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Sorry to do this but I know mark Grant. He was Inspector Mark Grant when

I met him. He was the immediate supervisor of Sergeant Penman when Mr.

Penman was running his brothel/drug den in a quite Newmarket suburban


It took the neighbors 2 years to run the brother out of town. The main

reason was the fact that Mark Grant was aggressively protecting the

brothel and Mr. Penman. Mark Grant would harass and threaten those who

complained about the brothel and Mark Grant was seen numerous times at

the brothel. Many residents had actual photographs of him leaving.

He is hardly a Saint and was seen numerous times leaving the brothel

barely able to walk. He drove drunk numerous times. The only reason the

brothel was closed was due to a rash of near fatal accidents police

cruisers were having on the street. This is all well documented.

Is this a tragedy? Yes. However Mark Grant is not the "super hero" they

pant him as. he was a hindrance to the community and served it poorly

and corrupted.

The coverage for this criminal was ridiculous. It's all propaganda to make up think that a policeman's life is any more special than others. It's all pomp and circumstance.

This guy Mark Grant was the boss of Sgt. Penman when he ran his reign of terror in my quite Newmarket Neighborhood. Not only was Supt. Mark Grant his boss, Mark Grant was a frequent visitor to that brothel.

I have seen Mark Grant and other high ranking officers, including now Chief Eric Jolliffe, visit and leave the Penman brothel BLASTED drunk out of their minds.

I am glad to see this scum bag Mark Grant gone and dead and thankfully he died alone.

On another note this guy Mark Grant, his injured fiancee, is a former "domestic violence" victims whom met Mark Grant while he was "investigating for her". She is a 2x divorced mother of 4. She works at Bell now but was a former stripper.

York Regional Police= Corrupt. It's simple and ugly

Here is a link to Mark Grant's employee. Mark Grant actively and aggressively protected this brothel and possibly profited from it:

You knew Supt. Mark Grant? When? In Holland Landing? When he was "on or off" the wagon? When he was drunk driving up and down the streets while our kids were playing? Or when he was protecting Sergeant Robert Penman's Newmarket brothel? Did you know him while he was obstructing justice protecting Staff-Sgt. Terry Jordan whom destroyed a man's life and caused him to lose his children? Did you know Supt. Mark Grant while he was doing his dirty work for then Deputy Chief Eric Jolliffe? Did you know Supt. Mark Grant when he was a frequent visitor to Whiskey A Go Go? Leaving drunk numerous times?

What period of Supt. Mark Grant's life "did you know him"? The last decade of intense criminal activity? The last two decades of his serious drinking problem? When did you know him?

Thankfully he died alone. He won't be able to destroy any other lives. Karma got him.

Supt. Mark Grant was the direct supervisor in these two incidents. He worked very hard to cover these crimes, obstruct justice and fabricate evidence. How exactly was he a good man? He was a great corrupt cop for coppers but a great man? Hardly.



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