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OIPRO & Police 11 Division & Vanbots Carillion Construction
Refusal To Investigate Complaint

On April 27, 2010 I filed a complaint with this office (OIPRO)

regarding the treatment that I received from a Police Officer

Ms Jankulovski badge # 8311 from 11 division. But since I

have filed the complaint with this office (OIPRO) I have

been harassed and embarrassed by both this Vanbots

Carillion Construction and our Metro Police at 11 division

not once not twice but so far three times. Let me explain

why I feel that the office of (OIPRO) are in bed with the

same people that they are suppose to be investigating. Like I

stated on April 27, 2010 I was struck by a vehicle 3 times

and my vehicle was pushed backward about 3 to 4 feet.

While this was happening this coward from Vanbots

Carillion Construction that did not observe my vehicle being

struck and pushed backwards, started to involve himself and

then went as far as to call me a four eyed cripple b••••••

then threaten to physically assault me, but had second

thoughts. Then this coward went to call on 9 to 12 other

cowards from his Construction Site at Vanbots Carillion at

100 Sunnyside Ave (St Josephs Hospital). This is the way

Vanbots Carillion Construction treat the public that stands up

for there rights. This Vanbots Carillon Construction Company

has tried to have me arrested for no reason, but because they

do not like where I am parking my vehicle when I bring my

wife to St Josephs Hospital for treatment for Lupus. Since

I filed the complaint and have a few cowards from Vanbots

Carillion Construction Company investigated for Assault and

threatening to physically harm me. There response to that

regarding me filing the complaint with OIPRO Office cause

there is also a criminal investigation regarding the cowards

that work for Vanbots Carillion Construction. Is to call the

police and try to have the police to remove me from parking

my vehicle on a public road. I have filed 3 complaints since

April 27, 2010, regarding the way the police have been

treating me and the way Vanbots Carillion Construction

Company have been using our police force as there muscle.

So far this office (OIPRO) have refused to investigate this

outrageous behavior from our police force at 11 Division.

the police that have surrounded my vehicle 3 times have

refused to tell me what the complaint is against me. All 3

times I have gotten the same answer from the police that

are harassing and embarrassing me in front of all the people

that are going and coming out of St Josephs Hospital where

my wife is being treated for Lupus. That they are there to keep the peace. Even though there is no peace to keep cause the Construction Company is the one calling the police for there own amusement. I have not been charged with any

offense or been ticketed for parking illegally not once have I broken any laws. So a poor and disable person like myself have no other avenues to protect myself from this kind of harassment, both from Vanbots Carillion Construction Company and the same police force that's suppose to be there to protect me just like anyones else. So this ruling from the last 2 complaints that they have refused to investigate. I find it outrageous the excuse that this office (OIPRO) are using to refuse further investigation regarding my complaint. The first one that was refused was the complaint that I filed with this office (OIPRO) on June 24, 2010. There excuse for not investigating was that it was the same as the complaint that I filed back on April 27, 2010 I totally reject this outrageous findings. First it's not the same officers and nobody could tell me that first my vehicle gets approached by a parking enforcement officer then when that did not work, 30 to 60 minutes later my vehicle got surrounded by so many police officers. The second complaint that I filled on July 15,

2010, This office refused on the grounds that there was no substance to the complaint and that no police officers where named on the complaint, even though I gave this office (OIPRO) the car number that responded to the call. So where else does a person like myself turn to for help regarding this behavior from our police force if this office (OIPRO) refuses to help a person like myself. I have never or except special treatment from this office, I want to be treated just like they would treat the anybody else. Any company like Vanbots Carillion Construction that does condone there employees to physically assault the public and threaten the public with physical harm should not be getting any contracts from our city and should not get anymore contracts what's so ever. I have filed 3 complaints since I filed my first complaint. If my complaints do not show a pattern of police abusive power, I really do not know what will. What are the chances of police showing up on the dates that I have brought my wife to St Josephs Hospital. Here is a copies of the complaint that I filed on June 24, 2010&July 15, 2010


