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Canadian Welding Bureau
Level 1 Welding Inspection 10-day course

Review for the CWB Welding Inspector Level 1 Advancement 10 day Course

Here’s a quote from the 10-day pamphlet that I find did not live up to its standards “World-Class teaching and knowledge from our CWB instructors”.

As an experienced 10yrs welder I took the course and found the instructor horrible and useless! I might as well have studied the modules at home and that would have saved me the $2, 000 I wasted on this ridiculous 10-day course! The instructor spent more time discussing irrelevant topics rather then helping people understand the scope of being able to write the module exams.

Here’s what you can expect with the 10-day course that the CWB Client Service Advisors are not very clear in telling you in the beginning:

1) Expect to write 1-2 close book module exams per day (a module can consist of 50-200 pages)

2) Having the modules written in the Queen’s English doesn’t help!

3) Very heavy course load for 10 days. Other experience welders and engineers found this difficult. Out of 16 people who took the course with me, so far today only 2 have passed.

4) If you fail a module you have the option to re-write it ONCE the next day, but if you fail that re-write you can only re-write it again at the end of the 10-day course.

5) If you have exam module related questions don’t expect the instructor to answer your question, as the "World Class" instructor would always respond back by telling you to refer to the module – what good does that do when you already know that and were expecting a instructor to provide you knowledge and guidance to help you succeed in writing the module exams.

6) An old semi-blind instructor teaching the course who can’t even see the overhead projector.

7) If you want to review a failed module you can do it at the expense of $75 per each module.

Once you pass the 10-day course it doesn’t get any easier when you go and write your code exams. In my opinion this is the “CASH COW” period of the CWB. Here’s what you can expect:

1) Poorly qualified Client Service Advisors at the call-center who repetitively give you the wrong information ie. Exams results, Not being accurate with what to expect when re-writing your code exams.

2) Re-writing the code exams multiple times – don’t expect to pass at the first try! If you do, then you must be a friend of the person marking your test. But here’s the down low of what you need to know about the way CWB runs the exam schedule (Remember passing mark for ALL exams is 70%):

- Round 1: Write your specific code book exams (open book) practical (visual) exam

- Round 2: If you fail Round 1, then you only need to re-write the ones you fail for a “low” cost of $250. TIP: remember don’t rely on the Client service ladies when you call in for your exam results, as they generally give you the wrong information (Which is hard to understand when they are reading your marks off the computer- makes you question their competency). Make sure you get the hard-copy in the mail to know what you actually passed and failed.

- Round 3: If you fail Round 2 you will need to pay another $250 to re-write all the code exams (open book), practical (visual) exam a BONUS random 50 multiple choice close book exam on the 10-day module course you took…ohhhh and what the Client service ladies forget to mention again is that with the 50 multiple choice questions there is an ADDITIONAL 10 essay question (50 multiple choice = 50% the 10 essay questions = 50%).

- Round 4: If you fail Round 3, pay another $250 to re-write only what you failed. Don’t forget my “Tip” from round 2 section.

- After Round 4 if you fail, you have to repeat Round 3 and 4 again until either you lose the patience to keep trying or you run out of money. REMINDER: You have 1 year from the time you finish the 10-day course to get your certification and if you can’t accomplish that then you would need to re-register and pay approx. $380 to re-write only the code exams practical (visual) exam. If you fail this time around again, expect to have a repeat of everything starting from Round 2.

3) Don’t expect CWB to offer you practice code exams to help you prepare to write and re-write the code exams as they don’t have any practice code exams to offer! What sort bureau who makes tons of money from the many people throughout Canada having to write and re-write exams don’t have practice code exams to offer people? = CASH COW!

Hopefully after reading this it has made things more clearly so that you don’t get surprised by the unexpected but who knows they are the “BUREAU” and can do anything!!! (As I write this I'm looking over my shoulder) So PLEASE pass this along to anyone else that will benefit from this hidden information.

Sincerely, Anonymous

(FYI - Any sorts of complaints to the CWB call center will most likely get you black listed and make it difficult for you to get your certification)


Company: Canadian Welding Bureau

Country: Canada

Category: Miscellaneous


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