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Virgin Mobile Canada

Hello ppl! Well they did it again screwed another fairly long term user! So... takes two months to get a lg bliss phone in for me!

When they do of course the rebates "dissapear" and even worse the cost of the phone actually goes up!

So now instead of the 149.00 cad. That i signed up for and took two months to get the darn thing, turns into o well that was then not now! (uh nope not taking that for an answer)

So not letting that go i keep calling diligently to get this remedied, seems easy right, i mean i ordered it when it was happening right, so why should i be punished cause they are incompetant?

Well after the two months of waiting for the phone to come in and a week of waiting for customer service to "OK" what was supposed to be mine anyway (the 50.00 online activation credit)

I do actually get the credit, or rather we will see, they have "promised" to anyway, course they are not exactly trustworthy, as you know by now im sure!

So ok fine i go to the kiosk in the mall to purchase the phone that took two months to get!

WELL WELL now the phone has gone up in price instead of the 149.00 cad. i contracted to purchase it, "now" has no online activation credit ok i dealt with that, but now the phone has gained in price as well now going for 179.00

So again back to customer service and another almost week to get back to me!!!

FINALLY they get back to me "woooo" i feel so lucky (NOT)!

They leave a message that they will credit the 50 as per previously mentioned and they will honor the 30 over charge and let me have it for the 149.00 i signed up for 2 months ago!

I am thinking wow ok this almost has a end yay! LOL LOL LOL Ya right again NOT!

So i go to get the phone which is a few citys over, yep a total pain been commuting back and forth and back and...! So i get there again and find out oh no you dont get it for the price you contracted to buy it for, even though you fought customer service and won, you buy it for 179.00 and we will credit that 30 back to you!

Ohhh i see you want a interest free loan on demand in other words! (hmmm does this seem fair where i do i demand one of these, would they do it for me LMAO) CLOWNS!!!

So called customer service again and they will likely call sometime this week i assume who knows, in the meantime this is costing a wad driving around, i broke down and just bought it and i will bite the 30 i guess just want it to be over right!

So ok i am now "ok'd" to recieve the $80 back when i activate it online! (so customer service says! )

So i buy it anyway and activate it, and call 611 when i do get it and activated online as per the instructions given! WELL WELL SCREWED OVER AGAIN!!! Oh they cant just do it, that will be another week for them to get back to me, to give me my credit of $80 now!!!

The girl has the nerve to tell me oh not to worry just buy a card and that will make it happen faster!!! So now the $80 you screwed me for isnt enough you want more huh???

WELL tell you what, i am writing on the net, and calling BBB whoever will listen, and "WARNING ALL POTENTIAL CUSTOMERS OF VIRGIN MOBILE CANADA"

BE AWARE! They WILL and in my case have... lied, been ignorant, attempted to outright steal from there customers!!! They do not care at all, hands down the absolute positively worst cell company i have EVER dealt with!


There biggest mistake was messing with me i will not let this go! I have all the proof of there incompetance to date and am looking to take some of there money now!!! IE: POTENTIAL VICTIMS/CUSTOMERS!!

If anyone has any ideas of how to get a band of us together and fight this crooked company(in my opinion) PLEASE FEEL FREE TO CONTACT ME!!!

Thanks for your time to read this! I REALLY WOULD APPRECIATE ANY HELP or suggestions regarding this matter! Sincerly Todd N [email protected]
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Offender: Virgin Mobile Canada

Country: Canada   Province: British Columbia

Category: Telecommunications


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