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On April 27, 2010. I took my wife to the hospital for her to get treatment for Lupus. I pulled over to the side of the road after dropping her off at the back entrance of the hospital. The next thing I feel my vehicle Being rammed by another vehicle that was parked in front of me. This person rammed my vehicle 3 times and moved it backwards about 3 to 4 feet while I was still in my vehicle. The person did not give me the chance of moving my vehicle back so that I could reverse my vehicle so that the person could get out of the parking spot. This person should of been charged under the criminal code with aggravated assault. And what ever traffic violation regarding the rules of the road. I know if it was me that did what that person did with there vehicle ramming and hitting a vehicle with some one inside. I am pretty sure that charges would of been laid against me. I thought the police have to follow the word of the law. But I guess cause of the bias of the officer over ruled the word of law. I asked this person that hit my vehicle for her info so I could get there insurance information. By that time this man that did not observe the person ramming my vehicle and pushing it backwards. Yelled at me and asked me if I was talking to him. I said no I'm not talking to you and you should mine your own business cause he did not observe the whole thing. He and I exchanged words and he threaded to come over to my vehicle and do harm to me. As he started to walk towards my vehicle we were exchanging words. He then looked at me and called me a four eyed cripple bastard. When he stated that he stopped walking towards my vehicle and headed towards his Construction site, which was about 100 feet from where my vehicle had been rammed. The next thing I know my vehicle was surrounded by 10 to 11 men that had came out of the Vanbots Carillion Construction site with the man that I had exchanged words. After my vehicle got surrounded by all these men. One of them threw water on me while I was sitting in my vehicle. After he ran out of water he started to punch me on the left side of my head. I was hit by this man 5 times with a closed fist. Then he and the rest of them all ran back to to 100 Sunnyside Ave and hide at the Vanbots Carillon  Construction site. Where he and the 10 others men were working at. This attack was unprovoked I had no contact with that man what so ever. Until he attacked me with no provocation. I had the parking enforcement officer that had just passed by when I was assaulted call for the police and a ambulance. I heard through the parking enforcement officers hand radio. The dispatcher asked the parking enforcement officer if everything was under control. The officer replied that every thing was under control but the police and ambulance was needed at his location. Now I really can not say who canceled 

the ambulance but someone did and it must be on record. I would like to know who and why was the ambulance canceled. After the officer said that it was okay for me to leave. I tried to drive, but I could not cause I was still feeling light headed. Had to call my son to come and drive my vehicle and take me home. To this day I get really bad headaches on the left side of my head. Where I got punched. and I get a really sharp pain in my left ear. I've been having a lot of problems with my hip, the hip injury goes back as far as 

October of 1997. But when the vehicle backed into my vehicle    my cane was rammed into my hip when I was trying to get out of my vehicle on the third time that I was rammed into by the vehicle that's in my complaint. I felt light headed for a few days. When I felt that I could go and see my doctor

I had my daughter drive me cause I was not feeling good enough to drive a vehicle. Took a whole bunch of test and my medication was increased cause of the pain I'm in.   The officer that was dispatched to the call was officer Ms Jankvlouski badge # 8311. I was mistreated by this officer and I was treated like I was the one that broke the law. The officer when she first arrived at the scene she approached the person that rammed my vehicle with her vehicle that was used as a dangerous weapon. Then the officer came over to my vehicle and asked me for my side of the story. I tried to explained to that officer what had happen, but by the way the officer was treating me and accusing me of be parked Illegally even though I was not and have a disable parking permit. Also the parking enforcement officer did pass and seen where I was parked and did not once warned me or even came out of his vehicle and caution me that I should move my vehicle cause I would be ticketed for parking illegally. Also the person that rammed my vehicle admitted that she in fact did hit my vehicle a few times cause she was in a hurry. I also tried to explained to the officer Ms Jankvlouski badge #8311 what had happen to me regarding the men from Vanbots Carillion Construction Company, working out of 100 Sunnyside Ave how my vehicle was surrounded and I was assaulted and attached by a person that came out of 100 Sunnyside ave. From Vanbots Carillion Construction Site. This officer did not have any interested about my concerns and was very bias 

