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Jeevan Chelliah
Jeevanrajan Chelliah, is an Investment SCAM Artist, Real Estate Crook, He will borrow your money and NEVER return it

Jeevan Chelliah is a Scam Artist, a Thief, a Crook, and a Self-Proclaimed Real Estate Investor who Stole People's Money
Jeevan Chelliah (also goes by the name Jeevanrajan Chelliah) from Sri Lanka, along with his brother, Thulasi (Thulasirajan) Chelliah of Polygon Homes, are scam artists. If you ever find yourself dealing with these two men, know that they work together to hurt you. Physical Description: Tall (over 6 foot) Big belly Very dark (Sri Lankan) / can pass as East Indian Has a Babyface Sometimes shaven and sometimes unshaven (in which he looks like a convict) Usually seen in Tan Jacket, Jeans, and White Polo Drives a Silver BMW (license plate available upon request) He begins sucking you in by building relationship with you. He will tell you wonderful stories of how he made it big in Sri Lanka. How he was schmoozing with the big boys, the government officials, the political leaders, the army commanders. He will tell you how he was living out of hotels, drinking, and partying with them before he came here. What he does not tell you is that he was sent to jail in Sri Lanka and had to flee the country to come to Canada. For the most part, his family is all in Toronto, except for him and his brother, who work as a team to scam people in Vancouver. In Canada, Jeevan started off working at a gas station, then a bakery company. Then he met a guru by the name of Prakash who assisted him in understanding Real Estate. He built relationship with people and was quickly able to earn their trust and have them loan him hundreds of thousands of dollars without any paperwork. He believes and convinces you that paperwork or legal documents are a waste of time and money. He will convince you that in court, a paper is just a piece of paper and will mean absolutely NOTHING. For this reason, when he borrows money from you, he will convince you that you should not and you need not go to a notary, as NOTHING is as important as his "Word" and a his "Handshake." Most people believe him and therefore as he scams his victims, there is no paper trail. In just 2008, he stole and wired money offshore, more than 2.5 million. He boasts of an offshore account in the Isle of Man, off of England. He also has other accounts in England and Sri Lanka, his home town. He has several law suits against the numbered companies he holds. Because Jeevan is very smart and knows the system inside out, he has never put his own name under any of his business holdings. Instead, he uses his clean-cut brother's, his friends', his victims', YOUR name, and his own families'. Because of this, none of his preys know what is coming because any lawsuits against him personally is not searchable. And all of his BC Ltd number holdings, can also not be traced back to him. It is also because of this particular set-up that he cannot be sued and cannot be tracked by the CRA. He has never paid any taxes in his life - he boasts of this. He has been in Canada for several years now and has always been flying under the radar. All of his deals and transactions are done solely in cash. He pays his staff in cash. And within his bank account, he boasts of having high number of transactions that calls suspicions to bank tellers. However, because there's also large sums of money in his account, the bank managers keep quiet and are happy that he's a client. At the end of 2009, most of the businesses he owned flopped. This included a restaurant called The Kingmaker, in Langley, a Husky gas station, and a detailing shop in Vancouver. With all of these establishments, he paid very little to nothing for his staff, using promises of land, investments, and great returns. He slaved them 7 days a week, more than 12 hours a day. At the end, all of his staff that stayed with him, those who were foolish to be loyal to the end, all wound up broke and penniless. He has made people lose hundreds of thousands of dollars through poor real estate deals. He made promises to help flip properties for his clients but due to his inexperience and poor market timing, none of them came through. He told his investors that he was just using their names to hold the properties for him, and once he helps them sell the units, both himself and them will reap the returns. What he failed to inform these poor investors was their risks: if he does not succeed in flipping these properties, then these investors lose their money and are liable for lawsuits for not closing on the properties. When the real estate market turned, he ran away, collected his assignment fees, and ditched those who put their money in. Almost all of his investors (who trusted him) lost their deposits - deposits which he had promised to return. As for the developers who wholesaled him the deals, they also lost big time, as they did not realize their "buyers" all could not close on the properties. They are trying to go after Jeevan, but of course, he has pulled a "disappearing" act and cannot be found. The only people the developers and TRY to go after are the poor investors, who too, are victims. Further to this, Jeevan has also borrowed money from others, by using their lines of credits. He pretends that he will pay them the interest, and he does so at first. Then, he runs away with that money and leaves you hanging with the interest payment to pay. So far, he has ruined at least 5 people, burdening them with high interest, a huge debt, and ruined credit. Jeevan Chelliah is in the expert business of scamming people and making them go bankrupt for his own benefit. He should be put to jail but he's too cunning and manipulative to be captured by the government and the law. If you meet this man, you must run the other way. If you've already lent him your money, you can try to get it back, but he will most likely delay and delay, avoid your calls, and start running away. He will tell you sob stories, how he is "stuck" and that you must give him some more "time". "All I need is more time. Please! Trust me! " Be careful folks! You risk your hard-earned money and your sanity if you deal with this man.
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Offender: Jeevan Chelliah

Country: Canada   Province: British Columbia   City: Surrey

Category: Miscellaneous


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