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The company is not responsible. Bullying their customers by just making them wait for the service they promised. They do not also do any follow-up. They charge me for unprovided service. Plus, they do not want to provide service and reimburse the loss. Make their customers to call them first and wait for numerous hours to get a promised service. They are abusing their power. Very unethical. They lied and they expected their clients must be sacrificed by their decision and irresponsible business acts. They do not want to be responsible for the loss they caused to their clients by ignoring them. For example, they do not care how much money and time I have to spend to get their promised service. Also, due to internet disconnection, I am not able to use my internet phone. They do not allow me to use another internet provider by not even promising any reimburse.

My impression was that TELUS operate above any ethical standard or laws. Telus is above the law. Telus is not abides by fair trade acts or any law. They do not protect their customer’s right. They cheat their customers as a team. They never keep any promise. They probably want to make me to leave Telus before they have to give me credit. They still try to make an excuse of moving service system. When we ask them so it’s our fault, they say it is not our faults. However, they still make us wait. They still do not want to send me a technician right away. In my opinion, Telus should be fined heavily or punished for these unethical business to protect residents of Cananda.

At about 1000 PM on 9th of August, 2011

August 5, I moved in to new apartment. I requested to move my TV and internet service 2 weeks ahead on August 6 to new address.

August 4, 2011 - I got a phone call about August 4, 2011. A agent from TELUS told me that they have system upgrade and telus cannot sent out a technician on August 6, 2011. Thus, they will install the service on 9 August 11 and Telus will give credit of 100 dollars. I approved it.

Aug 9, 2011- At 1000, I called TELUS to confirmed appointment: Service represent told me that the technician will be on my apt for installation by Noon. The technician did not show up.

At around 1400, I called Telus again. Another customer service representative from repair department told me that a technician has been set up everything for me without visiting my unit.

The order was not closed. Internet was not working in the unit. No technician visit. She decided to find out what happened. Then, she transferred me to a customer service dept. Wait for 30 mins then hang up for no answer from customer service dept. Wasted one hour for nothing.

Around noon, Called billing department about the promised credit of 100 dollars, Agent said no information or memo in my file. Then, offered me that he could give credit of 45 dollars instead of 100 since there was no info in the system. Took 20 mins.

1400 H- Asked manager to call me. Agent told me that a manager will contact me in 4 hours. when I talked to the agent. Agent put me on hold to talk to customer service department for more than 30 mins then I hung up.

When I called customer service department again, they asked me why I hung up. Then, they asked me to reschedule for Friday. No approval given to them. Asked them to set it up today or tomorrow.

In the late afternoon, I called Royalty dept. They find out that there was an event to give 100 credit for moving schedule change from August 6 to August 9, 2011. At first, they denied it, then they told me that there was a promotion before. They said they will give me one hundred dollar credit. Now this agent said that there was no order created properly for me at the first place. . I got credit for the moving schedule change and service connected on August 9, 11. However, they said they will not give any credit if I cancel the service. A new condition.

I requested to talk to a manager. He asked me to wait. Then I waited. He put me on hold for more than 30 mins just cause me a trouble. No response. I spent one hour for this phone call.

I used another phone and contacted Telus while I am waiting on the other phone for manager. agent tried to set up a new appointment for Friday August 12, 2011. No approval given. Asked to install service today or tomorrow as they promised me first time. She said she will talk to manager so that manager can contact me. No reply.

No phone received from a manager. Then, late in the evening an agent said manager phoned me. I told them to phone again. Manager called me only one time according to my contact list from 7804933110 for 2 sec.

August 10- I called at 1000. An agent hang up on me because he did not want to listen to my concern. He said Telus has no fault. Asked him when the technician will come. When I asked his name, he stop talking and after 3 mins hung up on me.

At 1005, the other agent, Terri, looked up my file and say there was a note that manager wanted me to phone him. He said there was a note that manager left message for me. He asked me to check voice mail. I checked voice mail. No voice message left. I called again. 1010, the agent told me there was no memo on the system that manager left phone number for me.

Received a phone call from an escalated manager Nathan think my internet speed is not as fast as it suppose to be. I explained that my service has not been installed. Nothing to do with speed. I told him that they can book an appointment for me on Friday. Asked him to set up an appointment and call me back. He hanged up, promised me to phone back. No phone back. I left message in the evening to figure out when the technician will visit our house. No reply.

Aug 11, 2011, I left message on manager’s phone number to hear from him (Naiden) soon. No reply till 1232. Left message to call me by 2PM since I have to go to work by 3 O’clock.

1247h, Phoned Telus to confirm if the manager has been scheduled a moving service for me yesterday or this morning. Nathan did not make any appointment for me. Nothing was done. I am on hold for new scheduled appointment. The agent said he will cancel the old one and make a new one as soon as possible.

Agent also mentioned that installation could not be done during the weekends. I cannot answer the phone. Ask her to phone Manager to set up an appointment ASAP as he promised. Requested to talk to manager/supervisor of eschalated manager because he also did not do anything about my moving service. Agent said she will leave a note for that. The conversation took 36 mins. Stacy was actually very kind and helpful She promised me to make a new move order and to call my wife back by 1730 to inform us. She phone back.

Received a phone call from Nathan and Sam, a new supervisor, and Stacy. Supervisor offered my wife to give 50 dollars. However, they say they will credit it to my account when everything is set-up. They could not make any appointment for technician’s visit. No solution offered by August 12, 2011. Nathan promised my wife to phone us back on 14th after setting up a new moving schedule.

August 14, 2011- No phone call received from Nathan. No schedule was made according to an agent. Left message in Nathan’s message box. No phone back.

August 15, 2011- Called and left message on Nathan’s phone. No phone back. Requested supervisor of Nathan to phone us. No phone back. Took 30 mins. Agent made me hold for about 20 mins after promising me that he will let me talk to manager. Then, told me that manager will phone me. No phone back.

August 16 – Left message for Nathan in the direct messaging system. Telus agent said they are working on this issue. Message left for Sam to Agent. Requested the manager phone me. No phone back.

August 17- Phone at noon. Talk to Ralph an agent. He made me wait for 30 mins so that I can talk to supervisor of eschalated manager. After waiting for 20 mins, I was told that supervisor is on the phone now. Must wait for several mins. Then, told me that he will phone me back. No phone back all day.
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