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Mexico Nightmare


I have recently this morning send you an e-mail requesting a response however i am sending you the most recent one..Please disregard previous one

To whom this may concern,

We continue to be disappointed and with the customer service at this hotel.

We have yet to received any type of response to our letter posted to them through e-mail, send numerous times with no answer? how professional but yet in I'm not surprised considering what we have went through.

I have decided to post my review after what we went through was horrible. first I will point out the good. We traveled to Blue Bay April-24th 7 day stay. Upon arrival check in was a breeze, you were allocated your room immediately. We first stayed in Building 6 as a nolitousr are all booked in buildings furthest from the beach which was no biggy for us. We tried upgrading however front desk staff gave us an outrageous price with attitude, no customer service, no smiles, very unapproachable and rude.
We all had concierge in our building which you book your restaurants a la cartes with them. Did not have a dilemma with the concierges. they offered us an upgrade ocean view for an extra 50 dollars each person per night, brought us to the room and showed us, .It was an amazing room and we were excited to move but we had to sit on a presentation which was a time share for 4 hours with extreme pressure to buy into which we did not but they make u feel like our a nobody and u must have no money if you don't buy that's the exact wording used if u don't buy. We walked out of there thinking Wow how can you be treated like a nobody. Need less to say we moved on with our holiday and did enjoy our upgraded room. Its really too bad that the customer service at the front desk sucks and make u feel unwanted. It's the very first time I have ever felt like that in Mexico and we travel often to the Mayan, playa delCarmen Cancun and Los Cabos.

The food was good no complaints -a lot of repetition daily but for the most part we en joyed the food.

The maid service was good of course we tipped very well.

Beach was ok the further you walk either way the better the beach was.

No wrist band is great idea.

Now to worst part -- on night two of our stay we were having a fantastic time at the sports bar, at the time there was a wedding the next day. They blocked off the whole beach area and brought in Tons of Security. The Security was overwhelming at the sport bar at one point during the night. Security was standing right behind me giving me the dirtiest looks ever. Wow my husband said Is there something wrong? He did not answer, we moved away to other end of the bar, he followed me? we asked Sir is there a problem no he said with a scary look. I was very uncomfortable. I wanted to leaver, it was very dark out me and husband left we were walking back and I told my husband he is following me. We walked faster, again we asked why are u following us? He ignored us. we go into our building by this time I was almost pissing my pants What the Hell is going on. He was also in our building I whispered to my husband I am scared what do we do, my husband said keep walking do not stop at our door. We kept walking, past our door and there he was peeking out of the electrical room. Scary I started to Cry My husband walked into the electrical room, turned on the light and there he was Mr Security crouched down hiding. My husband asked firmly what is your problem why are you following my wife. He then did not answer moved away and talked on his walky talkie calling other security. Then came like 10 of them I really thought this was going to be last day on earths, I was confused did not understand what was going on? I asked again please tell us what is going on. We opted to walk to the front desk to ask but I was soo scared what they could have done in the process. I was crying and asked please, please leave me alone and they all walked away. We went to our room which was just down the hall. They must have known where we were staying. I was soo frightened I wanted to call front desk but knew that they could harm us. We potted to keep our mouth shut and maybe they would go away and they did. We stuck to our room most of the time., we enjoyed the sun but never left for long period of time.

On checkout I was zoo happy to be leaving and received. We were bullied, and could have lost our lives for no reason. We seen the very day this wedding had tons of security? What happened we don't know but we have never ever felt soo afraid.

I am very disappointed with this Resort and would not recommend it to anyone. Please be very careful;

we have send other e-mails but now we are considering taking this further if we do not get a reply from Blue Bay.


Company: Tammy baird

Country: Canada   Province: Ontario   City: Sudbury
Address: 110 fourth ave

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