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APP program

Dear Sir or Madam,

I am not sure if some one would have time to read this long email, I am currently a student of this following private school, but next week will be my final exam, which means If I don’t get make over all 75% they won’t let me joint the second years.

Please take sometime to read this page from their website.

Enhance your practice with a 2200-hour diploma from MH Vicars School!

You have years of practical experience behind you. You have great hands and many satisfied clients. But now your clients—and their insurance companies—are asking hard questions about your qualifications.

Setting uniform professional standards across the country is a worthwhile goal, with benefits for consumers and for the profession as a whole. It might also be a great opportunity for you to step up to a more rewarding, more effective therapeutic practice. That’s what we think, but we know you don’t want to drop everything to make it happen.

If you have graduated from a short massage therapy course and have at least two years’ experience working full-time as a massage therapist, you may be eligible for the new Advanced Placement for Practitioners class at MH Vicars School of Massage Therapy.

The curriculum of this nine-month course is very selective. We know you don’t need to repeat the course work you have already mastered, so we will make the best possible use of your time by building on what you know. You will gain a more thorough mastery of anatomy, physiology, orthopedic assessment, and treatment planning. In particular, you will develop a sophisticated understanding of the pathology and treatment of common musculoskeletal disorders.

The independent learning format of our program makes it possible for you to keep working as a massage therapist while increasing your knowledge and skills. As an APP student you will come to school once a week (9–5) to work and study with a knowledgeable instructor and small group of colleagues. The remainder of the course work is done at home, fitting around your work and family schedules. With the combination of credit granted for your previous education and work, and nine months of intensive study, you will be prepared to write the MH Vicars School final exam and earn our 2200-hour diploma in massage therapy.

When you apply, we will assess your previous studies and practical experience to see if you qualify for the APP course, and whether your work experience will satisfy our practicum requirement


I went to school for an open house with friends and met with the Director of school. We asked her many questions, The director didn’t mention about the course, how fast the course is going to be, I had no idea how stressful I am going to face.

This is a two year program that condense the material for nine month course, that basically, first year program will be three month. And the rest of six month will be second year material.

I studies since Sep 20, There is once a week 9-5 on Thursday at school

-There were tests each week, we spend half day morning to do the tests, then 4 hours study Anatomy and Physiology, two chapters, and one module of body landmark each week. Then home work (short answers approximately 20 pages, trail guide hand on learning homework one module a week, and OCP planning treatment 6 pages a week. Total homework would have been 50 pages each week.

- They require us to study at home five hours a day. but I spent all my time for home work and studies 10 hours/day at home (before work from 6-8 am, and after work (7-12 pm) and also spent all my spare time at work when I don’t have client at lease 3 hours a day.

- Saturday-Sunday studied all the time.

- Couldn’t work on Wednesday because I wanted to prepare for tests on Thursday.

I cancelled my TV cable, I quit my hobbies and I have no socialize since I started this school. I tried everything I could to make it work.

Unfortunately, I failed the tests every week, I felt so terrify and terrible because the teacher didn’t teach me properly or one of the instructor even said (they will not going to re-teach us the stuff you already known because they don’t have time) all students came from different background, some has one year program, a few of us had only 250 hours schooling and so on. How can we do oral practical exam without giving us any instruction?

Anyway, my purpose to write this letter is to have somebody help us as a student that, is this school did the right thing with me?

My concern are :

1. How can the school expected me to know all the material of one year program because I have only 250 hour. Why don’t school screen or direct me to attend two year regular program with them at the first place?

2. Is it right that they won’t let me continue the course with them after this Dec 20th?

3. Can someone do something to let other applicant knows before they start the course? if I know this before I will not do this course

4. I expected to spend $8300 tuition fee, and $589 for the books. Now the school force me to join the two year regular program that will course me another $12, 800 CAD

5. I didn’t have that much money, and I have no family here, the fee I paid was from student loan. How can I afford to pay more?

6. I got lucky one week I got different examiner I pass the test that week but I wasn’t do anything different than every week but I got 88% so I am not sure if the teacher has goals to help student to succeed or just wanted to find the way to fail student, and said they want to keep up their hight standard, what qualify teacher mean? at private school do they need a teaching degree?

7. My concern they were two teachers that wanted to find the way to failed a student.

8. This course is about students paid tuition fee for the teacher to failed your exam and then you will pay more money for other course to pass, then what will you learn? because they don’t teach you …of course it independent learning school but at least the teacher should teach us and help us to learn and to success.

9. How do I get tuition fee back? because if I don’t get to continue their second year in January I wanted the money back to attend another school.

10. How do I get more makes to bring my makes up to 75% if teacher didn’t teach me and help me at all?

11. Is there any Government department who I can consult about this matter?

12. I forgot to mention that there were 5-6 students quit the course. There are only 20 of us right now, their pervious course was only 9 students.

Thank you so much for taking your time to read my email, I am greatly appreciate if I could here something from you.


Nuchnapha Harriott


Company: MHVicarsschool

Country: Canada   Province: Alberta   City: Calgary

Category: Education & Science


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