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Bob DesLauriers
Gazebo Gazebos, Pavilions, CNC, Chairs and Wood Furniture Franchises

Bob DesLauriers of Calgary, AB and Smiths Falls, ON, Canada

Bob is advertising on Craigslist and Kijiji in cities all across Canada and the US, selling wood working franchises. He claims that with the franchise he will set you with with Sales representatives that will sell your Gazebo, Pavilion and Wood furniture. He will set you up to purchase a CNC machine and various wood working equipment. With the expectation that there is no selling required to earn a huge income.

These franchising also costs a substantial amount of money in which he promises to get you at least two large orders but once you have paid, you will get nothing in return. You will own a CNC machine and a lot of woodworking equipment and you will never hear from him again.

He has moved continuously across Canada and the US (Ontario, Alberta, Florida and California) and often claims to be suffering from a terminal illness (various cancer types). He is constantly phoning from "the hospital" so that he can cut off the call or not answer.

He has setup various "franchises" in Alberta and Ontario so there are many jilted franchisees (at least 4 in Ontario, Canada). He has been doing this since at least 2008 and the sellers of the CNC machines know he is a scammer

If you purchase work with him as a franchise owner or Sales rep, beware. Once he gets your money, he will no longer answer the phone or his email. Bob DesLauriers is a scammer and should be avoided at all costs. BEWARE!


Company: Bob DesLauriers

Country: Canada   Province: Alberta   City: Calgary
Address: 63 Woodbrook Road, SW
Phone: 6138828044

Category: Construction & Repair

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April 25, 2019 12:21 PM
The "anonymous" author of this fictitious report has been charged and convicted in criminal and civil court. This entry is pending deletion by court order.

Contact the writer for full court docket number, and civil court file #. Photocopies of the verdicts are available free of charge.

A judgment has been entered against the fraudulent complainant. The defendants counterclaims have all been dismissed. Several associated individuals have been served by summons and are awaiting trial on related charges. Please refer to Ontario Court of Justice and Superior Court of Justice for copies of the filings.

Mr. DesLauriers has an active civil suit against several foreign individuals for slander and defamation.

Extortion sites such as these do not resolve business issues. They only serve to defame and slander individuals in the court of public opinion, and delay the eventual conviction of the perpetrators.

While these websites are protected by free speech, anonymous cowards who hide behind a vail of secrecy are free to issue false charges and complaints.

If you feel you are wronged, take them to court, don't take the law into your own hands. Justice moves slowly, but certainly, as these fraudsters are realizing.

Congratulations to Mr. Deslauriers for standing up to unscrupulous competitors, hiding behind the cloak of anonymity. It pays to challenge false claims motivated by criminal intent.
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