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Telesolutions International
Top Publication Services Scammers

Pamela Keith is Dave Keith's wife, the "sales manager" of Telesolutions Winnipeg, and though she may claim, (as do all other employees in managerial positions with the company, ) that their money is earned honestly, it is not. The company itself works on a hierarchical, stab your co-worker in the back system, and not as a team effort at all. The bonuses they offer their employees, come with many stipulations and conditions, which are written in very fine print, that the employee is never given the time to read, one condition is that if you actually make ten sales or more, resulting in bonus pay, you have to not miss one day of work, or it will be cut, and no bonus money will be paid to you at all, even if you make 30 sales for the company, and your grandmother dies, and you have to take a day off from work to attend her funeral, you will not get any bonus money.

After 30 days, the company brands you with the title of executive, which is just a term they use for their own benefit, so that they may raise their bonus standards, thereby making it more difficult for you to earn any premiums, so that they may profit. Because the company is a corporate, money-making scam, they treat you like a number, and a dollar sign, and if you do not make a sale three hours into your shift, they will often send you home, resulting in lost hours on your pay check. The company advertises the job for $10 to $18/hr at 40 hrs per week, but you never get more than 28 hours on your paycheck, because they doc you for bathroom breaks, etc. You are given a 15 minute break in a six hour shift, and it is not uncommon for that break to be cut short.

I have even heard them threaten to fire employees if they came back from their breaks more than a minute late, they constantly threaten to fire people for reasons which make no sense, other than the fact that you may lose money for them, however they expect you to arrive 10 to 15 minutes prior to your shift, in order that they may lecture you on how badly your sales have been, and how you must make more money for them, and furthermore, if you do not make enough money or get at least six "leads, " then they expect you to stay for 15 minutes after your shift for more useless, demeaning lectures, none of this time is ever paid for, and they even have the nerve to call it "voluntary unpaid training, " but they never give you an option either way, because if you say you have to leave, the floor manager will tell you to speak to "Darcy, " who is the supervisor in the closing department, a very thin, tall, pale white, shark of a man, and a rumoured cocaine addict, in fact many of the employees are on drugs, and many show up to work under the influence of drugs.

Many are told immediately of the "opportunities for advancement" in the company, but all it really means is that they are in dire need of people working in closing to obtain customers credit card numbers; the so-called promotion comes with higher stress and no greater benefits, and it is a classic case of "only the strong will survive, " if you find you are not cut out for the more direct, hard approach to scamming, they will not let you "demote" yourself back to the calling floor, unless they can con another T.S.R to take your place first, and they often do this by pushing the benefits; medical/dental plans, etc, which you have to wait many months to receive, as well as trying to give you an extra added push, in the form of an ego boost, telling you, "you are one of our top sales people, you have great potential, there's nothing to lose, everything to gain, "blah, blah, blah."

The percentage of the money the company pockets and the percent they actually pay their so-called top guns contrasts very drastically, with the company always coming out ahead, and they have found ways to try and account for every dirty trick in the book, often quoting the company costs, etc, etc. If by God you must miss a day, be prepared to be ridiculed and demeaned, and to have your bonus money cut short. The company will never pay by direct deposit, and always by check, because they expect you to come in to work every second Saturday, at the crack of dawn, and then they will pay you early, otherwise, you have to wait until Monday to claim your paycheck. The script is a complete lie, there is no such thing as a "Dream Come True Sweepstakes, " and if you probe into any further company details and information, they will tell you, "it does not matter, or you do not need to know that." It is more of a nightmare job come true.

If you have a heart at all, be prepared to have your conscience eaten piece by piece, and do not show your weaknesses, because they will criticize you for them, in fact the less of a heart or conscience you have, the more they will praise you for it, and pat you on the back, in fact they are really big on physical contact. If you happen to con enough people into spending the equivalent of $1, 200 on magazines which they wont even see for "6 to 8 weeks, " or ever, then they will pat you on the back, but if you do not get enough suckers on the line, they will hit the back of your chair and tell you to stand up. The bottom line is this is a call center sweat shop, and a public nuisance, as well as a big time money grab/scheme. A man I knew, a fellow co-worker had worked in nearly every calling center in the city, and he told me himself, "this is by far one of the absolute worst, the worst job I have ever had, and I fight with myself everyday no to walk out the door, if I didn't need the job so bad I would quit."

This is the consensus among all the employees who work there, that I have spoken with. The company are dirty, through and through, and it is a very toxic environment to work in. They have video monitors all over the building, and Mrs. Keith herself likes to boast about how she watches everyone from the comfort of her home, which is just her over-involvement with the employees lives, and a lack of any authentic one of her own. She and her husband have been known to flirt with the employees, in what can be deemed a mid-life, "see me, and validate my existence, because I have no real value or validation of my own, " it is all a charade, a facade, and a lie, and the only thing I would recommend, whether you are an employee or a costumer is; "don't buy it."


Company: Telesolutions International

Country: Canada   Province: Manitoba   City: Winnipeg
Address: 1760 Main Street
Phone: 2049820095

Category: Miscellaneous


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