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Complaint Description:
Bought home through Jandel Homes Ltd. October 2012
Date of Problems: throughout the whole designing, building, delivering, finishing work and warranty process. Every step along the way we had to fight with service managers, construction managers, (their) contractors, (their) delivery personnel and even with (their) supplier (Triple M Housing) and to think customer service would help with any issues of these repairs of ordered products was a complete joke! Ordering a home through Jandel was supposed to be one of the easiest things we thought we would be doing. A new modular home-exactly how we chose it to look like with the products we chose inside. The sales rep we dealt with when purchasing the home was the only one who (at least tried) and helped us out when we had questions or concerns in the beginning.
Concern #1- The delivery of our house
December 2012 Location: Lake Isle
Both parts of our house were ditched with Jandel truck drivers. (meaning they were stuck in the ditch on the flatbed trucks) Happened 5 minutes from drop off location. This is where the construction manager should have played a huge role and called them a tow. Instead they waited around for no reason with no solution. This wouldn’t have been an issue if Jandel took action and rectified the problem and called a tow. As the home owner who was there to watch the process of the house being crained on the foundation- we got concerned! We took action, and took a heavy piece of machinery (that we were renting) to the house/truck ditched location and pulled the problem out. Time was money and we were paying out of pocket for the crane expenses.

Concern #2- Fireplace
We had a construction manager tell us it was OK to hook up a propane line to a gas fireplace hookup. The house was specifically designed to only run propane, but a gas fireplace hookup was installed by the factory instead. “What’s the worse that could happen? ” He said. We did not take his advice!!! Also with the fireplace they only put a schluter edge around it on the one side. It is a double sided fireplace and they said that the other side wasn’t in need of it!
Concern #3 (Their) contractors who set up the finished product had no clue to what they were doing.
None specialized in anything; example Paintng, crack-filling, taping and mudding, flooring (which is still a huge concern), tile work or the simplest of tasks. It took them 4x to get the right grout colour- I’m saying this because there was four separate applications of grout throughout the tile work and the finished product shows how awful their workmanship is. They don’t do a schluter edging on their tile work, which was overlooked by us, the home owners, so when I had mentioned how unfinished the tile work looked and exposed with no schulter edging… their contractors took it among themselves to make an executive decision and put bright white Dapp (caulking) along and on top of the edges of all the tiles throughout the house! And has never been fixed because it never made it to their work orders to remove it! My problem with this now, it is up to the home owner to fix and replace the issue that was unwanted in the first place. Now we must use extra time and money to replace and fix a mistake due to Jandel and their contractor?!!
Concern#4- Laminate Flooring
Laminate throughout the home that was specifically ordered by home owner at an extra cost through Jandel and supplied by their home builder.
Issues of the flooring are; gaps, peeling, swelling, de-laminating, chipped, bubbled, un-even surface and overall horrible install from manufacture and Jandel themselves. Roughly half the flooring was installed by the Homebuilder and half was done by Jandel when house was delivered. Both were done with no skill and again it shows throughout my home! So the process of this complaint goes on since day one and still hasn’t been resolved. A claim was made to Jandel and also a warranty claim to their Home Builder (Triple M Housing). It’s been a year with no flooring replaced yet!!! We finally settled with Jandel that we would just take the deal of them replacing ALL the laminate flooring throughout the house with the same product supplied by Triple M Housing with an experienced flooring specialist. Because they did not want to refund us the amount of money they had charged us and replace it with the initial carpet flooring that would have come with the house from factory (built into cost of house package) The refund for the laminate was only excepted by their builder Triple M Housing (which Triple M was willing to pay back to us and Triple M’s customer service warranty said they would supply us the original carpet instead of the laminate flooring plus the refund of laminate flooring cost for what they sold it to Jandel for) but Jandel didn’t want to give us the remaining amount of money from mark-up cost and time/travel of the laminate flooring on their part. No customer/service skills displayed by Jandel here for dealing with the issue. They simply said “nope, we can only give back the money that Triple M can supply for this laminate flooring.” How confusing for the home owner that they were still making a profit from our loss! Triple M Housing has supplied flooring for this house (paid out/supplied twice) for Jandel to replace in our house- that’s how awful of a job they did. Not one, but 2 times… and waiting on a third!!! We thought for sure it had to be the laminate flooring product itself, not being a quality product. We even had the Taiga (brand) Laminate Flooring Representative come and look at the problem flooring. Triple M has dropped off the pallets of boxed laminate (we live in a 2300 sq. ft. bungalow) in September and no one has tried to contact us to even set up a time to install it. It is now, (January). We tried calling and left messages numerous times a week with Triple M. because Jandel said this is no longer their issue, it is a warranty claim. Last ordeal with the laminate flooring is the un-even surface that was “fixed” by Jandel and contractors in our hallway where the 2 parts of the house join. They again decided on their own that to fix the uneven floor issue in hallway they would use floor leveling concrete to make it level. This would have worked if they actually made it level!!! And the remainder of the wet concrete (that is now dry concrete) has dripped through the floor and made a dried concrete mess on my basement floor. All laminate in hall is un-even and moves when walked on.
Concern#4- Recent year-end issues and concerns involving things around the house that have been noticed; broken/damaged or not working properly due to defects in materials or poor workmanship.
We contacted the Jandel customer care coordinator to discuss how to resolve these issues or make them warranty claims and it has been over a month with no solution. Pictures have been emailed of issues that are of concern and phone calls made but no appointment to come and even look or address the situation has been made!
Our master bath steam shower- it has a spot on the roof that looks to be eroding, turning yellow
Our master bedroom window- weather stripping has fallen off window
All Windows & Doors- all difficult to open and occasionally have large amounts of ice build-up and leaking. (We went with all weather windows to be energy efficient & window up-graded package too) As the home owners we have followed the de-humidistat temps for indoor and outside the house. We just want to make sure the de-humidistat is working properly itself.
We understand as new home owners that houses shift and settle and new windows and doors go under adjusting but there is also the chance that they are due to improper installation… and with the luck we’re having… it doesn’t seem that far off to place blame where we see fit!
And the last deficiency we discovered concerning materials was a piece of siding that fell off from the very top of the house where the two pieces of house join together there is no flashing behind and is a 5 inch exposed gap.
All in all, we would never deal with Jandel Homes Ltd again or recommend them to anyone. We have little to say positive when dealing with all their personnel and affiliates. Our new home purchasing experience has been nothing but headaches.
Our desired resolution is our home repairs-repaired! We paid for a new home- that is what is expected from Jandel, a new home! And most importantly in a timely manner with some decent customer service. And if all repairs cannot be completed because they choose not to, we would like to be compensated for the materials and work that we will have to do to repair the deficiencies as the home owners. I really don’t think this is asking a lot. We paid for a product- so therefore we would like to receive the product we paid for!!! If you have a receipt for a product/service that you have purchased and are not satisfied, in a timely fashion, it is your right to return/refund or exchange. This is all we are trying to accomplish.
I wish the best of luck to others looking for modular or RTM units. Please do your research and don’t be swindled by sales!



Country: Canada   Province: Alberta   City: Acheson   ZIP code: T7X 5A4
Address: suite 124A-26230 Township Road 531a
Phone: 7809604232

Category: Construction & Repair


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