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Bell Mobility
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Dear Bell,

I can't believe the treatment I received from multiple customer services reps. I am simply blown away. Your company cares little for your customers. Your customer service offered no help, nor resolution to my problem initiated and created by your company. I can't believe that I pay you with my hard earned cash to be treated like that. It was nothing short of the worst treatment I have ever been subjected to by any company. Your company definitely has an extremely poor corporate culture. I was severely inconvenienced by your actions, I was lied to. I was hung up on by surly supervisors and refused to be talked to by others. I was mysteriously disconnected 3 times without ever talking to anyone. I was refused escalation on more than one occasion, I was yelled at, talked over, dressed down, reprimanded, lied to and in the end my issues were (and still are) completely ignored.

Fatima, emp # ey (v) 18375 Oct 29 refused numerous attempts to escalate call and then hung up after over talking, lying, and was just downright rude. I was at that time on a conference call with the smartphone insurance and there was a witness to how I was treated.

Nathan Ex76712 – escalated - from the first word out of his mouth he was - belligerent, rude and warned me three times to not talk over him as he scolded me for calling about an issue he said rested with the insurance company. As I tried to explain my situation he kept interrupting telling me not to talk over him! While I tried to interject, more politely than the circumstances should have allowed, but frankly I don't like to be talked to like that, he promptly hung up. His only reason to take the call was to tell me off for calling and then hang up. His actions were deliberate and designed to get me off the phone without resolving my issues.

At one point an East Indian woman pushed my call directly to cancellations where I had another nasty incident with another supervisor. Given a 60 credit and told I had no more rights to anything at Bell and considered case closed. I took it with my back against the wall. I regret that now.

I have no faith in fair treatment from your company nor do I trust what has been put in my file by the same people that I have had to deal with. Through all this there were notes placed in my file that are not true by these Customer Service reps and things attributed to me that are, I suspect, fabricated lies.

I was not offered a loner, even though this issue with phones not being shipped from your warehouse is your problem, not mine, and not the insurance company. Matter of fact I was turned down for a loner despite all my troubles with your company.

As a result I have spent hours in a foul mood that has affected everyone around me. My business is suffering as I don’t have a phone where my customers can contact me and I have wasted 8 hours on the phone and driving to stores trying to get a resolution to this issue with Bell.

I am still without a phone 12 days (9 working) after invoking my insurance and no one can tell me when I will get my phone. I am, according to my insurance, supposed to receive a replacement within 1-3 business days. At the time of writing there is still no word if it has even been sent.

Your customer service is a disgrace and indicative of a company that is too big to care about their customers. I have been a long time Bell customer for Mobility, home phone, internet, business phone and internet. I can guarantee you at this point there is very little you can do to stop me from running as fast as I can from the surly lot that you have become.

If it was not for the fact that I am held hostage by penalty fees for breaking the contract I would be gone. However, I will fight back wherever I can. Through forums, facebook, twitter, newspapers etc. In the end it will not be only my account you will have to worry about but those around me that I can influence as I recount my tale of Customer Service horrors at the hands of your employees.

PS. Escalate – perfect description of your Customer Service. It is all about escalation. Mostly customers blood pressure, anger, and frustrations.


Company: Bell Mobility

Country: Canada   Province: Newfoundland and Labrador

Category: Telecommunications


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