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Everest College
Awful school

Before I even decided to go to this school, I read some reviews of the school online, I saw that many of the Everest's in America had some pretty bad reviews, but I saw a few in Canada (where I'm from) that were pretty awesome. So I enrolled myself, got a loan from OSAP and here we are.

I am currently attending Everest College in Ontario, Canada, in the Personal Support Worker course. My course began on November 24, 2008. In 2 weeks, my class is supposed to, (key word "supposed to") be put into a nursing home for placement.

Unfortunately, we are not going to be going into placement at our schedualed time. The reason?

Near the end of January our class was hit hard. Our teacher, was fired, and we were given a new teacher. No one was offically told why, just that our teacher "wasn't coming back" She was a very nice woman, and was replaced by another awesome woman. Unfortunately, because of the change, we were pretty much starting fresh with our work and learning, with only a month of school left. This new teacher had to learn our learning styles, and where we were with our work and learning, it was a hard adjustment. You'd think with one month left, they would just leave us with our original teacher and let us end the course.

About a week after the teacher switch, the news was told to some of us in the class from a returning student that our original teacher, had taught the year before, and the class that she had, went into placement and was actually sent BACK to the school to relearn many things because they weren't taught enough to be in placement. There were also many words going around that our teacher had a bad way of teaching and we were very far behind in our learnings and should have known more then we did. My question, is if this school knew how she taught, and didn't like it, and if they knew what happened with the class before us, about having to return from placement, why would they let her continue teaching at the school? Why would they put us with her for 2 months and THEN decide to fire her?

I should also mention that we went to school on a Wednesday morning, and the president of the school came down to our class to tell us about our teacher and that we would be getting a new one. Then she sent us home for the rest of the week and told us that we would have a new teacher on Monday. (This information comes into play in a few more paragraphs) So we meet our new teacher, she's nice, but she also has her own way of teaching that took us awhile to get used to. Oh, and I should also mention that it took the school about 3 weeks to find all of our marks, because our old teacher had them back at her house, and they misplaced a few of them. So we had no idea how we were doing in the class. Actually, as of right now, we still don't know our most recent mark, and we should. Also, our new teacher has yet to learn the schools marking scheme, so she's as confused as we are.

Now, when it comes to OSAP, we were screwed over with that too. As of February 15, 2009, our SECOND OSAP loan papers were released to us. Unfortunately, our class did not, and still has not, received any money from our second loan. I'll explain why. Our class right now, SHOULD be 40% finished our course. And we NEED to be 40% finished our course in order to get our second OSAP loan. Because we were given a week long christmas break (normally, and other past years, it's only been 2 days for christmas break), and also because we were told not to come to class until Monday after we found out that we were getting a new teacher, we are only 32% finished our course. Another thing the school screwed us over with. Many of us in the course are mad for this very reason. OSAP loans help pay for things while we're in school. Rent and groceries, and many in the class have children, this is setting us all back and making it hard to stay in school. Some students are having to pick up extra shifts at work to make money, and because of this are not able to finish homework and projects. It really sucks. We haven't been told any date that we would be getting our second loan either, I heard "sometime in March"..but who really knows?

So, because of all the set backs that we have been given, with a new teacher and missing marks, we are not able to go into placement on time. This new teacher has been instructed to teach us for one, maybe two, extra weeks so we can take more time to learn more things and do more hands on things so we are ready for placement. Now, I agree that we do need more time for that, but, the school knew that our old teachers teaching ways were bad, and she didn't teach enough, so why would they put US through that too? It's because of that reason why we aren't going into placement on time. Our end date for the course was supposed to be May 29th, 2009 and because we are going into placement late, our end date is going to be extended. For some, they have to change they're after school plans, some people were planning on, and had already planned to move. Now, because of the schools screw-ups, everything has to change.

Also, it surprised me to see how rude some of the teachers are at my school. When I saw the commercials on TV (it was a commercial that got me to call the school) it looked like a great school, the students were happy and said they had great success with their class, and getting into the work field. Honestly, my school is less then half of what those commercials show. I am very disappointed in Everest College. They lie about everything on their commercials and their ads, it's nothing like that. I do not recommened this school for anyone. It's definitly not worth the money you are paying them.
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Offender: Everest College

Country: Canada   Province: Ontario   City: London

Category: Education & Science


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