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Warning SCAM


This is the experience that my wife had to endure at this company. thou this is quite unbelievable, believe me i would not go to the length of writing this unless to stop this sort of thing happening to others. first off let me tell you my wife has worked for a variety of companies but never to this unbelievable experience. She has always left previous jobs after many years of service on good terms, and has kept references and friends, she is the not the type to poke her nose in other peoples business nor be rude or interfere in the maters of others.

so this is how the story goes with AJD. my wife worked at a job for three years and was searching for a new job closer to her home which she had recently moved. this place gave her an interview and was insistent that she start right away because they had a project to finish they didn't even try to fully asses her skills but they gave her the job my wife took the because her current job travel time was beginning to be way to much 3 hours a day commuting my wife was reluctant to take the job right away because she wanted to give at least 1 week notice to the company. The woman re-assured her that the job would be waiting for her. one week passes by she starts work at first she sees nothing strange but a couple of days pass and she notices that there are no recent employee. recent employees in the sense that people working for 3 months 6 months 1 year 2 years. the least amount of years that she could find was 5 years. a web site claims they have a 100 employees whether this is a mistake or not i do not know, there is no more than 20 people working there. these people are constantly having interviews the first day my wife went to work for them there were already three people getting interviewed. and everyday after that until the day i left it was the same. most people rejected the job because they didn't want to offer benefits or offer good pay my wife took the job because in her case she thought it was worth it because the travel was much less but little did she know what would have happened next.

she was having lunch in the lunch room the supervisor and her daughter instantly sat beside her want to know about her life was she married was she single my wife wanted to keep personal things personal but she told them basically everything they wanted to know they also told about themselves. up until then ok, the next lunch they started to look at her food with disgust (lettuce and other vegetables fresh with hummus) the daughter replied with other people in the room i hate Chinese food and indian food it stinks, the food was neither Chinese nor indian all the people of indian and Chinese decent in the room began to give the daughter not so good of a look. my wife didn't say anything other than i like italian food not to offend anyone (my wife is Chinese) and i am italian. Ok after that my wife went on her business and continued work not a big deal she thought especially do to the fact she didn't say anything. the next day the mother and daughter did not show up to the lunch room "ok" and the next day the same. all the rest of the employees who seemed to my wife besides a select few who were seemed to be friends mother and daughter (1 or 2 people). well ok first week on the job wouldn't expect drama already but ok. I know my wife she is very shy and kind to everyone she meets so i know that sometimes people like to take advantage but, so the story continues the following tuesday my wife completes her job ahead of everyone else of the new employees. days before previously the supervisor and the daughter was getting yelled at for mistakes they made (not my wife) this seem quite routine she can recall three incident when they were being yelled at by other people in other dept. other newly hired employees who started the same time as my wife was getting yelled at for mistakes. my wife had not been corrected or said anything to. so when my wife completed the project that she was given they told here that she was terminated. the reason they told her because of too many mistakes. my wife was not informed of any mistakes. but this is the worst part after they terminated her they tried to point out some fabricated information my wife double checked all her work. and was the only one there of the new employees who knew how to go back into the system and correct any mistakes. and in front of everyone began to laugh and joke how they laid her off, my wife replied to them this is how you treat people i left my other job for this, one of the employees obviously friend of the two women looked at her with a smile and said the work is now done and laughed.

it seems that there are constantly hiring people to get people to complete jobs then get rid of them and from what my wife has seen it is the same in the customer service department. they hire them before three month just fire them. that is why there is no one working there less than 5 years they don't want to pay severance pay to those old employees. the there are two types of employees that work there one is very recent hire and the other is a range from 5-15 years. They lie to the people working there and this is no joke. this is a permanent job and we don't want people to quit. its ok to make mistakes because they can learn from them. they don't want people to quit until they can use you for cheap labor. and then fire you. the day my wife got fired i saw other newly hired employees crying as well. they constantly hire and dispose of employees and lie to them.

one thing also that is worth mentioning is that this company deals with highly confidential information the fact that all these disposable employee which they tell them that its permanent this information is just going everywhere. do you feel that this is right you and my information is going though a hundred employees a year it would seem and there is no confidentiality agreement that these people are made to sign i feel that this is very unsafe.

I am writing this post because i don't want other people to fall for the same trap that my wife had to go though and i would like if people could not support such a corrupt business.


Company: AJD

Country: Canada   Province: Ontario   City: Markham

Category: Miscellaneous


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