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Scientology Rehab Narconon
Narconon Trois-Rivieres Breaches Patient Confidentiality

Following a CBC TV National News broadcast April 12, 2012, Scientology Rehab, Narconon Trois-Rivieres spokesperson, Andre Ahern, publishes confidential patient information, including PDF file and video. Ahern, who admitted on CBC TV News, that indeed he is a Scientologist and that Narconon Trois-Rivieres does use the teachings of Scientology to treat patients, has launched a character assassination against David Edgar Love and Anonymous, calling them a criminal network. Clearly, the CBC TV news broadcast has driven cult members to desperate messures - - breaking the confidential trust of patient files. Press Release - April 10, 2012 - Narconon Trois-Rivieres is no virgin to controversy since the April 2008 CBC TV Radio Canada undercover expose. Narconon had infiltrated Quebec schools and the minds of vulnerable children with Scientology misinformation about drugs and addiction. Since Scientology does not believe in many pharmaceutical drugs, the Narconon speaker invoked fear into the children, stating that all drugs are poison. The Quebec government has since banned any further Narconon infiltration into the arena of their children's environment, the public school system.

Andre Ahern released confidential information concerning a Toronto mom's Son, who was a patient at Narconon. Ahern states to CBC TV, ..., "... when he arrived he was in a psychotic state. But you know what, we are not responsible for his condition when he came — for sure, " said Ahern.

Also, Ahern released and published on several websites today, confidential patient case file information about David Edgar Love who was interviewed on the same CBC TV show. The Narconon Trois-Rivieres law firm, Heenan and Blaikie, informed Narconon to keep Love's information off the internet and to remove all videos of David Love. Narconon abided my the request and all was removed until yesterday's expose of the incompetent and unqualified staff at the Scientology Rehab in Trois-Rivieres.

Since the CBC Radio Canada expose in April 2008, the Quebec government has implemented an Accreditation of all residential addiction treatment centers in Quebec - - all must receive Certification following inspections by a special Committee. It appears that Narconon Trois-Rivieres will be hard pressed to meet the stringent standards of professional, qualified care, as required.

Today, Narconon contravened the new regulations as follows:

35. The operator must protect the confidentiality of the personal information held and provide access in accordance with the Act respecting the protection of personal information in the private sector (R.S.Q., c. P-39.1)

39. The operator must, in accordance with recognized practices, assess the suicide risk of each resident when admitted and prior to departure.

O.C. 569-2010, s. 39.

Andre Ahern claiming that, "... we are not responsible for his condition when he came..." is certainly up for Certification Committee review and possibly could moot Narconon's application to be Accredited. The sponsor and mom of the "psychotic patient", as Ahern claims, filled out a comprehensive patient medical history for the Narconon staff to read. The intake staff were well aware of the patient's condition; accepted a $10, 000 deposit, with a promise to pay the balance of $20, 000. Once this patient was accepted into the Narconon program and had their check in hand, Narconon and Andre Ahern were responsible for the care and well being of the patient. It is nonsense to think otherwise.

Many of the Narconon Trois-Rivieres staff are new program graduates, with no qualifications whatsoever except they know the Scientology program teachings and how to teach and indoctrinate new patients into the same religious doctrines. In May-June 2009, there were five patients hired and paid a meager sum of only $2.50 per hour, contravening Quebec Labour Relations Laws under the Act. Many of these Scientology recruited staff are still vulnerable and require professional aftercare, which as Andre Ahern stated to CBC TV reporter, "... he doesn't track what happens to most people after they leave the Trois-Rivières program...". Once again Narconon fails as per regulation:

(4) the name of the case worker responsible for the intervention plan and, if applicable, the follow-up plan established with community organizations.

O.C. 569-2010, s. 38.

Recently, the Narconon Trois-Rivieres staff left a lethal substance in a location that was unsafe. A patient drank the substance and was hospitalized in Trois-Rivieres.

28.The operator must ensure that the place where the operator conducts activities is in a state that ensures the physical safety of residents.

O.C. 569-2010, s. 27.

These negligent practices by incompetent Narconon staff, are dangerous to patient physical safety and staff are being investigated. Also unconscionable, is releasing confidential patient information.

A breach of confidentiality is a disclosure to a third party, without patient consent or court order, of private information that the treatment center has learned within the patient-caregiver relationship. Disclosure can be oral or written, by telephone or fax, or electronically, for example, via e-mail or health information networks. The medium is irrelevant - - ethical and moral judgement is crucial. A fact that Andre Ahern disregards without remorse or sorrow.

David Edgar Love


Company: Scientology Rehab Narconon

Country: Canada   Province: Québec

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