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Automaxx Automotive Sales - Calgary
Drug Dealers and Unethical behaviou

I was in need of a car and decided to give Automaxx Automotive Sales, Calgary, Alberta a try. I met with an awkward sales person who took my girlfriend and I for a test drive. During the drive we exchanged stories that eventually lead to the sales person disclosing a story about how he ate mushrooms and had a bad trip, drove impaired, and did illegal things. I thought to myself that this guy is over exaggerating and trying to perhaps make himself look cool in an extremely unfashionable way. Later back at the dealership we overheard a conversation he had with another employee out loud in front of his peers about their dealer dropping off marijuana. This sales person then asked if I wanted a joint and of course declined. My girl friend was shocked as she doesn’t even drink alcohol let alone think smoking pot is cool. Nevertheless having bad credit and real no options I went ahead with the purchase of the car believing that even though this sales person is a whack job the fact that the dealership has a physical premise and a business license issued by the city of Calgary it must be legitimate. I left a $500 deposit that day and was assured that they would have the car ready for me within three days. In three days I returned and was told I don’t qualify for the particular car I was looking at and was told to wait another couple days until another car became available. I returned two days later and was once again told that the paper work had yet been completed. At that point I became irate as I initially expressed that I needed a car for work ASAP and could not delay. I asked for my deposit back and the sales person refused. Irate as I was my girlfriend and I took the mater to the business manger. We even threatened to report the dealership to the Calgary City Police being that the salesperson offered us a joint on their business premise during business hours. The business manager actually tried to sell me a car and paid no head to what we just told him. I then told the business manager I would call the City of Calgary and find out who actually owns the dealership and complain to them as we discovered they not only own Automaxx but other more prominent dealerships. At this point the business manger called over and instructed the sales person to return my $500 deposit. My girl friend and I confronted the salesperson who was insane with anger. The sales person instructed the font counter person to return my deposit. He shouted at her with a loud angry voice, "could you please return this piece of s$%&ts deposit because I can’t even look at him". The front counter person returned my deposit and no apology was given that I can recall. In fact an apology would not have been sufficient. I was degraded and treated like I wasn’t a person because I have bad credit. I know I have made financial mistakes but don’t deserve to have people treat me like this. I was open minded about the sales persons lifestyle and choice of conversation but yet somehow am a lesser person because I don’t have money. I will never forget this day and it is a defining moment in my life. Also, let it be known that I don’t write this article in haste or to defile the name of this business as this incident happened two years ago. I believe that a car dealership that provides auto loans at 29% financing to people with bad credit defiles it owns credibility and name more then this post ever could. I simply have no outlet to release the anger I feel from this unjustification and no ear that will listen.


Company: Automaxx Automotive Sales - Calgary

Country: Canada   Province: Alberta   City: Calgary

Category: Cars & Transport


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