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Trucks Plus
Vehicle does not run properly after install of new tires and rims

REASON FOR COMPLAINT: On October 30 I contacted the business Trucks Plus 7435 77 Ave, Edmonton about a winter tire purchase and got some pricing for winter tires for my 2011 dodge ram. The salesman who is also the manager Jerry strongly suggested I also purchase rims because it is better for the tires and saves a lot of wear and tear as well if I purchased new rims I could go with a slightly smaller tire an 18" instead of a 20" and save a significant amount of money on the tires and rims. On November 1st I called back to purchase the tires and book my vehicle in for service I was booked in for 4 pm on November 7, and arrived at the business on 330 pm on that day. My first issue was that the person who got into my vehicle jumped in and spun the tires and was sliding all over, I spoke to the front desk girl and she went and got this technician (who I later found out was also the owner) and he came out and said the reason the tires spun and he was sliding was because of the weather and the ground was slippery and he was very rude and abrupt at this time and I told him this wasn't ok and I didn't want him driving my truck like that again. I understand the weather is always a factor and Edmonton had received a huge dump of freezing rain and snow however I had been driving all day and have never spun the tires out like he did, after speaking to him again later and telling him I thought he was in a hurry and he slammed on the gas he did admit to being an aggressive driver and he may have done that. I waited two hours to have the tires and rims mounted after they told me it would be less than an hour but it seemed they had alot of friends come in with no appointments and they all got squeezed in before my vehicle was done. I went home and am quite happy with the tires and rims overall.

This morning when I drove my vehicle there is now a warning light and my vehicle beeps incessantly telling me my tire pressure system needs to be serviced. I called dodge and they told me it is because the new tires and rims don't have tires pressure sensors. I called Trucks plus and they said it is not their problem they can sell me tire pressure sensors or I can go buy some and he will install them. I priced out the sensors from Dodge and they are 129.99 each plus installation. The owner told me he could get me the dodge sensors cheaper and called back and quoted me a price of $64.50 each I then asked him for the Mopar part number and once he realized I knew the part number he then disclosed that the parts he was quoting me were not from Dodge. He then explained to me tire pressure sensors are not warrantied and he can move the sensors from my old tires and put them on the new tires but they will probably quit working because they do that or he can just mount it to my spare tire so it gives me a fake reading all the time and my sensors aren't really working, I did not feel this was a valid solution.

I called Dodge and they said the tire pressure sensors ARE warrantied but if Trucks plus moves the sensors and damages them then it voids the warranty. I feel that when I was sold tires and talked into buying new rims I should have been told it would affect my tire pressure system and been given the option to buy the sensors or to not purchase new rims. I spoke with the owner and explained to him if I had been told I needed to spend another $520 plus installation to put a tire pressure monitor on each tire I would have opted to stay with my existing rims and simply purchased new winter tires. I asked him if it would be possible to take back the current tires since I only drove home and to work on them and to just purchase winter tires and put them on my existing rims he said no once he put the tires onto my truck it was not his problem anymore.

STEPS ALREADY TAKEN: The manager Jerry is the one who sold me the rims and tires and he is the one that talked me into purchasing new rims and did not explain that it would affect my tire pressure monitoring system. I spoke with the owner Al Sabini and he said in his words "he is not fucking santa claus" so he won't pay for the sensors for my tires. I can buy them and he will put them on for free but he won't take back the tires because he doesn't have to and he knows his rights. I feel that they did not use fair disclosure and had they given me the option and told me my truck was not going to run properly after putting on new rims and tires unless I spent another $700.00 on top of the $1600 I spent on the tires and rims I would not have purchased the rims and tires. I spent $1608 on tires and rims and now my brand new truck no longer runs properly.

Sarah Mackechnie

7012 91 Ave

Edmonton, AB



Company: Trucks Plus

Country: Canada

Category: Cars & Transport


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