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Ripoff thieves scam all fluff no training pathetic smoke and mirrors

FX Trainer was never founded on a legitimate training system. No training was ever provided; it was all smoke and mirrors from the very beginning: only zen-like abstract fluff was offered. No nuts and bolts on FOREX trading is offered neither in the Beginners nor Advanced classes.

No one ever learned how to trade through this Company (that is doing well). The very few traders that learned how to trade currencies, learned on their own.

The management is a den of thieves. They did not pay out all the commissions as promised and marketed. I was one of the top leaders of the company, and because I took the lead on exposing them, I was not paid at all what I was due, including a cruise to Alaska. I was 1 out of 23 people who earned the cruise who did not get her ticket. They threatened to sue me through Baker & McKenzie Law Firm with 76 supposed counts against me: pages and pages of ludicrous lies. And that was all smoke and mirrors, too....

I provided the necessary and most selfless leadership in Chicago which cost me huge time and money. Instead of appreciation for bringing Chicago to become the fastest growing city in North America (then), they slap a fake lawsuit against me and terminate me, refusing to pay out my commissions.

Other leaders who literally built the company were totally mistreated and abused, as well. This Company is clueless! 23 of 24 of their employees just recently QUIT! What does that tell you?...

The then CEO, Edward Yau, would have his girlfriend, Cindy, the then CFO, cut bogus checks to the winners of the trading contests (all fake Chinese names), then they would rip up the checks and laugh about it. This was done so as not to pay out the 10% gross recenues in commissions promised, but to keep it for the Company. This is just one of many scamming acts performed by management.

There is so much to say against this Company, I have about 30 points listed, but they are futile to mention at this point. All the TRUE LEADERS left long ago this Company. No Leadership left. Only fools remain.

They ripped off the Leaders on their Founder bonuses. They changed the Compensation Plan as another way to cut off payouts. The top producers checks were cut down by 60% a few months ago, and there is barely anything left that they receive now....

Training is null and void, so they now offer an auto-ex that doesn't even work! In fact, why offer an automated program that makes you money when they tout that they are a training company?? Obviously, that, in itself proves their training is totally ineffective and null and void!

They made people pay a year in advance for advanced charts with signals that were inaccurate. And the whole system did not even work, yet people had to not only pay for this, but had to pay a full year in advance for it. It was touted as being extraordinary and that this would bring them the results they were looking for. This Company just vulchurously tried to keep getting money from its reps because it was just too difficult to try to bring new people into a totally defunct system with literally no training, and where no one could prove they were successfully trading!

MERCILESS. HEARTLESS. BRUTAL. UNCONCSIONABLE. A BED OF THIEVES. OUTRIGHT SCAMMERS. That is all that can be said about this management team. It is anti-management, anti-leadership, anti-conscionable.

I filed a full fledged report with the RCMP. The Vancouver City Police is also fully investigating this Company. For all others who were scammed, it is your responsibility to file your report at: and .
Companies like this should never be or remain in business. It hurts everyone involved. It is primarily because so many such scams are out there that the Distributor Rights Association was founded. See: and freely join to protect your rights.

Do not dare even think of joining! FX Trainer offers no value whatsoever.

Even though this Company is well on its way down, and hanging by a mere thread, I am reporting this for the record, and to protect innocent entrepreneurs who were thinking of becoming distributors from paying their very last dime (which is exactly what would happen to them).

Just ask how well the reps are doing trading, ask to see Zoltan's trading report, ask where all the leaders went to... You will find that no one is doing well trading in FX Trainer. And if per chance, they are, ask how they learned to trade, and they will tell you they cannot credit FX Trainer for their success, but had to learn it themselves or go elsewhere for the actual training.

Better yet: ask Greg Wallis from Seattle, who built the Company in the U.S. for a copy of the last email he sent to his downline (practically all of the U.S). Guaranteed, though, if you are talking to someone still in the Company, they are not a leader, but an outright fool.... (sorry to say).

Earnestly Yours,

Las Vegas, Nevada
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Offender: FX Trainer

Country: Canada   Province: British Columbia   City: Vancouver
Phone: 6043188899

Category: Education & Science


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