's it! Is it too much to ask after being ridiculed for almost 2 months.



Company: Lastman' Bad Boy

Country: Canada   Province: Ontario   City: Toronto

Category: Furniture & Equipment


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