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The Network Incorperated, Sunriz Enterprises
TNI & Sunriz Enterprises: Not only ripping off charities and workers, but endagering my life!

Last week (Thurs, May 15th) I replied to the following ad(s) on Craigslist/Kijiji:

SUMMER TIME.......... and getting a job is easy!

If you need full time work, and your great with people give us a call.

we have openings in our special promotions team.

Paid training provided.

call Christine 416-633-4440

(You can find all the listings here: query=633-4440)

I call the #, and immediately set up an interview for that day. The receptionist seems very friendly, but sidesteps any questions I have about the job, or the company.

I show up LATE for my interview, and forgot my resume (I was at a internet cafe, and left my USB key in the machine, resume in the printer)

Five of us are sitting in a reception room, in some small plaza building way up on Sheppard. We each get called in, one by one for our "interview". This consists of general, vague questions like "What can you bring to this company" and "What motivates you" and being told "We are only looking to hire 5 of the 30 people we see today, so if you are chosen for a second interview, you will get a call in a few hours"

SURPRISE! I got the call. I go in the next day, and get dragged along with a "Team Leader" to see what it is they do. This kid is 18 (3 years younger then I am! ) and just out of high school. He's dressed pretty sloppy in a baggy untucked dress shirt, and greasy hair.

We stop at a gas station, where everybody pitches in 7 bucks for gas. "Latino", my team leader (Name changed to protect his identity) goes over the "5 steps to a pitch", and "8 steps to good day" or something to that effect. He also tells me the law of averages "Every no is one step closer to a yes" and the pay/advancement structure.

As I'm sure many of you know, it's a commission/pyramid scheme. It goes something like this:

Afte your 2 weeks of paid training (at $9 an hour) you get a basic wage of $10-$12/hr. In order to get this, you must get 5 sponsors (That don't back out) a week, i.e one a day. If you get less than this, you lose your job.

2 sponsors a day (10 a week) gets you $18-$20, etc.

The advancement ladder goes

Employee- ($10-$12/hr) Basic starting position
Leader- (Minimum 10 sponsors a week for 2 weeks in a row) recruits and trains
Assistant Manager-10 employee's on team, 3 1st generation leaders, 2 2nd generation leaders, and 5 employee's. Learn how to run the business, save 5-10 k to invest
Manager- Run everything the way the boss does, in order to replace yourself like your boss just did, and reap the money that everybody else is making you.

Now, my "team leaders" are supposed to be making $20 an hour, plus bonuses, rolling in the dough etc. They are poorly dressed, and half the time don't have money for gas/food. The longest any of them have been there is 6 months...or so they say.

The first day was much like the 2nd interview: walk around Hamilton Suburbs in my business clothes, watching "Latino" make pitches and taking notes. Nothing eventful.. other then the weird morning session in the "Impact" room, practicing our pitches and yelling "JUICE! ".

The 2nd day, we get a guy on his "second interview" named "Pedro" (you'll understand the quotation marks later). The boss tells some of us to ride in his we go to get in, he offers my team leader for the day his keys. Unfortunately, he has no license. I have a license, but don't feel like driving.

We all pay for my laziness....

The guy goes on to tell us how he has full coverage, not to worry if anything happens etc. We go to the gas station, and he refuses to take our gas money. We shrug, hop back in the car, and he cuts off a speeding car on the way out of the station, the guy flying by in the wrong lane, flipping us off.

He continues to follow this trend, speeding, making sudden lane changes without signaling, cutting people off, and tailgating. The last straw is when he tries to pass into a lane the guy in front of us is trying to change into, forcing us to drive on the shoulder to avoid hitting him.

"Pedro" panics, sharply turning the wheel to the left..and sending us spinning out of control across 2 lanes of traffic. We land in the ditch, facing oncoming traffic, and rolling 1 1/2 times to land balancing on the passenger side of the car.

This is getting long, and I'm tired (Whiplash makes it hard to hold my head up for this long)

"Pedro" ends up being a fake name given to Marty, the employer. He's actually east Indian. No idea on insurance information, cant get anything out of the police, and I have yet to see if Marty is covered under WSIB (workers Comp)

Right now, I've just contacted the Toronto Star and World Vision. I have a meeting with the head of Marketing for World vision Canada tomorrow. I also have an appointment with WSIB on Monday, as well as my lawyer.

Probably going to stop by my "work" and inform my fellow new members about this cult/scam. Maybe camp outside their office and talk to new erps for a few days, write a few newspaper and Craigslist ads.

Wherever they are, whatever name they use, they are all DS-MAX. They are all a scam. Many of them are using fraudulent and illegal means of employing reps and not holding to contract terms.

Sunriz Enterprises is a subsidiary of TNI- The Network Inc. The big company in Canada. There are at least 20 other offices in Canada I have heard of. Lets do our best to take them down by any legal means possible!

North York, Ontario
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Offender: The Network Incorperated, Sunriz Enterprises

Country: Canada   Province: Ontario   City: Toronto
Address: 3981 Chesswoof Drive

Category: Politics & Government


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