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Wal-Mart Canada
Incorrect pricing and managerial downplay

During the past 4-6 weeks, I have made several trips to our friendly Wal-mart store both here in Calgary, AB, Marlborough location as well as the Strathmore, AB location and if I had not been on guard, I would have been paying too much money on each of these occasions. The first incident was about a week before Christmas, when I wanted to purchase a sounds around system for my husband. The electronics people were very nice, but all of their pricing was wrong. The clerk brought three different units to the front and all were priced wrong. I finally spoke with a manager and she did her best to put the blame on someone else, namely the consumer for moving the products. I pointed out to her that all of these products were secured to shelves and impossible for anyone to move. I then pointed out four different units that had incorrect labels and she still tried to blame others, but said she would correct the issue. I went back a few days later and all four labels were removed and no pricing attached to them. There were of course other items which still had wrong pricing attached to the shelves underneath the items so you still could not get a correct price on an item. Then just after Christmas, I went to Srathmore and purchased Wrapping at 75% off, but the one roll of paper came up in the system as $112.00. Clearly it was wrong, but the cashier insisted that the computer was correct. It was only after I asked her to rescan everything that she discovered the issue and admitted to having the same issue with another customer but didn’t catch it until it was too late. Last night I went to the same Wal-Mart and again bought a CD. The price on the label was $15.44 but rang through as over $18.00. I had to go back to customer service where she corrected it and followed their policy of $10.00 off for the error. Today I went back to Marlborough, and with flyer in hand, purchased some cereal which was supposed to be $1.67 or 3 for $5.00. Again it was wrong, but the flyer said 275m-475m. The brand and size that I purchased was indeed within these sizes and the correct brand. A person in management said that the flyer was wrong, but only offered the advertised price after another customer spoke up and said it was against the law. Only on one occasion was I offered the $10.00 off discount for the error in pricing, and for all of my wasted time talking to managers and customer service, I should have been given a lot more! These stores think that we aren’t watching, and with all of these errors on my purchases over the past month, how many people have been overcharged and have not known??? How much extra money are they scamming from people and not admitting to, but collecting on it and making a huge profit??? Consumers should be aware and should be watching the scanners and looking at their receipts!! Wal-mart needs to be held accountable for these pricing issues. The managers need to take responsibility for the events that happen each day and make sure that there are no pricing errors. I am tired of it, and if I have to hold up a line for an hour in order to get my point across, that is what I will do, and I will make sure that everyone knows about their pricing errors and take it as far as I possibly can in order to make consumers aware and Wal-mart be more careful with their prices.


Company: Wal-Mart Canada

Country: Canada

Category: Shops, Products, Services


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