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Educational Partners Association
Bad billing practices

Consumer's Original Complaint: This company has had 35 complaints with the BBB over the past 36 months; 13 in the past year. They have also been using BBB accreditation with out authorization!

The company solicited me by phone on or about the first week of June this year, offering CPR and First Aid Courses at the local church. Within a week, on a Sunday, someone was at my door to fill out the paperwork, get me registered, and take my money. She explained that I should call the company number to register for classes.

Beginning June 15 I started calling the company to schedule the classes. The only contact I got was an answering machine, which informed me to leave a detailed message with my name, phone number, and someone would get back to me as soon as possible. I left a message with my name and phone number explaining that I wanted to schedule classes. Nobody returned my call. A few days later I tried again... same result; no response from the company.

Again a few days later, I called left a message explaining my desire to schedule classes, my name and phone number. No response from the company.

I called again about the 25 of June and finally talked to someone. I was told the classes were full and they weren't taking any names at the moment. I questioned why they hadn't returned my calls. He didn't know why!! I asked to sign up for new courses and was told they weren't taking names yet and to call later. I tried a few days later... answering machine. No call back!

I waited until after the first week of July to attempt calling again. I called at the beginning of the week of the 5 of July and talked to a person named Serge. He was rude and uninformative and said they weren't booking classes yet. I told him I wanted my money back. He said after "20 days" I couldn't have it back. I again asked when I could book class time; he said he didn't know yet. When pressed he told me someone would be in the office on July 22 from 8:00am until 10:00am and they would be able to schedule classes for me.

I called at about 8:20am on the 22nd. Nobody in the office... left message. I went to the office at round 8:45am on the 22nd. No one there. I called and left a message indicating that I was unhappy about the situation. I contacted the owner of the building because I had some doubts about the authenticity of the organization by this time. The owner's office manage gave me a Richard Tyo cell number, he's suppose to be the owner of EPA. I called him and explained my situation and that I wasn't happy about the quality of customer service his company had. He became rude and evasive and told me he was on "vacation" and it was summer, and that I should take it easy! Things were slow in the summer he said. When pressed he said he would look after me himself. He ask me for my number and what would be the best time to call him. I gave him my cell number and told him now was the best time to call me... he said he was in a "meeting". We agreed he would call me at 10am, which he did. When asked what I wanted I told him at this point in time that I didn't want to do business with him and his organization and that I wanted my money back. I said I wouldn't be comfortable taking any kind of training from his group because of the way they did business. I just wanted my money back. He said I had only "10 days" from signing on to ask for my money back.

I told him I want my money back that point the conversation deteriorated into nonsense at which point I hung up!

Consumer's Desired Resolution:

I am seeking to have my money returned to me in full. This group is totally understaffed, un- organized, and unprofessional. Even if the situation was resolved I would still not want to do business with them. I want all of my money back as soon as possible!


Company: Educational Partners Association

Country: Canada

Category: Business & Finance


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