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JOSEPH approaches us to assist in buying a laptop, he actually recommended a cheaper laptop - which I thought was nice for a change, he did tell me that for what I use my laptop for it was not necessary to go with the more expensive one that I had originally been looking at. I was pleased that he did show us one for $549.00 and I made my decision. Of course he went through the process of trying to sell me all the add ons, promotions for software, anti-virus etc. Which I understand is part of his job. I told him no, as my boyfriend and I had alternate plans for and anti-virus and simply just not interested in anything else. We arrive at the counter where he begins to explain the warranty. I know all about the warranty- In the past year we purchased our T.V, HD DVD, a BLUE RAY and a desktop computer not to mention countless dvd's and games. We purchased a warranty for the television, it was really expensive and if ever we ran into a problem of course we wanted to be sure it was covered. When I refused a warrenty for the laptop, JOSEPH doesn't like this - I let it go because I do know that it is his job to stress how important the warranty is - But I do not want it, and I won't be convinced, I'm willing to take my chances but he still doesn't take no for an answer. He starts to get huffy, and he's starting to treat us as if it's completely foolish to not purchase this 2 year warranty. He pulls out his phone and does some calculations, telling me that it's only $22 more dollars a month for 12 months. ONLY?! We decline AGAIN - He does some more calculations and tells us, we can stretch the payment w/ no interest over 2 years for an extra $100.00 and then purchse the warranty and it's only $11 dollars a month for 2 years??? WE SAID NO JOSEPH, at this point my boyfriend says "We said no, please just ring the damn thing in". Joe's not done, he proceeds to ask if we know how many computer repair shops there are in the city? He is full on arguing with us at this point. He says, "because computers break a lot more than tv's" (making reference to us buying the warranty on our tv but refusing the for the laptop) He tells us, laptops overheat, lightening could strike our house while it's plugged in, and goes on and on My boyfriend eventually cuts him off, "NO MAN, ARE YOU SERIOUS ..HOW MANY TIMES DO WE HAVE TO SAY NO, JUST LET US PAY FOR THE DAMN THING" When Joseph begins to argue again, and we've been at the counter now listening to him for over 10 minutes, we decided to leave. We no longer wanted the laptop and we sure as hell did not want to give him the sale. I'm disgusted. I understand stressing the warranty - but NO MEANS NO. Is it part of the job description to make the customer feel stupid for not wanting the warranty? I know they have to push it but when is it too far? I definitely feel that he crossed the line. We will purchase our laptop elsewhere.


Company: Future Shop

Country: Canada   Province: Ontario   City: Brantford

Category: Computers & Services


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