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Glass Protection Solution

WARNING: Anti-Gay Businessman Toronto, Ontario Canada

Beware of Glass Protection Solutions. The owner & installer is Joe and Dian Derusso and their business number is: 905.850.2808.

I needed the windows tinted on my car and wanted mobile service. I called this company and fell for his pitch about having 10 years’ experience. What a nightmare.

Joe had no idea that I am gay. Once he saw a rainbow pamphlet that was on my rear seat he said that since he started the job, he’ll finish but normally he does not do business with as he put it & 'homosexuals'.

After about 90 minutes of Joe preaching to me about how God hates gays and blasting my car stereo with ‘Christian’ music while he tints my car, he finally finishes. Now my car stinks of bad body order (take a shower why don’t you) but that is another issue. The car is in a garage & it is a dark tint so I don't immediately notice any issues. I didn't drive the car until the next day when I notice what appears to be a scratch on the tint.

I called the company Glass Protection Solutions Film and mentioned to I guess it was his wife Diane that it looks like there was a small tear or scratch with the tint. The woman who answers the phone (his wife or girlfriend since she accompanies him on his jobs who goes by the name Dian) immediately began to argue with me that it wasn't them & I had to have done it with the seat belt. BTW, Joe’s wife or girlfriend looks rather butchy to me, maybe she’s gay ~

I politely asked them if I could bring the car to them to look at so we could figure out how to resolve the scratch or repair it. After emailing them pictures and attempting to follow-up a few times, they will not respond and purposely ignore my attempts to remedy the situation. I cannot help but feel that they did not want to have anything to do with me because I am queer.

So I took my car to a different tint shop today and they confirmed there is an issue with the tint job & laughed when I told them that Joe Derusso claims I must have received the scratches from a seat belt.

Turns out there are two scratches - one on a rear door window & one on the rear glass that is nowhere near a seat belt and no one would touch the inside of that glass. After spending $350 cash (to save on the tax) with Joe Derusso, I now have to pay a different company to remove the tint & redo it correctly.

Avoid Joe Derusso and Glass Protection Solutions at all costs. They screwed up my cars auto tint - don't let them screw up yours.

Note, this company also does residential homes with the same owner/installer, Joe Derusso. Also Joe and Dian are very homophobic, and if you want a 90 min sermon about Gays and God, give him a call, his office number is 416.548.4737

Also, if you have ever been subjected to his 90 min. sermon of Homosexuals and God please report Joe Derusso to:

The Ontario Human Rights Commission’s Policy on Discrimination and Harassment Because of Gender Identity and other publications are available at To make a human rights complaint – called an application – contact the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario at: Toll Free: 1-866-598-0322

GAY LINE - a free and confidential listening, referral and reporting on harassment telephone service for the community. 514-866-5090 or 1-888-505-1010

[email protected]

[email protected]

[email protected]

Matt. [email protected]

Andrea. [email protected]

Natasha. [email protected]

[email protected]

[email protected]

[email protected]

Mr. Dirusso you and wife should read this,

Healing Hurt Words and Gay Name-Calling

How To Confront Those That Hurt You

An open letter to my 6th grade gym teacher which I mailed today. I believe as gays and lesbians we should go back and confront those who harmed us for being different in our childhood when we can and when it is safe to do. This letter is one way to do it. Not to do this is to either carry the shame and trauma around from what others gave us or to take it out on others. I know that it is from experiences like my own--one of which is described in this open letter--that can contribute to those who stay in the closet and/or enter reparative therapy.

I read the article about you in today’s %%% News. I have never forgotten you, because you were my gym teacher in 6th grade, from 1975 to ‘76, when I was 12 years old. The memory of you that stands out is of my walking into gym class late with my best friend. The other students burst out laughing from something you’d said to them just before we walked in. Later, a number of my classmates told me that you anticipated that my best friend and I would walk in together, and that we were probably “fags.” It became a running joke toward me for the rest of my junior high school years. It was so traumatic that I remember it like yesterday.

Among my peers, you could not have humiliated me more. In my judgment, what you did was cruel, insensitive—and immature. You were an adult authority figure who should have been encouraging and coaching me—not hurting me publicly—or privately for that matter.

In fact, Mr. %__, I was and am a gay male. Back then, I was probably in love with my best friend, but didn’t realize it. I didn’t yet know what being in love was, and certainly wouldn’t have known or understood what it meant to be gay. As a young, impressionable boy of 12, having hit puberty, gym class was an over-stimulating place, since I was being sexually aroused by sharing showers and locker rooms with the very gender that aroused me. Also, I wasn’t athletic at all, so for me, gym was a nightmare.

Imagine if you were to put a heterosexual boy in a girls’ locker room and showers, and I think you can understand the enormous struggle I was having and what a really rotten thing you did to me. In the article, I noted that you are now retired. I’m relieved to know that young boys are no longer under your care and won’t have to suffer at your hands the same pain that I did, during such an important and difficult time of my life.

Either you’re the same man today that you were then and will just laugh off this letter. Or else, you’ll feel some remorse for something you did to two of your students who didn’t deserve to be ridiculed by a guy like you! You didn’t even pick on someone your own size.

The shame I felt from what you did to me really belongs to you, the perpetrator—and I gladly give it back to you with this letter.




Company: Glass Protection Solution

Country: Canada   Province: Ontario   City: Toronto

Category: Construction & Repair


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