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UBS Financials - Wealth Management & Payment Verification Center
UBS Financials (Wealth Management & Payment Verification Center Award Claim Notification - North American Prize Pool

I received the following letter on November 24, 2008. I was told that I had won a little more than $75, 000 and a check was enclosed in the amount of $3, 995.50 to cover taxes on my winnings. Now the kicker. I have to pay a surcharge of $2, 900 for taxes and other surcharges and told to call a ...

Gruppo Lottomatica
Deceptive winnings lette

My father received a letter from Gruppo Lottomatica informing him he had won $75, 810.00. They sent him a check for $3, 975.00 through the Whiting Corporation in Monee, Illinois. My husband and I felt it was counterfeit, so we tried calling the number to the Claims Agent. It was a recording, the ...

North American Prize Pool
, Gruppo Lottomatica, Lottery Resources Management And Payment Verification Center Sent check for $3, 975.50 for supposed winnings of $75, 810.00. Wanted $2, 900.25 surcharge fee

Received a check and letter from Gruppo Lottomatica stating: Subject: Award Claim Notification This is to inform you of the release of the North American Prize Pool on 18th of April, 2007. Processing of claims was slow due to the overwhelming number of participants. The results were released on the ...