Complaint / review / scam report
Singsnap/Trevor McGuire/Shanda
Poor Ethics

Singsnap, a karaoke web site and also an advocate against "hate" uses the site for that very thing. It allows a member Shanda (Maddox, Lancaster, Hill, Reynolds, Ross) for harassment. It has also allowed the release of a video that had been set to private by a member that did not know Shanda. In fact? Shanda did not become a Singsnap member until a year after the video was set to private.

The video was never meant for public viewing. Since a regular member like Shanda couldn't possibly get a hold of a video like this, we can only surmise it was given to her by staff/owner and used for harassment on Youtube.

It was there long enough for whoever to make copies. A video never meant for the public and now many copies are out on the internet because of Singsnap allowing Shanda to get a hold of it. Or...Did Singsnap staff upload the video themselves and were in cahoots with Shanda to do so?

Shanda has already placed herself at the scene of the crime (so stupid) by admitting to posting a comment under the name of Brian English.

Why would snap put themselves in a precarious position like this just for a mentally ill woman named Shanda? A mentally ill woman who was mentally ill long before she was a member of singsnap. Long before she was a member of singsnapsucks. Long before she was a member of manthissitesucks.

Why would a family site against hate get themselves involved with Shanda and allow her to do the very thing they advocate strongly against? Now, singsnap can ask their attorney's can we post a complaint like this? I suppose the attorney will ask if they did indeed give the video to Shanda or did they upload it themselves to then allow Shanda to comment.

There were only one or two people who used the Youtube site "allthehaterssuck".

Yes. It is the burdon of proof on the sttorney for the harassed to prove who created those accounts on Youtube. Since that is already in the works, the complete details of the story should be made available soon.

Shame on Singsnap for alloowing a regular member to get a hold of a video set to private. It was never public. Shanda wasn't a member until a YEAR after that video was set to private.

Now, Shanda says she doesn't trust Trevor. Probably the most profound thing she'll ever say. Many others don't either.

Below, please find a pm written by Shanda as the member topher2010 on the site singsnapsucks:

I am upset my name was used on that other site. I have NOTHING,

absolutely NOTHING to do with Katie's mess. I would NEVER do the

bidding of Trevor, you know that. Do you remember how nasty I was to

him and Katie both when she fired me?

Now, I am sorry. I asked Annie to lift you ban. I still have

the f*****g pm were I asked and she said NO. I started to realize

things... it has taken me the whole year to take off my damned

blinders. I do NOT trust Trevor. I feel mistreated and taken

advantage of by Trevor.

I did not plan to renew my gold, in fact. Kerry gave me that as a

birthday/Christmas present... INSISTED. I couldn't say no. He

and I are JUST FRIENDS... there was something more for a while but THAT is

over. He is reconciling with his wife and I am reconciling with my


I've been sick, my son has been VERY, VERY sick the majority of this

year. I cannot handle anymore of this stuff. I just CAN NOT.

Please, please, please, just tell them to leave me alone. I had

nothing to do with all that shit Katie did. I am, in fact, irritated I

was accused by you and others of being the one to harass you by email when,

time after time, I told everyone I would not do that. Why the f**k

would I jeopardize my family by doing something illegal?

I harassed you HERE because of your references to mentally ill people,

only that and nothing more. It just so happened Katie was pulling her

tricks for Trevor at the same time.

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Offender: Singsnap/Trevor McGuire/Shanda

Country: Canada   Province: Ontario   City: Ottawa

Category: TV & Radio


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