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Time Movers - AAA Rightway Van Lines Moving And Storage
Paul Mehta Theft, forgery, threats, no ins, no licence, no registration, blackmail forging documents, lies

I hired this moving company Time Movers - AAA Rightway Van Lines moving and storage the owner is Paul Mehta... to move my fiance and I from Ft. Saskatchewan AB to Hamilton Ontario because my Fiance's father was dying of Cancer. We moved so he would not die alone.

His movers came the 18th of June 2008
the 19th of June 2008... arriving both times Between 2:30 and 3:00 staying until 6:00 both days and claiming 20 hrs.

He was suppose to finish loading my things and addiding another truck on the 21st of June 2008. I had booked a Trailer he brought a moving van. I was told I would also get a copy of my invoice on this day. They never arrived. We had to get on a Plane to get back to our dying relative in Ontario.

These movers were to arrive on the 26th of June 2008 with my car, our belongings and my invoice in Hamilton ON... They never showed.

I phoned frantically to Paul Mehta - owner asking where they were. He said if I did not deposit $23, 617.74 in his CIBC Account we would never see our belongings again. The agreed upon price was $15, 000.00. I was to have a certified cheque or money order in the amount of $15, 000.00 as money was due before unloading the trucks out in Hamilton.

He never showed... He then began to threaten us..."If you don't deposit the $24, 000.00 I will smash you car and dump your stuff outside of your house in FT. Saskatchewan" he then threatened "If you don't deposit $24, 000.00 in my bank account I will smash your car before I dump it and all your belongings in the dump" his threats then progressed to. "I am going to fly down to Hamilton and beat the Money out of you." follwed by continous swearing on his part to us.

The RCMP did not take this seriously at this time.

We continually demanded a copy of our invoice as he still had not provided us with one. Paul Mehta refused to give us one stating "your invoice is to thick to email or fax.

Within 2 weeks of his threats we know he started to sell off our belongings... my fiance's lap top computer which was on the moving truck and packed in bed linen in a rubber maid container was in the hands of somebody who was impersonating my fiance on MSN Messagner and only contacting his female friends. We started to get phone calls from these woman completely creeped out.

My fiance had it set up so when you opened his lap top computer it would log him into MSN Messenger without a password.

Also a friend of mine has been contacted (female)... the only place I had her contact info was in my personal phone book that was on the moving van.

We had to hire an attorney to get an invoice from Paul Mehta.
When we finally obtained one it was not the invoice I signed at all. Paul Mehta had put the price up to $23, 617.74... had forged my signature under the # of boxes and forged my signature in the area stating "I recieved my goods and all was in good condition. I did not sign this!!

Threats continued from him... I called demanding to know where my stuff was and Paul Mehta acted at first like he did not know me. I was crying saying my fiance's mother's ashes were on that truck as well as all my photographs of my deseased father, our photo albums, home movies, my wedding dress etc.

Paul Mehta laughed at me and said "You should of paid the $24, 000.00 into my account. I dumped everthing in a landfill as well as your car and then hung up on me.

A reporter from CTV News found my car at his place of buisness on his lot. She did a report on us aired Nov 14, 2008 Paul Mehta would not show his face on camera.

Also in regards to the landfill I found out it was not my stuff that was dumped...(Cloverbar) he also sent the reporter Dez Melenka CTV news to a completly different landfill on the West end of Edmonton to get her off his track.

He has told the RCMP he dumped everything as my stuff was "S***" and he could not get anything for it. There was over $600, 000.00 worth of high end Antiques, Antique Art, collectables, clothing, shoes etc not to mention our extremly personal belongings that cannot be replaced such as the cross from my Fathers Casket the priest gave to me and the letters from my Dad I was to open on varios milestones of my life as my Father knew he was dying and prepared.

There are things I still have not read that my DAD wrote as certain milestones have not been reached yet. I will never see my Dads words because of Paul Mehta.

Paul Mehta then forged documents that my fiance had never seen that he gave my Insurance Company... as a result of these forged documents my INS CO has turned me down 8 times. (Unifund Insurance).

Paul Meahta also left a bunch of my Antiques at the house in FT. Saskatchewan AB. There was a flood at the house and anything we put into the basement was wiped out... my landlords threw it all away. My Ins co denied this claim as well over $$180, 000.00.

Paul Mehta said he left behind the 2 story garage full of Antiques, the yard and shed full of ornate statues and bird baths, high end garden ware etc. We found out just last week when we could finally afford to send for those belongings as Paul Mehta has wiped us out financially... that we were shocked to see all that arrived was a few piecies of furniture that was damaged in some way and boxes of garbage packed or pillows that were not ours in loo of by belongings.

He had stolen all of it... completly wiping us out. Neighbors have just come forward to say Paul Mehta arrived three nights in a row to the house after we had gone back to Ontario with moving vans and a uhaul truck taking the most expensive things and when the trucks were full what they could not fit on them they left on the front street in front of the house.

His driver backed into my neighbors car crushing the front end and then proceeded to leave th scene of an accident. The mover that did this came back later was arrested by RCMP having no registration, no license, and no Insurance this mover was suppose to leave the next day to do somebody's move to Vancouver.

Paul Mehta told me he was going to charge ME for all the fines he had to pay on this mover as well as the cost because now he did not have a driver to do the Vancouver run and would lose the job... he informed me I would be paying for that followed by uncontrolable swearing on his part to me.

Please contact me with anything this man or company has done to you as I am on this... contact me through

Oh ya and remember when I said he told RCMP he dumped everything he told Service Alberta who I have investigating him that he "SOLD" my belongings.
He says this was due to non payment... again he never gave me a chance to pay the agreed upon $15, 000.00 as he never left Alberta

When Rcmp asked Paul Mehta for the Court Order from a judge stating he could dump/sell my belongings he could not produce one as none exsists. When Paul Mehta was asked to produce reciepts he could not produce any as there are none. I also found out Paul Mehta also owns Great Canadian Movers,
2 Amigoes, and Alliance Van Lines. He does put buisnesses in his extended relatives names but he is the owner... when he gets into trouble he will shut down the company and open up under a different company name. BBB only new him as AAA Rightway Van Lines Moving and Storage..I informed BBB that he goes under Time Movers in the Edmonton Alberta Yellow Pages


hamilton, Ontario


Company: Time Movers - AAA Rightway Van Lines Moving And Storage

Country: Canada   Province: Alberta   City: Edmonton
Address: 5811 98st
Phone: 7804694400

Category: Shops, Products, Services


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