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Destiny Media Technologies Aka DESTINY PIRATE RADIO
Destiny Media Technologies INSTEAD OF HELPING ME, THEY GAVE CLICHED EXCUSES. ripoff deception evil dirt bags deceptive company

As I searched the internet for a software package that would provide easy set up for my radio station needs, I came across Boy, was I excited. I found a software program that would allow me to stream my talk show to many listeners with the ease of a one software package right? WRONG!

I quickly searched for my credit card and located the secure form for a quick purchase. After my card was debited, I was sent to an email with a link to the download site. I could hardly wait. I mean, this was going to be exciting to finally talk to all those that I had promised for so long.

After the install, I quickly opened up the README document. I followed their instructions to a T, placed some of my original music in the broadcaster to transmit. And wha La... nothing happened. At this point, I began to question my actions. I reinstalled the program, reconfigured it and double checked Radio Destiny's instructions. With my perverbial fingers crossed, I clicked the Begin button only to find the only thing that began was my headache.

I quickly went back to the website and searched through their forums with all hopes of finding a solution to the problem. What I found was not that promising. There were many customers who seemed quite unhappy with their purchase. There was even one customer that had the same exact router that I had and that is when I realized that their software was not going to work with my computer set up. Not only did I find that their software was going to be a problem, I realized that some of the features that they advertised were actually still in development. But that wasn't made all too clear until they had my money. Below was Destiny Media's first response from their technical department:

Hi there,
The greyed out feature (mp3 streaming) is for future development and is not yet available to anyone.

For your connection problem, we cannot directly support broadcasting through a router. Basically, you'll need to set up your router as if you were running a webserver... consult the router manual and support channels for more.
Some useful links:
Good Luck!
Destiny Support

With gaping mouth gasping for air, I thought what the heck didn't you have this as a bullet point on your home page? I mean, come on. How was I supposed to know that the VERY router I had was not going to work with THEIR limited software? This is where the deception is quite evident. Oh don't go just yet. The saga continues. Below was my response to this email:


None of the links that you provided have helped me thus far. I have a case number open over at NETGEAR and I have not received a call back nor an email yet from them. However, everything is configured as it should be. But, the stream isn't working. I need the router for the three other computers on the network here. For now, I'm completely frustrated and have taken many walks over this. I am a loyal customer to software that works. But, when it comes to software that requires me to jump hurdles and pretend to be a ping pong ball between this company and that, it gets to me. Right now, I've about hit the stopping point. And would like a fix to this situation without having to dip into the budget again.

Still confused,

Ok, now here is the final clincher aka the RIPOFF finale. I then realized that I wasn't going to get the software to work as it should. It would have taken me hours to dig through my computer to get a work-around for their product. Who is to say that there wasn't one? There was even mention on their forums that the router I had would not work. More than one customer had this issue. I guess that doesn't make me that special other than complaining here for the WORLD to see. Since I knew that the software was not going to work, I quickly emailed back and told him that I needed a refund since his product was not satisfying my needs. This is their response:

Hi G,
We are unable to issue a refund for software. Your frustration is acknowledged and we are very sorry that you have encountered trouble getting your router configured but for us to support that further is definitely beyond the scope of our free support for the broadcaster. Please reference the links provided previously. Beyond that, hopefully your router provider can help you configure your router so your listeners can connect to your machine.
Good Luck!
Destiny Support

That was the last straw. I emailed them back and told them that everyone had the right to a refund within the first three days of purchasing goods or services. And for them to go against that was against the law. That is when I realized they were in Canada. :( So, here I sit $30 BUCKS poorer because the DESTINY Media people made me walk the PLANK with their non-functional PIRATE RADIO BROADCASTING Software.

Disgruntled Customer,

G Foster

Orange Park, Florida


Company: Destiny Media Technologies Aka DESTINY PIRATE RADIO

Country: Canada   Province: British Columbia   City: Vancouver
Address: 1040-1055 W. Hastings St
Phone: 6046097736

Category: Internet & Web


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