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"Babe" Lloyd Dave "babe" Lloyd steals vintage guitars Edmonton

Dave "Babe" Lloyd arranged to purchase 2 vintage acoustic Martin guitars from me as per an advertisement I had placed in the Edmonton Journal newspaper. I agreed to deliver them to his residence in South Edmonton, he said he had the cash, "on hand".

When I showed up, he inspected the guitars and then mentioned he'd have to "go to the bank machine" to get the money and invited me to go with him since it was just 2 blocks away. He suggested that we could write the receipt now and then just exchange it at the bank machine when he handed over the cash. Having a vague knowledge of David's presence on the grub rock scene and, knowing his address, I agreed. We left the guitars and proceeded to the bank machine.

After a few minutes waiting outside the bank, David returned and informed me that the machine "must not be working" since he had more than enough money in his account and suggested that we proceed to a second bank machine a few blocks further down. I agreed despite some instinctual misgivings. We proceeded to the second bank machine location. David appeared nervous along the way, stopping twice to use a payphone briefly. I was now becoming slightly suspicious and suggested we hurry up.

We reached the second bank machine, David went in. This time the bank itself was still open, I assume this particular branch had extended hours as it was now around dinner time. David returned after a few minutes and explained that the machine was still refusing to give him money and suggested that we might be better off "completing the deal tomorrow" as he could then go "into his own branch" and withdraw the money in person. I mentioned to him that this branch was still open and that he could go see a teller but he replied that since it wasn't his bank he couldn't do so.

At this point I decided that I just wanted to get my guitars and go home. We proceeded back to David's home. Upon reaching there we were confronted by an open door. The place appeared to be roughly as messy as it had been but he was now reporting that it had been ransacked and that several items appeared to be missing. Not surisingly, my guitars amongst them. Dave is a lousy actor it was extremely apparent immediately that he had phoned someone on the way to the bank and had them remove the guitars, with our journey to the second bank machine serving only as a stall tactic for this to occur.

I am not an angry person, I just wanted my guitars. Dave also relies on his diminuitive stature to gain sympathy, he's only about 4'5", 90 lbs. so basically "slugging him" is not even an option by anyone's standards.

I informed Dave immediately that I would be telephoning the Edmonton City Police and reporting his theft of my guitars. He said "great" that he would also phone them so he could report the "break in". You would have to see Dave's residence to understand but there was definitely no break in to report.

So I telephoned the city police. They said to come in and fill out a report at the Stratchona Station. I did so. 3 days later I was telephoned by a detective from the South division. After a long and heated debate he basically said there was not enough evidencfe to proceed with charges but that his preliminary investigation did strngly suggest to him personally that Dave had obviously stolen my guitars. He suggested that I, and friends, keep an eye on Dave to see if he would appear anywhere with one of the guitars, and also mentioned that if I knew anyone who frequented David's residence to try and get them to check it out. He basically said, "Get me a witness that says he saw Dave with one of the guitars after today and I will charge him."

He also said David never reported any break in. Big surprise. Since that time more than one person has reported back that Dave is, in fact, currently in possession of both guitars and that they are routinely seen at his residence. However, no one seems to be willing to testify to that or go through the judicial process to assist me in recovering them, it's just not cool to rat after all. Anyhow that's how the story ends, Dave wins, I lose, and the guitars are his now. I got evicted because I couldn't afford to pay my rent (That's why I was selling the guitars in the first place) and am now basically temporarily homeless for all intensive purposes.

I post this only for one reason, so it won't happen to you. If Dave "Babe" Lloyd has any offers for you, run for the hills, this guy is easily one of the most dishonest humans I have ever encountered. I learned that the hard way.

Edmonton, Alberta
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Offender: Dave

Country: Canada   Province: Canada
Address: http://www. babelloyd. com

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