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Abdul Gadry
This man sexually assaulted me while my Mom was in the next room and took 6 months of my life away that i will never get back, British Columbi

This happened last year sometime in mid March 2010 in his office while I was 17. He was my mom's best friend for a few years so he became pretty close to our family, and eventually he started saying I was like a daughter to him and I kind of thought of him as a father type figure and looked up to him so much. He taught us a lot about spirituality and how powerful it is. Me and my mom used to go to his office all the time to get readings and were always impressed with how accurate he was about our personal lives.

One day while his brother, Ousmane, was staying with Abdul from Paris, my mom and I were invited to come over to the office and just hang out, talk and have tea in the waiting room in his office like we would do sometimes. There were instruments hanging on one of the walls that I was curious about, so I asked them what they were for. Abdul said that they were the spirit's instruments or something like that and asked if we wanted to hear the spirits play them. This amazed me so I said yes so he turned off all the lights and told me and my mom to close our eyes and keep them closed. Ousmane guided my mom to the other room and sat her down in a chair where she sat the whole ritual.

Abdul was guiding me around but instead of seating me right away he guided me around the room that my mom was sitting in. First he was guiding me around by placing his hands on my shoulders, but at one point they went lower and he slipped them into my tanktop and inside my bra so he was cupping the sides of my breasts. He told us to keep our eyes closed a few times throughout this ritual thing so we just listened. He guided me to the room next door (a waiting room type area) and sat me down in one of the chairs. He reminded me to keep my eyes closed so i did, and he left me alone for a few moments and walked around the room. He came back and he reached down into my bra and twidled my nipples around.

Then he put his robe over my head and took it in his hands and rubbed it on him, up and down so I could feel his penis under his pants with my forehead. Then he pressed something against my lips and was persistant with it, and then just put his penis in my mouth and pushed my head down several times so I would suck it. I was pretty freaked out at this point, but at the same time i didn't know what to do about it because my mom was in the next room and at the time she was going through a lot of sh*t in her life and I didn't want her to worry about me. Not to mention that this guy was her best friend. I just froze. It didn't last for too long and after he pulled his robe off me and left me alone for a bit. I was completely shocked, I felt so violated, angry and confused.

After this whole 'ritual' thing was over he turned the lights back on and we all sat back in the waiting room. I told him that were a few things about the ritual I didnt understand and asked him to step out of the office with me so we could talk about it so we did. Then I confronted him. I said "What the f*ck just happened? " and he responded with something like "The spirits make you feel what you want to feel", and I told him that I know that that wasn't the spirits. He told me that the spirits were going through him and he was just doing what they told him to do, and that it was an initiation into the spirit world and would bring me happiness. I was so furious that i was actually shaking.

He told me that if I wanted, he would tell my mom right away what he did, or he would call the police on himself because if we walked back into the room and my mom saw me shaking, she would know something was up. He got down on the floor and literally begged me for forgiveness at my feet, and me being so naive at the time forgave him because he seemed really innocent at the time, like he knew that what he did would actually bring me happiness in my life. I feel pretty stupid writing this right now, I know it sounds completely nuts that I would believe him but me and my mom were seriously into spirituality at the time and I really didn't want to believe or think that I was just taken advantage of by the man I looked up to so much. So we walked back into the room and it was getting late and my mom was tired, so we didn't stay too long after that. I could tell that Abdul was thinking about it a lot and he looked really upset, so I when I hugged him goodbye I told him not to worry about it and that I forgave him.

It was on my mind a lot for the next few days after that, I became very moody and irritable towards my mom and sister but never told them what happened. Eventually I just blocked out the possibility that I was taken advantage of and was able to push it to the back of my mind. Over the next couple months after that I noticed that I started feeling really low and self-concious and I didn't even know why. I just really wanted to be alone so I stopped hanging out with friends as often. Eventually I stopped hanging out with them all together, and even stopped using Facebook. Over some time I isolated myself so much that I would barely go out in public and outside even, and would just sit home all day and watch tv. I became agoraphobic (extreme fear of public places because you feel exposed) and developed a severe social anxiety disorder, which made it really hard for me to even look people in the eye and say a word to them.

Eventually I started feeling uncomfortable around my mom and sister, who were pretty much the only ones who were around me in that period of time. One day i was writing in my journal about that night, and seeing the words written down on paper sounded much more disturbing than I thought. I decided to call another psychic to ask if she's ever heard of that type of situation before, where the psychic makes you give him oral sex to initiate you into the spirit world and bring you happiness and her voice got really quiet and she said "Oh God, no". Thats when it really started to hit me that maybe what happened that night wasn't right and that everything I was denying was actually right. This was maybe 5 months after the incedent, and for the first time I told my mom and sister. They were disguisted by Abdul to say the least.

I'm writing about it here now because there a lot of people out there who think Abdul is an angel who wants whats best for them. They probably trust them with their lives and that makes me so sick. I trusted this guy with my life, he knew everything about me, knew everything I've been through and how I've already been taken advantage of guys and he still did what he did. I would feel horrible if I didn't at least warn people about what he's capable of, like I said, there are tons of people who trust him so much and that really scares me. I'm able to write this right now because I'm almost completely past what happened but I needed this as closure and to warn these people.
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Offender: Abdul Gadry

Country: Canada   Province: British Columbia   City: Vancouver
Address: 201-2121 Kingsway
Phone: 6048727952
Site: gadry.ca

Category: Miscellaneous


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