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Singsnap Trevor and Shanda

I sincerely hope they are sued royally for this. this is utter kaos and wrong on so many levels.

first of all, this is the kind of person Trevor allows to harass people using his site.

Shandakr HB User

I am taking three antidepressants BUT

I still feel depressed... I am still not living like a normal person. I don't leave the house. Most days I stay in my nightgown all day long. I have no desire to go anywhere; I spend most of my time on the computer. What do I do now? I am taking Lexapro, Buspar, and Amitriptaline. All this is on top of two allergy medicines, Flonase and Singular, and a medicine for acid reflux, Protonics. What the hell? I take so much medicine I have to keep a daily journal... Sometimes I just want to scream... but I don't have the damn energy. Anybody got some advice for me? I pray, I take my meds, I try to keep a positive outlook, but I still feel sad all the time... sighing and running my fingers through my hair... I don't care how I look and I don't want to eat anything but junk... I smoke too much and I don't sleep well... is there an end to this? Does anyone else feel like this? If so, what do you do to cope...? It seems like my husband doesn't understand; of course he SAYS he does, but his actions say something different... I think he's fed up with me and he's not the only one cause I am too.

Read more at t=329609&ktrack=kcplink

(Written by Shanda in 200. she was a freaking loon back then too

now a good report written by another

Singsnap say's (the owner does) that they're an advocate against hate when in fact, they're allowing a regular member to get a hold of members videos that had been set to private long before Shanda ever came to Singsnap herself.

We must surmise there was no way Shanda could have gotten her grimy slimy little hands on this video unless staff gave it to her.

We are terribly confused as to the relationship between the owner Trevor and Shanda since Shanda has stated she does not trust him. Hmmm.

Shanda (topher2010) wrote:

I am upset my name was used on that other site. I have NOTHING,

absolutely NOTHING to do with Katie's mess. I would NEVER do the

bidding of Trevor, you know that. Do you remember how nasty I was to

him and Katie both when she fired me?

I thought you were scamming me! I thought you were using

me! Just so you know I got my job on the design team by my own merit

not from the giving of information. It was eating at me what you said

in that email about going to Trevor's competition because, at the time, I

still believed in him. I think you know how that feels!! I also

believe you would have done the SAME THING in my position. *** I never

said I was going any place she is nuts ***

Now, I am sorry. I asked Annie to lift you ban. I still have

the f*****g pm were I asked and she said NO. I started to realize

things... it has taken me the whole year to take off my damned

blinders. I do NOT trust Trevor. I feel mistreated and taken

advantage of by Trevor.

I did not plan to renew my gold, in fact. Kerry gave me that as a

birthday/Christmas present... INSISTED. I couldn't say no. He

and I are JUST FRIENDS... there was something more for a while but THAT is

over. He is reconciling with his wife and I am reconciling with my


I've been sick, my son has been VERY, VERY sick the majority of this

year. I cannot handle anymore of this stuff. I just CAN NOT.

Please, please, please, just tell them to leave me alone. I had

nothing to do with all that shit Katie did. I am, in fact, irritated I

was accused by you and others of being the one to harass you by email when,

time after time, I told everyone I would not do that. Why the f**k

would I jeopardize my family by doing something illegal?

I harassed you HERE because of your references to mentally ill people,

only that and nothing more. It just so happened Katie was pulling her

tricks for Trevor at the same time.


Now, a note from us:

You DONT TRUST TREVOR? Really? Maybe he should read this and you can tell him it's not true since we all know you would NEVER lie. Right? Interesting. (No interesting pun intended). Ok, pun intended. We admit it.

Oh, you wouldn't jeopardize your family by doing something illegal because you truly believe you can't be caught and you're above it all. You will be tied to the Youtube video along with Trevor. That copyright crap doesnt sit well with an attorney when he screams and pulls thewm from Youtube and other sites but then thinks he can use them himself for harassment.


Shanda, you are a real fuck up. That is our opinion. Trevor? Allowing Shanda to pull crap on your site and you getting involved and/or allowing staff to, will be your biggest downfall. Bigger then Chartbuster. That of course is our opinion. Maybe you'll get away with Shanda posting harassing garbage on your site and using videos set to private for harassment, but in our opinion we doubt it. Of course, that's just our opinion.

We're all entitled to one.

I will now add my personal comment.

there should be major consequences for this. i will be hoping.


Company: Singsnap Trevor and Shanda

Country: Canada   Province: Ontario   City: Ottawa

Category: Lawyers & Legal Counseling


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