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Ramesh Mehta, Sri Mehta or Shri Shri Mehta
Fraud and fake Spiritual man in Toronto, Canada

Ramesh Mehta, Sri Mehta or Shri Shri Mehta is what this mental man calls himself. He is always preying for young women who are either stupid, naive or money hungry or just after women he likes. He will first call them their daughters and then later on say that the Almighty has come into his dreams and told him that "that particular woman is meant to be with him."

Yes guys, such mental mad cases exist in Canada with the authorities doing very less to put them behind bars. He was after many many women and recently has made Pakistani women a target for his lust. He has a quiet wife and three children aged 27, 26 and 20. one of his own daughters has ran away and stays by herself, one is married and the son studies in Ottawa and just comes to see his mother. The mother of these children works and is a homemaker at the same time.

Ramesh Mehta, Sri Mehta or Shri Shri Mehta used to run a store where he did astrology, and he often hire young girls to sit at his store. Ramesh Mehta, Sri Mehta or Shri Shri Mehta has a way of working with women, he talks to them and tries to pursue them all the time, by making statements like, "Since I am a follower of Sai Baba, he has given me vibrations and that he wants me to help you with my energy and you need to connect with me in order for me to help you. And the only way you can connect with me is via Sex."

Once his reputation was almost ruined in the Indian community he began his mission in the Pakistani community. His first target was a girl named Naomi, and hence he would pursue her that way as well. But luckily the girl had a boyfriend and he would always lure her into things by telling her that he will give her a job and then he would take her out to restaurants and sometimes even give her money. She was unfortunately interested in free money and so carried on till he must has given her an ultimatum. Ramesh Mehta, Sri Mehta or Shri Shri Mehta works this way, he will feed and feed and feed first and then stop all of a sudden, so that the woman gets a bit nervous and hence gives in. But luckily he has reached that age of 60 where no woman finds him attractive and hence for most good looking women its easier to say no and move on.

Ramesh Mehta, Sri Mehta or Shri Shri Mehta did the same with one of the event organizers in the Pakistani community. Again as usual said that he will help and took her to potential sponsors and got her sponsorship and overall did contribute a good 30 % towards the show. But then the ultimatum bomb was dropped. Obviously the woman was not stupid like the rest and made sure that she never signed on any papers, never did anything to make him strong. So Ramesh Mehta, Sri Mehta or Shri Shri Mehta was getting angry, restless and agitated at the fact that she was not able to carry on with him for more than 2 weeks. All this happened in two weeks. Ramesh Mehta, Sri Mehta or Shri Shri Mehta would always force women to come to his home as that way his wife can see the woman as well as he feels that he is not hiding anything from his wife. And the best thing is that he rather do everything at home or elsewhere.

So since Ramesh Mehta, Sri Mehta or Shri Shri Mehta was restless and the fact that he was unable to get this woman and that in 2 weeks since had not given in to any of his shady engulfing ideas like, "I will get you a Mercedes, " "I will get you a 500 000 house", etc etc. He was unable to believe that none of his tactics were working and hence it had become an ego issue for him. He then had gone to collect money on behalf on the organizer from one of his friends and kept the $500 in his pocket. He was making a plan to get the woman back. He kept the $500 and then called her to ask her to pick it up via her friend. The poor friend came to his door and he said to her that she was wasting her time and that she needed to get the organizer to come with her. The friend got the organizer lady (who Ramesh Mehta, Sri Mehta or Shri Shri Mehta wanted) and then Ramesh Mehta, Sri Mehta or Shri Shri Mehta said that he wanted her to come in with her friend to have tea as his wife and kids were out of town. When being refused he started screaming and getting into a fit of rage and swearing as much as he could. Of course the women did not keep quiet and lots of abuses were given back at him as well. He was shaking and shivering like a crony old man and so both parties called the police, the police came and had a huge laugh at Ramesh Mehta, Sri Mehta or Shri Shri Mehta as no one was on his property and both the ladies had made sure of that.

The main issue with Ramesh Mehta, Sri Mehta or Shri Shri Mehta is that he has mental issues and he thinks he is a spiritual man. A Spiritual man has control over his emotions, his sexual drive and most things in the human world like money (greed), food (Gluttony) women (sexual) etc. But the fact that this man calls himself a follower of Sai Baba is ridiculous. People just keep him happy on face, as they all believe that this is the best treatment for his mental issue. But now when it comes to women, a lot of Indian women have kept quiet as they did not want to spoil their name in the community. But now when the Pakistani women are being targeted then it has become a different issue. This was the first time a Muslim, Pakistani woman abused him verbally and in within 2 weeks showed him his place, and not only that she spread it in his own community.

The organizer has now taken actions of verbal abuse and harassment to the courts. Ramesh Mehta, Sri Mehta or Shri Shri Mehta or even known as Mr. Mental needs to be told to sit at home and do his satanic worshiping rather than focus on women from different communities.
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Offender: Ramesh Mehta, Sri Mehta or Shri Shri Mehta

Country: Canada   Province: Ontario   City: Brampton

Category: People


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