Second - Complaint

Thursday June 24, 2010

Hello, my name is Joel. This morning I brought my wife to the hospital (St Josephs). We arrived at around 8:05am to 8:15am. I dropped my wife at back entrance, like a have

been doing for the last year or so. My wife is recieving treatment for (LUPUS). I drove around the hospital a few times looking for a parking spot. All the parking spots where full. Even though I have a disable parking permit for myself. There still were no place to park my vehicle. So I went to the coffee time and got myself a coffee. Went back to the hospital hoping to find a parking spot so that I could wait for the my wife. There were no parking space avilable, so I parked very close to the curb just north of 105Sunnyside Ave. The vehicle that was behind me left his spot. I reversed my

vehicle to the spot that just became available. I was not parked illegal. Cause the incident that happened to me on Tuesday April 27, 2010. I put my phone on record video for my own safety. I was not long there and was approached by a parking enforcement officer. I was told by her that I could not park where I was parked. I asked why not. She then told me that I need a parking permit to park there. My disable parking permit was on my side of the vehicle on the dash. I explained to her that my permit was on my dash and she asked to see it. Then asked me if the permit belonged to me. I replied yes ma'am it's mine. The officer then asked for my drivers licence. I asked the officer what was this all about.

Cause this is the first and ever time that something like this has happen to me. It might happen more often then I know. But the way she approached my vehicle was like a complaint was called in cause the officer came right to my vehicle and parked right in front of me and did not approached any other vehicle. After she took a look at my disable parking permit and my drivers licence and seen that the permit was addressed to me, she said your ok and thank you. I asked her a

few times if someone made a complain that I was parked illegal she replied no. She explained to me that at times some

abuse the useage of the permit even though it's not for the driver of the vehicle, it's for there spouses or family member. I do not know how true her answer to me was, but I gave her the benefit of the doubt and told the officers to have a nice and safe day. Not even 1 hour later my vehicle was approached by 2 police cars from 11 Division. I then seen 2 more police vehicle from 14 Division drive around the hospital and then seen 1 vehicle coming out of the north entrance of

the constuction site, where I was told by the officer that approached my vehicle to park there for safety reason. This is classic police harrasment I was not parked illegal and I was not breaking any laws what's so ever. I in turn asked the officer if there was a problem and his reply to me, why was

I speaking in the manner that I was speaking. I said to the ofiicer that you guys are unreal. And I felt that I was being harrased for no reason. The police officer asked me what and why was I parked. I told the officer that I already was appoarched by the police earlier on about 1 hour before him. And that I told that officer why I was there. He the officer said fine, but that he would like to hear it for himself. I asked him if I had done anything wrong, for me to be harassed the way I'm being. I told the officer the reason why I was there, he then asked why was I recording, I told the officer that I was recording for my safety cause the last time I was there, I had been attacted by some of the people that works out of that construction site. The officer asked if I did not want any trouble, why would I park where I parked. I said to the officer I am not parked illegally and I am not causing any trouble and that I was just waiting on my wife. I was asked by this officer if I could find another spot to park my vehicle. I asked why was he asking me to find a different parking spot. He would not answer that question. But was more concern why I was recording my surroundings. I explained to the officer about the incident that occurred on Tuesdsy April 27, 2010. Again the officer was telling me that I should find a different parking spot. I told the officer that I would not look for another parking spot and that it was very hard to find a spot at any time of the day around that area. I also told the officer that I was not causing any trouble and I was not moving my vechile until my wife is ready to go home. He again started to tell me that I should move my vehicle from where I was at. I started to feel threaten by this officer and thought maybe a should move my vehicle cause this officer looked like he was in a mission on arresting me for any reason what so ever. Even though I was not breaking any laws and was not parked illegal. I finally told that officer fine, if you could find a parking spot, I would be more then happy to move my vehicle, just to stop all this harassment from you guys (police). Now this officer said that he was concerned about my safety cause of where I was parked. But I believe that this officer was more concerned about the recording that I was doing. I think he was more concerned that the men at the construction site did not like the idea that I was recording my surroundings. When this officer did get another parking spot for me to park my vehicle. He called the other officer that was standing next to my vehicle and told him that he had found a parking spot. The officer came to me and said the officer found you a spot to park your vehicle. I was parked on Sunnyside Ave, just north of 105Sunnyside ave. Where there's a lot of people around all the time and a lot more traffic. So the spot that the officer said that I should park for my own safety. Well the spot was on the north side of the construction site entrance. On the south side of