and did not even give me the chance to explain myself in a proper manner cause I was still a little dizzy from the beating that i received on my head, and I startler a lot when I'm excited and angry when I speak. still angry about my vehicle being rammed and then getting beaten up for reasons I do not know cause he was not the same man that  exchanged words with me. The officer refused to lay any charges to the person that used there vehicle as a dangerous weapon. Then refused to investigate the assault that was commit on me. She went as far as to refuse to take any information regarding the wittiness's that saw me being assaulted. I asked her if she or another officer could go over with me to the Construction site so that I could and try and get the information regarding the man that assaulted me. Ms Jankvlouski refused my request on the grounds that she too had witnesses too. And that the grounds at the Construction Site are private grounds and she as an officer of the peace could not enter the Construction Site. Ms Janjvlouski (officer) told me that if I would like to press any charges against the Construction workers for me to do so in on my own time and to get the information that I needed from the freedom of information office at 40 College St.I did and payed a 5 Dollar fee for the information. I received no such information about the Construction workers. No name nothing but the little exchange of words that the officer and I had. So I filed a Complaint with the office of OIPRD. Since I have filed the Complaint on April 27, 2010. I have been harassed by the Construcion Company and also by the Police at 11 Divission. The police have been called on me every time I have dropped my wife at the hospital for her treatment for Lupus. On June 24, 2010 first the Construction tried to have a parking enforcement officer to ticket me for parking on a one hour limit section, unless I have a parking permit. The parking enforcement officer walked right in front of my side of the vehicle (driver side) the officer told me that I was not allowed to park there, I asked the officer why not. The officer replied that I could only park for one hour only and that I have been there more then one hour, even though this was the first time that this officer had seen my vehicle that day, cause this officer was advice cause this officer parked right in front of me and came right to my vehicle. I told the officer that I have a disable parking permit on my dashboard. She replied that she did not notice it on the dashboard even though she passed right by it when she approached my vehicle. She the officer asked me if the disable parking permit belonged to me I said yes it does. The officer asked if she could take a look at it and then asked me if the disable parking permit belonged to me again I said yes it does She then asked for my drivers licence to confirm that the disable parking permit belonged to me. Once she confirmed that the disable parking permit was mine and I was not breaking any parking laws, she thank me and told me to have a nice day. Well I thought that was it but not 15 minutes later my vehicle was surrounded by three to four police cars. I was asked for the same information that the parking enforcement officer asked for just 15 minutes earlier. Then was asked if I could  move my vehicle to another parking spot. Even though I was not breaking any laws. Just by the thone on that officer voice I felt threatened. I felt like he was looking for any excuse to have me arrested. So when that officer adviced me that I should find another parking spot I did not argue with him. He stated that I should move my vehicle for own safety. So that officer went around and found a parking spot that was suppose to be more safer then the one I was already in. The spot was not safer and he put me in great danger once he had felt. I got death threats and had things thrown at my vehicle by the people in the Vanbots Construction Site. I could not see who was threatening me and I did not see who was throwing dried sand on the top of my vehicle cause there was Plywood being used to cover the Construction site. On July 15, 2010 I again had to bring my wife to the same hospital for her to get treatment for her Lupus. Again I was not there no more then 15 to 20 minutes. The next thing I hear really out loud, PUT YOUR HANDS ON THE STEERING WHEEL. This time there were 2 police cars and 3 officers on bikes. I was asked what seems to be the problem with the Construction Company? I state that I was waiting for my wife, cause she was in the hospital getting treated. That officer asked what was the problem with the Vanbots Construction Company. I again relied that I was not causing any trouble and did not know why the police are being called on me every time I bring my wife to this hospital. I asked the officer what was the Complaint about. That officer just stated that he was there just to keep the peace. And that I should not make any gestures towards any body. I told that officer that I did not make any gestures towards anybody. But I made a gesture to one guy that was smoking on the side walk in front of the Construction Site, But that occurred on June 24, 10 When the man smoking gave me the middle finger, so I showed one back to him. But like I stated that happen on June 24, 2010 and it was July 15, 10 Again this officer told me that I should find another parking spot to park my vehicle and if I would move to a different parking spot. I respectfully told that officer that I would not move to any other spot, cause of what happen the last time I moved my vehicle. I also told that officer that I was approached while I was sitting in my vehicle and threaten by the man at the front entrance to the Construction site. That man told me if I threaten him again that he would knock me out, even though I said nothing to this man. I asked the officer that I would like yo press threatening charges against that man and I was told by this officer to go to old city hall, if I wanted to press any charges on that man that came right up to my vehicle and threatened me for no reason what's so ever. At the same time I was being laughed at by the men at the Construction Site while this man was threatening me. When the officer yelled at me to put my hands on the steering wheel. These men started to laugh out loud and if I heard it I am pretty sure that the officer heard it to cause the officer was standing by my driver side window. I also asked this officer why was my civil rights being stumped on and why are the police harassing me for no reason and I was not breaking any laws. Cause I told that officer that this was the second time in a roll that the police have been called since I filed the Complaints with the OIPRD board. Again had to return to the hospital on July 22, 2010. Dropped my wife off not 15 minutes later. I receive a call from the police officer that is investigating the officer that I filed the Complaint against on April 27, 10 Mr Patrick Keane (officer) asked if there was by "chance" if I was at the hospital or if I was going to the hospital, if I could pass by 11 Div to discuss how the investigation was going regarding my Complaint against Ms Janjvlouski and that he was still waiting to speak to just one person that's left. As soon as Mr Keane finished speaking about the outstanding investigation, he Mr Keane stated to me that he was having concerns about his police station receiving Complaints about where I was parking my vehicle. First I would like to state that I'm parking in the same spots that the rest of the public use. But I was and I'm not to pleased with what just occurred with Mr Keane and feel that he is more concerned about the Construction Company then me as a complainant. The reason why I say that is because on June 24, 2010. When the first time that the police were called on me I phoned Mr Keane and got his voice mail. I left a message stating that the police was called on me and felt concerned and I  was also concerned if it was going to be a routine. Mr Keane called me back and I explained to him what had occurred and that I was concerned that I would be harassed in one way or another way very time I'm going to bring my wife for her treatment. Mr Keane replied to me what would I like for him to do? I said I did not know but I felt that I was already being harassed for no reason, but for parking near the Construction site. Mr Keane replied that there was nothing he could do about what occurred on June 24, 2010. That he also did not know why the police were called. Mr Keane stated that he could do nothing. I felt that if he was really concerned he would of at least ask questions.   When I left 11 Divission that morning and went back to the hospital to wait for my wife. Again I was not parked for very long after arriving from 11 Division, my vehicle was once again surrounded by police cars. The officer that came up to my vehicle. First words were, what  problem do you got with this Vanbots Carillion Construction Company. First I would like to say that I had just had left 11 Divission Police Station and this was the first time that this officer and I had any contact. How and why would he ask if I had a problem with this Construction Company. Now what are the chances of the police arriving not long after leaving 11 Division. The Police force are supposed to be unbiased and are to serve and protect. It's not suppose to matter what color a person is or how poor the person is or how much disable the person is who doing the complaining. But it seems to me that only the rich get to get protected. Try getting any police car to respond to a call within 15 minutes. Even at a very serious problem, it take a bit of time to have the police respond. On April 27, 2010 when my vehicle was being hit by another vehicle and then I was assaulted by someone that had 

