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Llumar window tint
Bait and switch

WARNING, this guy is a con, a fraud, scam do not do buisness with him!

Jamin Osachuk

I used to work for Jamin Osachuk. He’s not the easiest or nicest person to work for but at least it was a job. I understand that times are tuff, I know this because Jamin hasn’t given me a raise in years. In fact these past 2 years or so he’s cut my hours whereby I had to go find odds jobs here and there. Most folks in Sarnia are very good, and they have treated me and my wife well. Jamin is well off he takes care of himself. But me, well I am like most of you, I work week to week. What you don’t know is that for about three years now Jamin has been swapping out Llumar films for cheap Chinese tints. A roll of Llumar tint costs about $300 depending on the tint. Jamin is paying $60 to $90 for cheap Chinese knock-off counterfeit tint. I didn’t say much because its his business but now I need to say something because Jamin can’t pay me. So he says. I make $12.30 an hour and Jamin has hired a new kid at $10.25 and he is paying the new kid under the table.

All I want is my pay and nothing else. If Jamin is selling cheap film so what, its his business. If you are a client and you have bubbles in your tint or if in 3 to 6 months your tint begins to turn purple then you have been screwed. Also Jamin is doing a lot of work for cash so he doesn’t have to report it. And for those who didn’t know, Jamin is a slum lord. He is cheap. Jamin has been in business for a long time and he knows almost everyone in town, and he laughs at everyone because he keeps ripping the same people off over and over again. If you bought tint from Jamin in the last 3 years, I bet you that its not Llumar, is some cheap film from China. I have to leave Sarnia soon because I need to find a job. I spoke to a window tinting company in Windsor and he said that even he heard that Jamin was a cheat. Gee, it seems Jamin’s reputation is bad, so maybe it’s a good thing that I am leaving. Jamin, what goes around comes around, I hope lots of people read this and you pay for making thousands of dollars for selling them cheap tint. Or and the people you kicked out of their apartment, well I know they paid you the rent in cash, god you are such a SOB. Nothing matters to you more than money. I wish you burn in hell for all the harm you caused.



Company: Llumar window tint

Country: Canada   Province: Ontario   City: Sarnia

Category: Construction & Repair


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