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Window Tint
Ripoff Scam Cheat Purple Haze

Police report filed regarding: Marvin Weinstein aka Meir Weinstein

My name is Jerry. I am a window installer freelancer. I install tint for most window tint companies in the Toronto area. I want to report to all that Marvin Weinstein is a con artist!

On his website he says that he is an Authorized "Armor" Dealer. Like what the hell is that? There is no such thing as an Authorized "Armor" Dealer.

Marvin will sell you anything and everything, even his mother has a price! Marvin swaps out real American made films for cheap Asian crap.

Here how my day starts with Marvin. I walk into his shop he says ‘Jerry go grab me a box for 3M and put the Top Color (a Chinese tint) into the box’. ‘The customer wants 3M, so let’s give them what they want’. So what am I to say? I am just an installer right. If you want Sun Guard, Llumar, 3M, Madico, or whatever, Marvin magically has it in stock. A client may ask for a light gray 15% and Marvin will have me install anything that ‘looks’ the same. After all, as Marvin says, ‘clients are stupid, they believe what you tell them’. Marvin is an a$$. I’ve been working for him for a long time, and he never pays me on time. He always cheats his customers and he is the biggest liar you ever saw. Nothing he says is true. He is so cheap it’s not funny. Have you seen his video.

This guy is a player, and a con man. He is so smug and cocky that it makes me want to vomit. He is able to under cut all the competition because he buys the worst tints ever. Some of the crap he has me install turns purple before I even finish the job. And he is a bully. Have you ever tried to collect or get a refund from this guy? He is a thug. He even has his own ‘Death Squad’ that hangs with him. And he won’t do a job unless he get’s all his money up front. While thing to make ends meet Marvin is playing golf at Stonebridge Golf & Country Club. He even tinted the windows there using cheap crappy film. If you need tint Marvin will sell ya, if you need door locks, Marvin will sell ya that also, if you need window bars, Marvin will sell that too. Marvin will sell anything and everything.

This is just a small list of companies that Marvin launders money through; the guy is a greedy SOB! Notice how the phone number (416)-667-8468 FREE (416)-667-8468 is used for most of the companies.

Armor Shield Plus

Armourshield Window Film

4321 Steeles Ave W, Suite #317 Toronto, ON M2J 1Z4

Phone: (416) 667-8468 FREE (416) 667-8468

61 Alness Street, North York, ON M3J 2H2

416-666-8746 FREE 416-666-8746

Toscano Glass & Mirror Inc

Harvester Auto Glass

3485 Harvester Rd

Burlington, Ontario, L7N3T3

(416) 667-8468 FREE (416) 667-8468

Cover-all Mechanical

416-667-8468 FREE 416-667-8468

162 Oakdale Rd, North York, ON, M3N 2S5

Phone : 416-667-8468 FREE 416-667-8468




Phone: (416) 667-8468 FREE (416) 667-8468

Security Film Toronto

416.667.8468 FREE 416.667.8468

Window tinting toronto

416-667-8468 FREE 416-667-8468

At Your Service Plus, North York ON

905- 764-5640 FREE 905- 764-5640 416-667-8468

Toronto door repair

Armor Sheild Door Repair

Armor Sheild Plus inc

Call (416) 667- 8468

(416)-667-8468 FREE (416)-667-8468

So why am I telling everyone about him and how Marvin is a rip-off. Here is why. And this is important cause Marvin takes care of himself first. I did a job a few weeks back, this really nice woman just opened a new store. She sank all her savings into her store. She wanted security film so Marvin sold her on Llumars Magnum film. She paid Marvin up front and I did the install. I swear the film he had me hang was no more than 2mil, but how was the lady to know. Sure enough 2 weeks after the install the lady had someone break in and stole most of her stock. She was crushed, wiped out.

The robbers smashed right through the main picture window. The crap I installed was of no benefit. The poor woman lost everything and now is in the hospital because of this. All Marvin said was ‘that’s why I get my money up front’! Can you believe that? Its Marvin’s fault. He stole from her. He con this poor woman and has her money and he doesn’t give a damn. I was so angry at Marvin and he threaten me that should I say anything he’ll beat the sh! t out of me and go after my girlfriend. I have had it with Marvin Weinstein. I have filed a complaint with the Toronto Police services and I wrote a letter to the lady about her store. Marvin has to be stopped.

[email protected]

[email protected]


Company: Window Tint

Country: Canada   Province: Ontario   City: Toronto

Category: Construction & Repair

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August 22, 2016 01:57 PM
The guy writing this review is a complete liar. Marvin has never ripped anyone off, has repeat customers, as well as huge contracts with major Canadian companies that would not contract him if the above was true.

Negative reviews like this don't just hurt Marvin, but also his family, especially his daughter; who is severely handicapped and he supports her with full-time caregivers and therapy.

Please think twice before reading negative reviews about contractors as they are often written by competitors trying to steal potential clients.
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