nothing to do with the hitting of my vehicle and my vehicle being surrounded by so many people. It took the police about  one and a half hour to get there even though the police station is just about five minutes away. Also would like to state that I have not received any parking tickets, for being parked illegally. Also would like to state that all those times that the police have been called on me. I have not been charged with any criminal offense. That's because I am not breaking the law what's so ever. The police lost control of this matter and because I stood up for my rights. They are acting no different then a common criminal. I would think that the pics would act a lot more professional. Since filing the complaint with the OIPRO the police have been called on me very time I've had to bring my wife for her treatment. Embarrassing me in front of all the people that are going in and coming out of the hospital. Why I'm I being treated like this, I thought that justice was for all. But the police keep proving me wrong every time they harass me on behalf of Vanbots Carillion Construction Company. I feel just under these few sections of the police act. I should have been treated in a more professional manner. This police did the exact opposite. These are just a few of the guide lines that the police officer refused to follow or even tried to follow.


1. The need to ensure the safety and security of all persons and property in Ontario.

2. The importance of safeguarding the fundamental rights guaranteed by the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms and the Human Rights Code.

3. The need for co-operation between the providers of police services and the communities they serve.

4. The importance of respect for victims of crime and understanding of their needs.

5. The need for sensitivity to the pluralistic, multiracial and multicultural character of Ontario society.

6. The need to ensure that police forces are representative of the communities they serve. R.S.O. 1990, c. P.15, s. 1
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Offender: Vanbots Carillion Contruction and Police At 11 Division

Country: Canada   Province: Ontario   City: Toronto

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