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Homeowners AND all rental companies
Ontario Energy Group- Homeowners, do some research

First off,
I'd like to thank everyone who has so far posted. As a manager for Ontario Energy Group it allows me a better view into things that happen on a daily basis, how homeowners think and feel and sometimes how they misinterpret.

NO representative from Ontario Energy Group should ever approach your home and say they are apart of, affiliated with or sent by your local utility's. Ever.
We are a private company, yes. Just like Enbridge and Union gas, Reliance and Direct energy and so many more.
No company (this includes Direct Energy) are simply able to say, "we are affiliated with * insert utility name here* let us check your equipment" Some have bought contracts with utilities so calls are passed to them, some have simply been around in that area since the home was built. None of that means their entitled. Remember it is your home.

As with all things and companies you are always going to have a few "bad apples" and a few people who look the other way.
I can only speak for myself and my management team and staff we employ, none of the listed above issues get overlooked by us. Our team, does everything we can to insure that when a representative gets to your home they are fully trained, respectable individuals, there to give you an assessment of HVAC equipment and energy consumption.

Again, I cant speak for the whole of the companies management or representatives, but those I have contact and association with are properly trained and capable of giving you a better understanding of your homes energy needs and how you can manage to cut costs. NEVER is a piece of equipment under 5 years old ever, ever to be replaces unless the homeowner directly expresses they want it upgraded.
Equipment older than 5 years, was made during a different time for "standards" and its true, standards have changes for your betterment as well as the environments. The province of Ontario is looking to be cleaner, greener and more efficient.
That is why there are credits, grants and rebates available for homeowners who do in fact upgrade their equipment and make their homes more energy efficient. Yes. Ontario Energy Group IS able to get these rebates for the homeowner, making it simpler and less complicated.
It is dependent on the equipment and the paperwork the representative to fill out the correct paperwork with you.

At the end of everything, it's up to the homeowner to do their homework. Fact check information, ask your representative questions. If you feel your representative does not have the right answers our you would just like to make sure everything is O.K. Call the main office.
Every representative is equipped with a badge and business cards, both of these have important numbers for you to take advantage of.
If there is a problem (you believe your being lied to, aggressive interactions or possible fraud) its even more important that you call! Nothing can be fixed if the management does not know whats going on. There is only so much we can do!
We do need your help.
Ontario Energy Group as a whole looks to achieve and maintain a certain level of professionalism and customer service.
But again, there will be bad apples, and we try to remove them as quickly as possible. But it's difficult to do when homeowners would rather take to the internet to complain, rather than call in. Don't fact check, complain. Please understand, its difficult on both ends.


Company: Homeowners AND all rental companies

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