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Shoppers Drug Mart
Rude-Abusive pharmacy staff - disability related

I have multiple disabilities. On June 30th, 2010, at approximately 2:30 pm, I went to drop off some prescriptions at the Shoppers Drugmart at McCallum and Marshall in Abbotsford, BC. The staff are well aware of these disabilities, both in having seen them, and, as well, being told about them. Example, I have a severely collapsed tolerance to normal sound - last audiology test revealed lack of word discrimination over 25dB in the presence of background noise (what is normal to most people). As well, I have comminuted fractures in my left foot (that cannot be fixed without risking nerve regeneration x pain) - as well as sequalae further to vetebral fractures - and fibromyalgia recurrence aside from bone pain. My GP does not practice in Abbotsford, so I go and see him every two months. After the visit, my volunteer driver takes me to the Drug Store on our way back to my place so I can drop my prescriptions off - they can be delivered later in the day - and I don't have to walk home. On the 30th, however, I went in to drop off my prescrisptions and was "told" in a very rude, rude, rude contemptuous and pejorative manner that I didn't need to have things delivered because it cost them $5.00 and, as well, I could "walk". This is also a case of having a volunteer driver (for disabled people/seniors) who may have had other commitments? I advised the staff of this, they deemed it irrelevant. The more they made me stay in the store, the more I started to panic because at times this hearing disability of mine causes vertigo, appearing as a seizure, which it isn't, in the sense that if I am removed from the sound, I am fine within 5 minutes. I was in shock because I have always said to them on the phone that having a delivery service is great for me because it is "so hard" for me to be in stores (malls, etc.). And then, on top of it, to have some woman (I know her name) decide what accommodation I need and what I don't? while I am getting more and more panic attack stricken. I asked her 3 times to please speak more softly to me, she refused and smirked. When I asked her if she wanted to read the medical report? she dismissively walked away. She was abusive. I wonder if they have "decided" (with their medical degree??) that because I phone them for repeats once a month, that means I can use a phone as people normally do. The truth being that the only reason I have a web phone is for doctors and related matters, so by Shoppers Drugmart staff, this now means I don't have a hearing disability? Should I not phone to "prove" I have one. It was one of the worst experiences I've had hearing-disability related in a while now - and never from pharmacy people - not before. It puts me in the position where I don't know what to do. I can't allow myself to be treated like that - I just shake. Find another pharmacy? Well, that would be great if I could walk that far - the closest one is twice as far for me or, continue to be treated like I'm "one of those disabled people, worthless, who doesn't _want_ to work" - I'm not unique in this, by pharmacy staff at this Shoppers Drugmart. I've been upset for a week about this. I don't know what to do. I have no regular transportation/car, etc. This drugstore is .5 km from me, the next closest is 2.0 (approx) - I can barely make it to this one and home again.


Company: Shoppers Drug Mart

Country: Canada   Province: British Columbia   City: Abbotsford

Category: Health & Medicine


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