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Psychic Maria Lopez

OnE day my mom and I decided to go to a Psychic for just a basic reading, we were curious about our lives. We knew that it was against the Catholic religion which is what we follow but we took our chances. The psychics name is "Maria Lopez" but I doubt that's even her real name, she lives in Toronto, Ontario and is located at 1684 Bayview Ave.

So we consulted with her over phone and she told us to come in for a reading for $20.00. So we went in for a reading and she performed a cold reading because she kept asking us questions then used those questions to link to her own conclusions. So she then began telling us that we have a lot of negativity surrounding us and that someone is performing black magic on us. We believed in what she said because she was so convincing.

She said that she needed $260.00 from us in order to purchase the items needed to work on our case. So the day after we gave her the money, she gave us stones to carry with us everywhere and claimed that it was protection and that it will protect us from this black magic. She also gave us a red candle and ordered us to light this candle every night for 20 minutes and pray to God and to pray for her. So it's been 4 days and we've been doing just that!

Maria claimed that she was working with a priest named "Father John" and that he is a spiritual healer as well. She told us to come in every day that week and to call her every day to inform her on new information. We would go to her house and into her basement where her psychic room was. The room was filled with religious stuff, she said that she was catholic and believed and God and we thought, "Wow this is perfect!

She's a catholic like us, she must be doing us good" So every time we met with her she would only tell us horrible terrifying things like "The negativity is at a very high percentage", "The evil spirits are taking over your body" "The evil spirits have spread to your very own home and dog" We fell for this once again and were extremely TERRIFIED!

So she told us that she's going to give us stuff to cleanse ourselves with. She gave us two bottles one with pink liquid in it and the other with white liquid in it. She told us that we had to bath in this stuff for 20 minutes, and we did exactly that! The day after she called us and told us that the it's getting worse and we had to do a ritual. She told us to bring a piece of clothing and write our names and birthdates on a paper 6 times, she also told us to bring a big red tomato.

So we went over to her house with all the stuff she asked for. She then began the ritual, she turned all the lights off and placed my shirt on the table, put the tomato above it and sprinkled holy water. She then began praying really fast in what I'm guessing latin. She then told us that her spirits are around her in the room at that present moment in time and they're here to give her the right direction. She made me yell my name out 6 times so that the spirits can hear me and and know that I'm a good person.

She then took my mom and I's hand and placed in on the tomato and even made us blow on the tomato. I thought this was really weird and felt a slight doubt while this was happening. She then stopped praying and said that she's now ready to cut the tomato open in half. So she cut the tomato but hesitated in the middle, my mom and I noticed that she didn't cut it straight but we didn't think anything of it. Once it opened there was a ball of hair in the other half. She started freaking out and said "OH MY GOD, OH MY GOD, OH MY GOD! DO YOU SEE THIS?! THIS IS YOUR HAIR!!! YOUR HAIR!! THE SPIRITS HAVE BROUGHT BACK YOUR HAIR!!! SOMEONE HAD YOUR HAIR AND HAS BEEN DOING BLACK MAGIC WITH IT!!! SPIT ON IT!!! SPIT!! SPIT!! SPIT!!! "

So we were extremely scared when this happened and we spat on the tomato, boy do we look stupid... She then poored a bottle of holy water and told us that the negativity from the hair has spread around her house and that she had to call Father John to come in an remove the negativity sowe had to IMMEDIATELY leave. So, we left her house scared and worried for our lives! She didn't give us back our clothes either, she said that she had to burn, bury and destroy the shirt and hair in order for the curse to be removed.

She also told us not to tell anyone about this because if we did it would interfere with her work and the bad spirits may transfer to the people we tell this to. So we called her the next day and she told us that we had to come in again because she had something very important to tell us. So we went to her house thinking another scary thing has happened and that we were doomed. So we went to Maria's house and as we got in she told us that she has a lot to tell us but very little time because she had to go to the church to see Father John to work on our case.

So she began to tell me that her and Father John have been investigating the situation and have found out that the negativity is no longer around me but it is INSIDE of me. She said that the work she's doing isn't strong enough and that she had to use something way more powerful. She said that I would have to participate in a 22 day ritual at her church with a bunch of priests from Montreal and other parts of Canada. She then said that it's going to cost us $1700.00 to have this done. She asked us to give her the money on that day and demanded that we get that money fast because this "needed to be done very soon."

Right when she mentioned that amount of money my mom began to have doubts and thought "This lady is a scam! We can't possibly be paying that much money to get healed, thats ridiculous." So we decided to call a very famous psychic in Toronto who works for Radio Stations, News stations and even does Police Investigations. She told us that this lady was lying and that real psychic's do not ask for money. She told us to search on the internet about the different scams that psychics do. As we searched and searched we figured out that Maria Lopez is nothing but a scum bag who frauds people out of their money! So we called her up and told her that we're not longer interested in continuing with this work and that we want our clothes and our $280.00 back.

She started screaming on the phone and told us that she doesn't give refunds (She told us before it all started that if we're not satisfied with the service we can get a refund). She told us that she's mad because she has to stop her work and that we wasted her time! She then told us that we OWE her even MORE money than what we paid for. She said we owe her for incense, candles, stones, herbs and roots. She never even told us that she bought these things and now she tells us?! She then proceeds with saying "God will punish you! "

Right there, we knew she wasn't a Catholic she lied about everything. We asked for our clothes back but she said that only my mother could have hers back and that she burnt and buried my clothes behind her "church". So this is my story, I couldn't believe this had happened to us and it sickens me how some people could be SO EVIL as to fraud people out of their money. But I know that God will one day deal with her. So if anyone is in the Toronto area and finds Maria Lopez in the newspaper or internet



Company: Psychic Maria Lopez

Country: Canada   Province: Ontario   City: Toronto
Address: 1684 Bayview Ave
Phone: 4164874558416487

Category: Miscellaneous


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