Parkdale Rd. It was not s safe place at all. The parking spot was very unsafe If a person was to get attacked there. I personally thought that he the officer put me in harms way, where he told me to park, where he told me to park. I feel that the only reason why I am being harassed by the police that's suppose to be there to serve and protect and serve equal justice for all, is because of the complaint that I filed against another officer in the same division. My safety was not that officers concern, cause if it was about my safety, there is no way anybody in there right mind would of told me to park at the spot that he told me to park. There is alot more going on here. The officers could not use a parking complaint to remove me so they came back and did everything except physically move me. The only reason why I agreed to move to the spot the officer picked, was because I felt every threaten by what was happen and in the manner that things where being done, by this officer I did not get the officer name or car#. but I know that the 2 officers that approached my vehicle were from 11 division. I was appoarched by these officer at about 10:45am to 12:00pm. Both officers, the first officer that approached my vehicle and the second officer refused to tell me if they just happen to show up there, ( doubt that) Now my concern is how much more harassments am I going to go through before the commissisdion or who ever is suppose to protect people from this kind if abuse by our police force. My wife has many more appointments to go to and most of the time I am the one that drives her there cause she's very weak. She can not take trains or buses. I should be able to go somewhere without be harassed my our police force. This is unreal, at times I feel like I am watching a movie or I am living in Police state. While I was parked a few men from the construction site came out of the site and walked across the street (Sunnyside Ave) and both those men walked around my vehicle. I did not speak to either of them what's so ever. It was no long after that, that my vechile started to get approached by the police. I hope that something could be done about this harassment from our police force for no reason. First I as a disable man, couldn't get assistance's from the police when I got attacked on Aptil 27, 2010, and now it's funny that they could have all these officers available just to harass and inconveniently abuse there power when ever they feel like and then make some outrageous excuse to approach a person and harass them. This kind of harassment should be put to a stop. There are many other things that the officer could be doing while, I believe tax payer think that this is the way that our police force conduct them self on there behalf. I still have the video I will not release it right now. But if this kind of conduct from the police force contunes, I will have no other choice but to release this to the News Media and put it all over the Internet. Enough is enough. I have been going to 30 Queensway St Josephs hospital for at least a year now. Since the incident of Tuesday April 27, 2010, I have no right to park where I feel like, as long as I do not break any Laws. What Laws was I breaking today for all of these officers to be harassing me. If the officers from April 27, 2010 did there jobs and protect me the way the law states I would not have to do the things like record my surroundings to make sure that I am protected in someway. It's a shame when a person has to take the law into there own hands. But at times we have no other choice but to do that just to stay safe. I feel I am being harrassed by these officers and which something done about this kind of treatment from our police forces. Thank you for your time. Hope to hear somthing is being done about this abuse of power and harassment from a police force that act more criminal than anything else. It's criminal what they are doing and they should be treated as such. I feel strongly that I had to be taken to the hospital today cause of the stress that my body was put through cause of the harassment from the police. I was taken by Ambulance to Toronto General hosipal not long after dealing with the police.



Thursday July 15, 2010 10:30am My van was approached by some guy from 100 Sunnyside ave. Construction site being accused of threatening him. I asked that man to get away from my van and what kind of threat did I do him. About

30 minutes after that, the police showed up and again embarrassed me in front of all the people that was watching what was going on. The officer asked for me to put my hands

upon the steering wheel, like a criminal and then asked what my problem was with the Construction site. I replied that I was just recording cause of what happen back on April 27,

