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  • The The Bond Advertising And Marketing Group. Brad Rice, Joseph McNeil, Tim Frost, Richard Hernandez - Entry Level Management Training Program designed to lure hardworeking individuals into a door to door sales environment | #26663

Complaint / review / scam report
The The Bond Advertising And Marketing Group. Brad Rice, Joseph McNeil, Tim Frost, Richard Hernandez
Entry Level Management Training Program designed to lure hardworeking individuals into a door to door sales environment

My horrow show with the Bond marketing Group began as an attempt to find a new business opportunity that would afford me an opportunity for advancement. I was attracted to the job ad I found on monster and workopolis and decided to apply. They were the first company to contact me and I excitedly drove to my preliminary interview. There, I met with the receptionist Catalina Saldarriaga and the owner, Brad Rice, who held a short ten minute preliminary interview.

With no direct sales experience under my belt, I completely misunderstood the information being fed me. I was told that it was an "entry level position", that it focused on a sales strategem Brad labelled as "direct marketing" and that his company was attractive to some big name clients because it cost them nothing other than their services or products. Brad told me these were then sold at reduced rates, up to 90% off, and thats how he made his money. Throughout the interview it was stressed that what the company was really looking for was people to expand the business in North America and Canada in particular. "As a whole, smart circle, one of the biggest advertising companies in the world, operates some 300 offices in the United States alone. Canada is a virgin market." Needless to say, I was sold. Brad handed me a business card and told me that based on the interview, and my resume, I would be called back, if I was a fit.

I was called several days later and Catalina specifically informed me that "Brad must have seen something in me and had invited me back for a job shadow interview". This second interview was basically a day in the life of a door to door salesman. This wasnt what I had came back for. I was told to wait it out until lunch when my salesperson would break down the management training program. Basically it entailed a structure that enabled a person to advance to Brad's management role within a very short time span. This is what sold me to the company, and this is why I came back.

I stayed with the company for over 6 months. I was completely indoctrinated and brain washed into believing that if I waited it out long enough, I too could be a manager, just like Brad.

The reality of the situation and the company is that they need a high intake volume of new recruits in order to keep the business afloat. In my time there, the turnaround was ridiculous, people coming and going almost every regular business day. as Brad would often put it, "hey; we need people to pay the bills around here".

If you are considering applying for; or begininning working here, please understand the reality:
- your pay is based on commission
- you are a door to door salesman; not an "independant contractor" or "leader" or assistant manager" or "account co-ordinator"
- you will be sold a job using the same direct sales strategy you will employ on a daily basis to sell certificates, make-up, safety equipment, or to book quote appointments for home improvement
- you will work from either 7:30am to 6:30pm or 9:30 am to 8:30pm
- you will pay out of pocket for gas, lunch, and daily expenditures
- you are not covered under any health plan

It is important to note that in the preliminary interview Brad is not lying to you. However he is using a five step system used to build impulse. This involves an Introduction, Short Story, Presentation, Close, and REHASH (Remember everyone has another sale hidden - an acronymn used in the business to solidify the sale, in this case solidify you as a second day interview)

Similarily, your second interview holder or "leader", uses the same system throughout the day to solidify you as a recruit.

In the end, Brad, and in general Smart Circle's sin is advertising itself as a management training program when in relaity what you are being sold is a recruiting training program. If you can recruit a big enough "team" around you, you genuinely will be given the opportunity to open your own business of recruitment. Im sure there is a large sum of money to be made, that is if you can live with yourself for "five stepping" or impulsing people into joining your team. Brad will admit to his inner circle of top leaders that only a few people will ever rise to the ranks of management and successfully open and retain their own business. However, Brad needs a large group of salespeople to retain his business. The only way to accurately describe the company is as a legal pyramind scheme.

Behind the scenes very few of the salespeople make a decent enough living to afford rent, phone bills, car payments, etc. The sad truth is that by paying you daily, Brad has you between a rock and a hard place. Your opnly option is to either quit and wait the two weeks for a regular pay cheque or try to stick it out because you believe you can make it to assistant management.

My advice to anyone considering an appointment is to really consider what you're getting yourself into. Dont jump into it, like me, and end up stuck there for half a year, with no where to go. I hope that this lengthy explanation assists someone.

North York, Ontario
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Offender: The The Bond Advertising And Marketing Group. Brad Rice, Joseph McNeil, Tim Frost, Richard Hernandez

Country: Canada   Province: Ontario   City: North York
Address: 700 Lawrence Ave W. Suite 476
Phone: 4167892663

Category: Miscellaneous


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