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Future Shop

JOSEPH approaches us to assist in buying a laptop, he actually recommended a cheaper laptop - which I thought was nice for a change, he did tell me that for what I use my laptop for it was not necessary to go with the more expensive one that I had originally been looking at. I was pleased that he ...

Popeyes Chickens
Very disgusted

I visited your new location on A friday night about 900pm. The restaurant was a mess and when I asked for white I was told they didnt have any and it would be twelve minutes. I said that was ik and then the boy behind the counter didnt want to cook it. Well let me tell you this is not how to run a ...


Fido Solutions is the company i had a contract for 2 years and they are such a big cheat. They have charged me several times for thing si haven't done. Recently, I just bought a headset and mobile cover for my fido dollars, they said it would be $50 and i had 47 fido dollars and i agreed to pay ...