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Paris black - paul travers
Paris black ruined my life for a couple of years as well as he did to sara's

I will start my story by calling this heel by his real name-Paul Travers.Paul&I started dating Dec.02, we met thru the phone due to a wrong number&he sweet talked me into meeting him.We met in front of his apt.(he said his car was being fixed)LIE! i have to admit that when I first laid eyes on him he kinda freaked me out because it looked like he was wearing mascara(turned out to be true, when it started to snow his make up ran).

Our relationship was a whirl wind one~we went to Florida twice, once with my daughter to whom he bonded with right from the start.As a mother that is very important.We even planned to live together in 2004.I left my residence&my daughter&myself moved in with my mother so we could save for a down payment, we even looked at several places together.

Towards the end of 2004 or so i noticed that Paul was acting differently, distant, distracted.I couldn't put my finger on it so I investigated, and finally everything made sense.I had my own key so when he went to work I went through his stuff.I found love letters from a girl in Las Vegas And one from Arizona, the same time we were dating.Then i went through his phone bill and noticed a number that was called everyday sometimes three or four times in a row(sounds obsessed to me).I finally confronted the cheater on these matters and he lied his way out of it all.So I gave him the benefit of it all.He begged me to not leave him, he even sat on the hood of my car so I could't leave.

In the next few months the situation was so uncomfortable, I didn't trust him anymore, every time he went out I snooped thru his stuff.One day I found post cards&a pregnancy stick in his drawer, so I decided to call the woman who sent the post cards.Of course she was very defensive and she called me every name in the book then proceeded to tell me she was pregnant.I confronted the cheating liar, he told me Sarah came to canada during Caribbana(he told me that a friend was coming here from the states so he was letting him use his apt.and was going to sleep at work)Little did I know he was conceiving a child.

I feel bad for sarah but worse for her son, he didn't ask for all of this.I just wish she had listened to me but I know that I was a threat to her and I'm sure she realizes that now and I forgive her for saying all those terrible things to me.

Paul never had a strong foundation, his mother married 9 times and the last one she married was a bank robber whom she met in a neudist resort.

Everything I wrote is just the tip of the iceburg and this is going to hopefully be a strong WARNING to any woman who ends up in his web of lies~DON'T go there!!!

I believe that everything happens for a reason.I am now engaged to a wonderful man~a REAL MAN! not a guy that wears make up and hair extentions~he has more make up then a cosmetics counter at "Faces"

Paul is going to leave this world a vary sad and lonely guy with no one to really care about him, it probably is best that he stays out of Kai's life because he will cause turmoil coming in and out of his life whenever he feels like it.I really hope he mans up and starts taking care of his responsibility~wishful thinking, after all he is the most selfish and vain person I have ever met.
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Offender: Paris black - paul travers

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