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Undercover Anti-Theft Agent

I entered the store, H&M, on a Saturday afternoon at around 3:30 p.m with two of my friends. One of my friends was gathering items specifically for herself to try on, while my other friend and I were looking around and helping our friend find some clothes. About 5 minutes after walking in the store, I had noticed a short woman (whom I thought was a shopper at first) following us. She had about three items in her hands, and even though I didn't make anything of it at first, it wasn't normal of her to be in pursuit of our every step. I got really irritated and uncomfortable because it was now obvious to me that she was an undercover agent for the protection of theft.

I texted one of my friends to let her know that we were being watched and that it was making me very uncomfortable; she agreed and had noticed herself that we were being monitored. Towards 3:45 p.m we had all met up in one of the isles of the store and stopped to chat about the clothes my friend had chosen for herself.. Suddenly I see this "agent" stop and lean over one of the clothes racks whilst speaking with a person who works there. Right then and there I knew. The fact that she didn't even have a purse and that she was leaning and making herself comfortable and trying to look INTIMIDATING while talking to a "colleague" was a big give away.

At this point she was staring so much that I actually went up to her and asked her if she worked there? She replied to me in a snobby french attitude telling me that she was indeed an agent that worked there for anti-theft. I immediately told her (in french) that I can show her my bags because at this point she was staring so much it had made me feel like she had already accused me of stealing something. She told me that the fact I "went up" to an "agent" and told them I knew about her spying, only made her think of me more as if I am indeed planning to steal something. Extremely rude and inappropriately, she added that she's watching out for the "teenagers" who are trying to steal. I proceeded to tell her that I was 20 years old and that, again if she wanted to search my bags, she was more than welcomed to. She kept brushing me off. So after being patronized by this loser, I decided to head out because she was breathing down my neck at this point. I had stopped to tell my friend that I was leaving and STILL she followed me out of the store.

I feel disrespected and accused of stealing. I will be calling the actual store tomorrow and making my friend call as well because it's unfair to be treated like stupid people ON TOP OF IT being told by this "agent" that by going up to her it makes me seem even more like a suspect.

What a loser. This dinkledorf is going down. I'm gonna send so many people to complain.


Company: H&M

Country: Canada   Province: Québec   City: Anjou

Category: Clothing & Footwear


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