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Real Raw Food
Arrogant & Rude Owners

I ordered from this company once before & I was ready to order again. I tried to go to their site to see my previous order & I realized their site is poorly run, so there's no way to see previous orders.

I called up & wanted to speak to the same nice guy I spoke to last time, so I immediately asked the name of the person b/c I couldn't remember it.

Instead of just telling me, the woman ignored my question & just tried to dominate the conversation by telling me to speak to her. I don't allow people to control me, so I asked again for his name. Why is this such a big deal (no clue).

Anyway, she gave me 2 names & said I could deal with her, so I decided to just deal with her & I told her why I was calling. I probably did say it was no good that I couldn't see my previous order on their site, but so what, that's my opinion as both a professional business owner myself as well as a customer. I'm a firm believer if you don't know how to run a website properly, you shouldn't even bother putting one up. It looks poorly on the company & for experienced consumers online, it frustrates them.

This wasn't that big of a deal for me as I realized the last time that this company wasn't all that professional, but it still irked me that I was wasting my time.

Then this woman said something that upset me.

She had the nerve to rush me & tell me they are closing up as they were finished their last order. I'm sitting here shocked. Their website clearly states they close at 4 pm PST & it wasn't anywhere near 4 pm. I told her this & she says they don't have real hours like other companies. I went to the page thinking I'm losing my mind & read it off to her. She doesn't say anything, no apology, nothing.

Her unprofessional response was "we are a family run business & we can close whenever we want."

My gawd, LOL, I couldn't believe the nerve of this person & they except people to actually bow down to them & continue purchasing from them?

Then she asks me if I'm having a bad day (yes, it's all the customer's fault) b/c I sound like I'm in a bad mood. I said no I'm not in a bad mood, I just don't like companies that don't care about their customers or treat them in this manner.

I put aside my dislike of this woman as I just wanted to order. The conversation continued with her saying they were closed tomorrow, so obviously now I felt rushed & uncared for b/c I'd have to wait until Friday to order what I wanted & I thought I had plenty of time to order today. If she really cared about her customers she would have said she'd wait until I had my list ready before they closed up.

This is EXACTLY why I wanted to speak to that other guy, b/c I now remember the first time I stated investigating this company I dealt with a rude woman back then too. It was probably this same one. The guy had been sweet & nice.

She said she would send me the previous invoice after I e-mailed her. I had tried searching for their last e-mail, but couldn't find it.

All would have been fine, I would have ignored this woman's arrogant/"I only care about myself not you" attitude & rushed to compile my order in hopes they wouldn't close, but then I get this in the e-mail...

"Here is your previous order.

Next time you contact us by phone please know that we don't deserve your hostility. We will not deal with customers that do not treat us with respect.


That was the last straw for me, if I wasn't angry before (I was only teed off & getting to the point of angry), now I was furious. And she uses the word "hostile"? LOL, let's get melodramatic here shall we.

I wrote back giving her a piece of my mind & am writing this so others can hear what I went through as well as what this company feels about customers. Real Raw Food, it does NOT matter who runs the company (family or otherwise) a company is a company is a company. If you don't care about anyone but yourself, YOU SHOULDN'T BE IN BUSINESS!

I will find another organic raw food company that knows how to run a business, cares about their customers, doesn't blame the customer for their disrespect & lack of service, AND actually keeps the hours they have clearly stated on their site.
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Offender: Real Raw Food

Country: Canada   Province: British Columbia   City: Naramata

Category: Foodstuff


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