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Jessie Willms
Scammer has become a millionaire from frauding with free trial scams

First off, thank you Chuck Turner for giving everyone so much info. I am aiming to get as many complaints out there about this scammer and his company. I've been keeping tabs on his scamming ways, and Chuck has done some amazing research and plenty of home work as well! The link above is for the report on what legal trouble just think media and jessie willms are facing now. Thanks, chuck, for this link.

Jessie Willms is a multi millionare (from stealing your money america), who is a high school drop out. Willms operates under 40 different company names. This is to his advantage- he charges you under multiple different names. If one fails, he doesn't give up, he just goes under a different name and tries until he gets ur money. Once his companies have ur card number, you may as well have added Willms to a joint bank account.

Your only hope is to cancel your card number, and open a new one. He is violating every consumer protection law there is. He operates on the FREE trial scam business model, and has become VERY wealthy doing it.

Willms is bold, with no fear. He flat out uses the names of respected people and respected news organizations to peddle his scam products. He uses the name and images of people who are well known and well liked. The victim trusts that his products are great because of all the lies- from cnn and fox news endorsements, to dr. oz, oprah, racheal ray, anyone he can think of that people may trust.

He shamlessly makes false blogs, with fake "moms" and pushes the products. The whole time through out the blogs, all that is said is FREE FREE FREE NO STRINGS ATTACHED. Never a mention about ANY further billing, all that u see is FREE everywhere, on the blogs and on the website. In a small link on the bottom of the webpage, u will see a link called "terms", that's the ONLY place u will ever see anything about having to pay hundreds of dollars for each product. and it's a link to another site. it is against consumer protection laws to not disclose ALL of the true charges and any continued billing or memberships u will incur because u are getting the free trial. According to the law, they must clearly disclose this. Not only that- but Willms just assumes that you desperately want to be signed up for online gym memberships, and online "insider's secrets" memberships, and ebooks, as well as sending u out his other products (which are never mentioned in any terms, but he does it anyhow), and of course billing you hundreds for those too. It is illegal to send unordered products and charge a customer for them. He will never stop taking ur money. He will never let ur account number go. He will keep it and charge it under dozens of different names. As far as willms is concerned, your bank account is HIS bank account.

You CAN get ur money back, tho. IMMEDIATELY call your bank if u have signed up for ANY free trial where u have had to give out ur account number to. Let ur bank know that a fraudulent company has gotten ur account number, and u are wanting to cancel, but u have heard that when people cancel the membership, they are billed anyhow, and money continues to be taken out. Call them, and remind ur bank that if u guys are on hold for more than 5 minutes, then that is against consumer protection laws, and u want to go ahead and initiate a chargeback, and change ur account number. When the company does pick up, inform them ur name, and also let them know that ur bank is on the line too and is recording the conversation. Tell them that u want ALL of the memberships u have due to the order of the free trial canceled immediately. They will keep trying to get out of canceling the other memberships, so just keep asking "how many different memberships do i have now because of this trial? " and "what other companies will be taking money out of my account monthly now? " and if they say no one, it's canceled, say "Good, so my bank knows that now too that there are no more memberships from any other companies as a result of me getting this free trial". ALSO they will "forget" to tell u that u must ship the product back, or u will be charged hundreds for those FREE trials. tell them u want an RMA number because u are sending the trial back. if they say u dont need to say "ok, my bank is making a note of that". if they say u need to send it back, then send it back insured, with a signature confirmation, and the rma number written in huge numbers on the top of the box next to the address label. also confirm the address u need to send it to while the banks on the line too. also take a picture of the package at the post office that clearly shows the rma number and the correct address written on it.

Now, trust me, they will NOT stop stealing ur money. u need to get ur account number changed. they are thieves, and criminals. Even is u are successful with all of these instructions, go ahead and file complaints with the bbb-, the ftc-, the attorney general, and the fbi at This is credit card fraud and theft. these are crimes that cant go unpunished.
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Offender: Jessie Willms

Country: Canada   Province: Ontario

Category: Internet & Web / Online Scam


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