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I had been a happy and proud ACANAC customer from Mid-April 2010 till

the end of 2010. I had been recommending their services since then.

Unfortunately, I left on a trip on December 23rd and as I came back

late night on the 28th, I noticed my internet was no longer working.

I called customer ADSL support on the morning of December 29th and

spent a good couple of hours over the phone with the agent trying to

guide me through fixing my internet. I even borrowed a modem from my

neighbor to try to figure out what was wrong. Unfortunately, the

internet was still not working and the agent opened a ticked with Bell

for a technician to have a look at the phone line. At that time I was

informed the technician was supposed to come on the evening of

December 31st between 5pm and 9pm. I was NEVER informed that Bell was

supposed to contact me before showing up.

On December 30th, I received a call from Bell, which I unfortunately

missed because I was driving. I have saved the voice message left by

the operator which instructed that I contacted ACANAC for an update.

As I retrieved the message, I called ACANAC and was informed that the

technician was still to come on the 31st and that they would call me

about 1 hour before coming. I stayed home the whole day of the 31st

and missed a family function just because having my internet fixed was

paramount, as my wife is taking an online program at Seneca College

and we cannot afford not to have internet even for a single day, let

alone for all this time we have been blacked out. I had my phone with

me all times and I received no call from Bell. Likewise, I stayed home

the whole day and no one knocked on my door or rang my buzzer.

As it was almost 5pm of the 31st, I called ACANAC to find out why I

had received no call from Bell yet. To my great surprise, I was

informed that a Bell technician had come to my house and worked on my

Bell Box. In a way I found that surprising, as I don't think it is

ethical they did that and in no way informing me about it. I was also

informed by ACANAC that the Bell technician had filled in the ticked

that they have changed the telephone ADSL pairs. Well, I have no way

to really knowing whether they came or not (if they did come, they did

not act ethically), but I do not believe they really came. Following

the instructions from the ACANAC agent, I opened the Bell box and

found that the telephone ADSL pairs had not been changed as they are

the same colors that were being used before. I informed the ACANAC

agent about this and he over-emphasized that he could re-open the

ticket again, but I will be charged the Bell maintenance fee for sure

this time as they have already come to my house. We tried again to get

the internet to work but it didn't. Frankly, I don't believe anyone

came as no note was left at my door or at my box and I was home

downstairs the whole day and would most likely have noticed someone

entering my premises even though they came in uninvited, quietly and


The situation dragged down to a much nastier path as days passed. I waited on hold for about 1 hour a day to talk to customer services for 1 week. I also corresponded by email. Every time I wrote an email, the response is that the connection had been fixed. Whenever I called, however, the support agent figured it was actually faulty but could not figure out why.

I connected the modem directly to the demarcation point to avoid they blaming my wiring.

They said they will not refund the unused portion of my payment because it's been over 30 days. However, in their policy they state that if the problem is in their end, they use their own discretion in issuing the refund. Unfortunately, even though they admittedly are at fault, their discretion says that no refund will be issued at all, not even for the modem!

Please people, if there are others around trapped in the same situation, lets united and take them to court. This is the most ridiculous customer satisfaction policy I have ever been aware of. Even though my request is only a couple of hundred bucks, and therefore no huge deal for the theft, it's the principle that counts.

As a customer, how could I be accepting after what happened to me? I

always recommended their services and have always been a proud

customer. I just cannot believe this unacceptable service.

I am extremely frustrated. I can survive without internet, but my wife

is taking online courses at Seneca College and these 12 days have been

extremely detrimental to her already and further there's no

perspective of solving the problem anytime soon.

Conversely, I spoke to Bell and in a 5 minute conversation they

promised to hook me up in 2 business days at no cost (they even waived

all installation and activation fees if I agreed to also sign up for

the phone service). In addition, their service is legitimate as they

promised to send technicians for no charge at my convenience whenever

problems may arise with my internet. My point is that I do not believe

ACANAC is doing all they could do to keep me as a customer, which

unless action is taken immediately, this will indeed occur. By the

way, I having had to drive to Starbucks everyday just to write my emails to ACANAC

because they do not accept talking billing-related issues over the

phone - they just hide behind emails. I am positive that hiring ACANAC as my provider was

the worst value and biggest mistake among all utilities I chose for my

house - during my entire life.
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Offender: Acanac

Country: Canada   Province: Ontario   City: Toronto

Category: Internet & Web


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