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Nacel Properties
Ignoring Residential Tenancy Act and ignoring poor living conditions

I moved into my apartment with my boyfriend in May 2010 and moved out December 2010. During this time I had no idea what kind of problems I would encounter because of my decision to rent from this company. The first problem I noticed was that the sliding glass door on the main floor would not close and lock properly. So I arranged to get it fixed with help of my friends. The floor in the kitchen was supposed to be replaced because the floor boards had not being properly installed and moved underneath my feet producing huge gaps. Needless to say I got a bruise from falling after slipping on them. However, this was just the beginning.

After a month, I started noticing a severe allergic reaction all over my body and realized that we had moved into a place that had bedbugs. I also started seeing cockroaches in my dishwasher that had a broken seal and carpet beetles crawling all over the place. We complained to management and they told us to deal with it ourselves. That was until the current management stole all the cash from the office and quit that month. We had a new landlord who managed to spray our apartment and I threw everything we owned away, mattresses, couches, clothes, books everything. That's when we discovered the mice. They had chewed a hole in the wall in our bedroom and had been living there for a while now. So we sent letters to the landlord and finally someone came to patch the one hole. No further checkups or search for other holes were made.

During this time our neighbors upstairs decided to introduce themselves in strange ways by forgetting to turn off the bath and flooded our bathroom, throwing their still lit cigarettes onto our balcony, and throwing wild parties then tossing the trash onto our deck below.

Did I mention the bum that broke into the building and tried to set a fire in the boiler room below our apartment? That incident made me decide to move that day. So we wrote a letter of our intentions of moving and left it at the office that morning. We went out for the day and came back to find a notice on our door stating that we didn't pay them two months of rent and we have ten days to get out. So we went to the tenancy board.

During the judicial hearing the nacel manager said that we didn't owe any rent and never had an issue with us paying our rent late. The Tenancy Board judge asked her why we were even here? I told her that I wanted partial rent back from living in an untreated apartment for two months. When the nacel manager was asked why our place didn't receive a second spraying and proper maintenance the manager said she was waiting to do all necessary sprayings and repairs after we moved out. (wait didn't we move into our apartment where necessary repairs hadn't been made?) We were awarded money in our favor and tried to collect in January. We still have yet to receive the money awarded to us by the tenancy board.

Nacel Properties is playing a dangerous dirty game. They are not there to provide you with a place to live but they are there to make money. They avoid the law by making false promises and putting other peoples health at risk. If you try to be reasonable they will be even more unreasonable. If you are making a fuss they will make false claims to cost you money and get you out of the picture. This is a warning to stay away from Nacel and protect yourself and the ones you love.


Company: Nacel Properties

Country: Canada   Province: British Columbia   City: Vancouver

Category: Real Estate


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