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Magic Jack

I am encouraging the big dollar stores: Future Shop, Best Buy, Radio Shack and all media that advertises the Magic Jack; This is a fraudulant company. They do not give what they advertise. They spend more money on foolish chat lines and imaginary engineers. This is probably a company run out of somebodys cottage or basement, literally making millions of dollars off of hard working Americans and Canadians. I am encouraging every Magic Jack owner who has been ripped off to contact the above big buck stores and complain to them because they sell the Magic Jack, contact the media, and the FCC, as well as any member of government that can help you shut them down. Complaining to Magic Jack is USELESS. Hit them where it hurts: in thier pocket book. Somebody in the US should contact a lawyer and launch a class action lawsuit against Magic Jack and take millions from their pocket. If I was in the US I would do this in a second! Because I am living in Canada, and a Canadian citizen, hiring a lawyer is not a remedy I can use. I purchased the Magic Jack at Best Buy. I paid in cash in full and have my reciept. I went online to hook it up, paid an extra $10 for a Canadian phone number. I ordered a second Magic Jack online for my daughter. The first one worked fine. The second I could not get it hooked up and it would not work so I sent it back immediately and disputed the cost with my credit card company, which was returned to me immediately. This pissed off Magic Jack so the cut off the service of the first purchase which was already paid for a year in advance. I have been without phone service since April 7, 2011. I have no hope that they will ever turn it back on. My service was supposed to run through till August 12, 2011. They ripped me off for 4 months. In this time, I have had to rely on a neighbour to call 911 to contact an ambulance to take me to the hospital, where I was treated for a minor heart attack. If I was in the US, I would sue Magic Jack for the remainder of my 4 months as well as pain and suffering and punitive damages, as I can prove everything that I have said on this compaint and they would lose. All it takes is 1 person in the US to contact a lawyer for the rest of us. Do not take this laying down. To me they are no better than a terrorist as they have put terror in my life. I urge each and every person who has had a bad experience with Magic Jack to take time and email their local and state governments as Magic Jack is a US based company. They do not have any telephone numbers you can call, nor do they ever release any information on thier CEO's or Presidents of thier company, Although, today I found out the name of their CEO. His name is Dan Borislow. Anyone who can get a phone number or an email to this particular person, I would be greatly appreciative if you could email it to me at [email protected] This particular CEO needs to be sued so that he cannot own these mulimillion dollar homes, fancy cars, big boats and continue to laugh at each and every one of us. What is it going to take for you people in the United States to wake up and do something? If I had the resources at the end of my hands like you people in the US, I would not have been without a telephone at all. In Canada, we cannot sue like the people in the US. We have laws that prevent us from suing like you do in the US. In Canada, we have to put out the money upfront to sue anybody which can run into the hundreds of thousands of dollars. So for a normal individual this is not fesable. In the US, lawyers take cases like this on and take a percentage of the winnings as their fee. It does not matter where you live in the US, if you have been a victim to the company Magic Jack, remember you can blame everybody that sells the product and advertises it to be an honest and good thing. It's like this; you throw a bucket of sh*t and whoever it sticks to you sue. Hopefully there will be 1 person in the US with enough courage to make that phone call, and if you do, don't forget to email me and let me know you started the ball rolling. I will definately send all information that I can to help. This is my complaint.



Company: Magic Jack

Country: Canada   Province: Ontario   City: Kemptville

Category: Miscellaneous


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