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Tenant rights

A nice apt, nosy landlord is 84 years old - rosa celetti . every day she will complain to you about something, half the time it has NOTHING to do with you... She will accuse you of doing things you haven't done... She takes forever to fix anything and complains about the cost of it.. we had to wait 2.5 years for the leaky roof to be fixed. when we complained about the big 4ft x4ft puddle of water in the kitchen, her son mike paid $170 for an eviction notice on the grounds we complain too much. he was told as a tenant we have rights to complain and cannot be expected to put a zillion buckets around the house to collect the "incoming" rain drops from the ceiling and windows.. he fixed the roof and rose complains about how much it costs everyday.. Rose got a water leak in her house after we told her for 2 years that the taps in the bathroom leak..regular puddle of water on sink, floors every 24 hours.. about 3 inches of water to mop up.. did that for 2.5 years.. finally they fixed it. they put in a child's toilet (seat really small) because it was cheaper and when you take a dump, it plugs up.. and you have to count to six seconds while holding the handle down to flush and half the time there's no water in the toilet.. so it wont. the furnace temp is off by 4 to 5 degrees a bugger for central air and heating.. when we first moved in for the first six months, i replaced 3 dryers, she said it was my problem when the fuse stopped working.. the dryer was hooked up on the same electric circuit as the air conditioner and the furnace, so if one went on, the wires overheated and blew the fuse.. 12 fuses later she finally called a friend in and he told her what was wrong, they fixed it.. she complained it cost her 2000 to fix one wire.. when you have company over she will interrogate them as soon as they step out of the car.. what are you doing here? why are you here? who are you? (every single visit from anyone gets this treatment) in all there's no privacy there, she complains if you walk down the stairs.. here bedrooms beside it, and has 3 other bedrooms on the other side of the house and refuses to move her bedroom. she complains if you do laundry, water bill too expensive.. meanwhile she waters her garden for 2 hours every day but that's NOT expensive.. with about 13 plants in it. she complained about the plum tree dying and said we had something to do with it? she took my plant that i bought, she didn't like it, cut it up with scissors and put it in the trash.. i told her she's harrassed us every day she says she speaks no english.. i wrote it in italian and she still kept it up.. and so many more stories to tell, no pets allowed of any kind. she will accuse your dog of pooping in the yard or cat.. the local cats poo and spray there on a regular basis and rabbit pellet sized poops supposedly come from our dog... yep no peace there at all, stressed out so much, both of us became very ill and had no choice but to move... ps.. the place is haunted by her dead husband, he throws things around in the apt from 2 am to 330 am, knocks stuff over every night, walks up and down the stairs and falls to the floor.. rose complains the next day your making too much noise.. we were in bed trying to sleep...


Company: Tenant rights

Country: Canada   Province: Ontario   City: St catharines

Category: Real Estate


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