2010 I explained to the officer what had happen then and also advised that officer that officer Patrick Keane was

looking at the problem that I had on Apr 27, 2010. The officer stated that it might be better for me to move my

van to another parking spot. I told the officer that I was not moving my van again cause they (Construction Guys do

not like the idea of me recording them) He asked again if I would move to another parking spot and I told the officer that I would not move this time, not for them or anybody else. I then was warned by this officer that I should not be making any gestures. Not threats but gestures. I told the

officer cause of me holding my cigarette in a certain way is making gestures. I asked the officer what was the complaint against me and he told me that there was no complaint that

he was there just to keep the peace. I asked the officer what he was going to do regarding that man approached my van and threading to knock me out cause I had threaten him by holding my cigarette in a manner that might be different then the way some might hold there cigarette on there hands. Again the officer stated that if I would like to press threatening charges on the man that came to my van and

threaten to knock me out, to go to Old City Hall to file charges. So let me try and get this. Some guy could come

up to me and threaten to do me wrong. But I could not get the officer to lay any charges, but yet the officer like

he said had warned me for the second time not to make any gestures or he would have to take different actions towards me. I would really like to know in what Country am I in? The last time I checked I was in Canada not Russia or some Country like that. First they try to have the officer remove me from the parking spot that I was in. When that did not work they accused me of making gestures towards them.

So again the officer took there word and believed them and believed that I was making gestures to them by the way I hold my cigarette in my fingers. Why are my civil rights being violated every time I take my wife to the hospital. Why do I not have the right to go to the hospital without being

harassed by the police or Companies using the police as there vehicle to force there will on other people. I have the right as anybody else to go about and not be harassed or violated. As

long as I am not breaking the law. This harassment is a violation of me choosing to use public property to park my vehicle without being threaten to move my vehicle and the freedom of movement without being violated. My complaint is why is this all happening and it's kind of weird that the police could be used not for any wrong doing by me or me breaking any laws but to remove me from a parking spot for public use. When is this all harassment going to stop. Am I not allowed to park my van where I choose to in this Country, where it's not breaking any parking laws and am I not allowed to bring my wife to the hospital to get treatment for lupus, without being harassed by anybody. I was and did not break any laws and I was not making any gestures and I might have give one of the men at the site my middle finger once, but I did

that cause he was standing and staring at me for the longest time. So I gave him something to look at. I do agree that I made one gesture. and received gestures back, and that

was it. We both made gestures to each other. And the gesture that they said that supposedly had happen did happen on Thursday June 24, 2010. That was the last time I was there and it is the reason why I was asked by another officer to move my van to another parking spot less safer spot. But I did not make any gesture towards anybody today at all. All I was doing was recording my surroundings to protect myself. The officer did not even talk to the guy that had threaded me and again how am I suppose to lay any

threatening charges against this man without any information on the man. I think because of the investigation's that I have against the Construction Company for assault and also a Human Rights violations is the reason why they are harassing me and using the police to do there dirty work. My concern is why is the police letting them do this and why hasn't anything be done about this kind of abuse of power. I can not speak for the police but come on is our police force there to help and protect and not abuse there power for a Construction Company that wants and is using them as there muscle. I did not receive the officers information, the only thing I got was there car number 1122. From 11 Div. I do not know what else to do. I have to bring my wife to the hospital for her treatment and that's the hospital that is taking care of her. I got a right to protect myself, by recording. Since the police refuse to protect disable people from people like that, what else am I suppose to do? When the police could show up at a call in 30 minutes, for a gesture and then take over 1 hour to get to the call when I was assaulted there is something very wrong here.

The reason I record my stay at the hospital is because when I needed police protection, I received none. So if anybody got this thing out of control, is the police. Cause if they had

done there job I would not have to record anything just to be safe in the City of Toronto. I know that I have filed complaints against the police and maybe that's the reason why they treat me in the manner that they are doing. This is very very wrong and inhumane. I refuse to have anybody

try to scare or threatening me, on where I should park my van. I refuse to be runoff by the police cause they have and abuse there powers. I refuse to be runoff by a Bully like the

Construction Company cause they think that they could try and scare people away. I have rights too. This is not a threat but if I do get assaulted in any manner I will protect myself this time, cause I refuse to let anybody put there hands on me again. I thought the police were the good guys, they are no different then any outlaw out there if this is the way, they service and protect the public. I would like to put on record that every complain that I have filed. My legal adviser has a

copy of all my letters. I will not use my legal adviser for any of my complains. I am giving him copies just in case anything happens to me. Thank You For Your Time




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