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Hydro One Networks
Outrageous Bills and Security Deposit

In August my husband and I were attending a funeral and went home after being at the wake to let our dogs out before we were going back to the hall. HydroOne shows up and says I have a few minutes to get to a phone and pay a 700.00bill from now and a 800.00 from 1997 as well as a deposit or I was going to be disconnected right then and there. I flipped out! I told the guy I was going to pay it and that furthermore until I had a chance to call he was not to come into my yard. So I called and payed the 1st bill and the guy left. Sometime later I called to further investigate the outrageous bill and the rep tells me that I was disconnected in August and because I still have power I have tampered with their equipment and they were sending people to investigate the theft. WHAT THE HECK? I don't even know how to hook up a dvd player and now I'm tampering with Hydro Meters?? I tried to plead my case and still they sent a team out who disconnected me by sawing through the lines. So now I'm trying to get my hydro back as the winter is quickly approaching and I live in Northern Ontario and I call up Hydro to ask them what my next steps were. I paid an outstanding balance and then the rep tells me because I "tampered with the power" that I would now have to have an inspector come and pass my electrical before I could even get hydro. I cried and even begged for them to beleive me that I did NOT tamper with anything and that maybe they should investigate further and that maybe someone made an error somewhere within the Hydro company. NOPE - not the case.. they said they already did their investigation and because my hydro was not disconnected in August I had somehow tampered with the meter and now there was nothing they could do until I had an inspector in. I am currently waiting for my EI to start - I have 14 weeks of benefits owed to me (sickness benefits) and after that I have to look for work. In the mean time my family has no hydro and winter is coming fast. I don't know what I am going to do. I dont have 800 for the 1997 bill that is owed for that property and I dont have an 800 deposit. I dont even have 1.00 to my name. I am running out of hope and slowing falling into a deeper depression. I am scared, cold, hungry, worried about what to do next and alone. Thank you HydroOne - you have officially placed me in situational and financial crisis.


Company: Hydro One Networks

Country: Canada   Province: Ontario

Category: Construction & Repair


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